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NEWS RELEASE · 9th May 2013
BC Conservative Party
BC Conservatives oppose VAFFC plan to ship jet fuel on Fraser River, propose changes to BCEAO

The BC Conservatives oppose a plan by the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation to ship jet fuel along the south arm of the Fraser River. Other options for shipping the jet fuel exist, including an upgrade to the current pipeline to the Burnaby refinery, or the construction of a new pipeline to the Arco refinery at Cherry Point in Washington. Neither option has been reviewed by the BC Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO).

"The Liberal government has ignored some of the fundamental recommendations of the Auditor General, and the current effectiveness of the BCEAO is questionable," said John Cummins, Leader of the BC Conservatives. "The Auditor General has stated that the EAO is not making appropriate monitoring, compliance and outcome information available to the public, and the approval process for these important projects is taking far too long."

The BC Conservatives would propose changes to the BC Environmental Assessment Office, based on recommendations of the Auditor General, to increase public participation and improve the speed with which decisions are made.

"We would ask the Auditor General to review the pre-approval process of the BCEAO. The public deserves to know what's going on and it's important that local residents have a say. We also need to increase the speed of these environmental assessments. The current Airport Fuel project has taken nearly 1000 days, a far cry from the so-called guarantee of 180-day approvals."

The BC Conservatives would lobby to have the following changes made to the BCEAO:

- Allow multiple options to be reviewed for a specific project. Currently, only one proposal at a time can be investigated. Instead of selecting the best option, the BCEAO must look at one option at a time, when others may exist.

- Allow the public more time to make presentations on applications. 5 minutes is simply not enough for citizens to have their voice be heard.

- Ensure the BCEAO makes available on its website important information about projects in an expedient manner.

- Ensure the BCEAO respects their guaranteed 180-day approval process. The VAFFC project is approaching 1000 days.

"The province relies on the recommendations of the BCEAO to ensure that important economic projects that will create jobs for British Columbians are held to high environmental standards," said Carol Day, BC Conservative candidate in Richmond - Steveston. "Politics must be removed from the environmental review process."

The BC Conservatives will get BC back to basics, and that means supporting important economic projects and ensuring that environmental assessments are completed with integrity and effectiveness, but in an expedient manner.
Unexpected visitors
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 13th May 2013
'Had an unexpected visitor at the house this week. 'Twas merely a volunteer for the NDP and she just played with the kids in the front yard in efforts to win our vote. (So...if a volunteer 'plays' with our kids on the lawn we should vote for their party?!?!).

And then today....Brousseau came in PERSON!

What a lovely chat we had:)

Doesn't matter anyway. We have already done our own research, and frankly? I'm not up to any 'visits' at the house. But hats off to Brousseau!