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NEWS RELEASE · 8th May 2013
Terrace Daily News
You do not have to wait for the rush on voting day or wait in line ups worrying about being on the voters list or being eligible.

You can vote today through until Saturday at the Terrace Elks Hall at 2822 Tetrault Street, near Mills Memorial Hospital. This way, if today you are told you need something else, you can come back again tomorrow with what you need so you can vote.

If one really wants to make a difference they can start by gathering up people who might not normally vote, get them to the Elks Hall, and help them ensure they are able to vote.

The normal hard working guys and girls do not generally get out to vote, leaving fate in others hands. The wealthy type, those who could care less if the politicians are greedy and corrupt, 'just as long as they get their cut', know how to do this "getting the vote out" well.

So beginning today there is four full days to ensure those who should vote do vote.

Don't wait until the last minute - do it today.

Anyone can vote early, you do not need a reason to cast your vote now.

From 8am to 8pm.

Call everyone you know, do it now, do it repeatedly.
The right to vote!
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 8th May 2013
My son is STOKED that he is finally allowed to vote this year! We had to take an official pic with him and his first ever voting card on this much anticipated moment!

Ain't no lawn signs and 'littered' postings about that make a difference to me or my son. We simply drive by the signs without even a stare, while we do our own homework about who to vote for while we may agree or disagree with one another over many heated dinner topics while arguing about politics and choking on broccoli in disagreement.

Voting is a right...and an immense privilege not to be taken lightly.

Please everyone. Exercise your right to vote!