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NEWS RELEASE · 9th May 2013
The BC NDP is marking the 4th birthday of the BC Liberal Promise Not to Bring in the HST.

Exactly four years ago, during the 2009 election campaign, the BC Liberals promised the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association and all British Columbians that if they were elected government, they would not bring in the HST. They made the promise in writing.

Weeks after the last election, the BC Liberals brought in the HST.

The BC Liberals misled voters and broke their trust. Now they’re asking for four more years.

On the fourth birthday of the BC Liberal Promise Not to Bring in the HST, British Columbians are asking themselves – if they broke their promise on the HST last time, what will be this time?

British Columbians are invited to watch the video.

Happy Birthday BC Liberal Promise Not to Bring in the HST.
Goodness Steve...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 12th May 2013
...if neither the Standard or the Terrace Daily covered that, it must have been a really massive load of crap. Otherwise either one would have. From what I heard and not being there it was by a liberal supporter. Must have been taking a truthiness cue from the leader.
More for all on 'Why NDP' exchange
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 12th May 2013
The following link is to the original article where Downie exclaimed "We cannot control them." It was revealing as how the Terrace Business crowd controls all Terrace and all norrthwest Media except us.
And even more on Voting NDP
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 12th May 2013
Just to give you a sense, Steve, on what we have had to put up with in this community of Liberal hacks and Media sell outs. Read this from November 2008 on the Municipal election forum. The public in this town and in fact the entire northwest has been mislead about the truth for decades. And it is not our fault, it is the local media who were here long before we arrived. They have had to report stories only because we covered them first. If we go they will likely all go back to pure bullshit puppy dog stories. Keeping everyone in the dark like BCTV, the Sun and Province, all of the Liberal owned Black Press papers and Global TV does.
In reply to voting NDP anyone
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 12th May 2013
This accusation reminds me of Terrace City Council throughout 2006 to 2012. The only thing the Mayor, Downie, Leclerc or City staff remembered were the postings and articles reflecting badly on their actions. It did not matter how many stories were posted about positive events, all these folks could recall were the revelations of their ineptitude.

Every story submitted gets published here. One just has to use our search menu using ‘BC Liberals’ - ‘BC Conservatives’ - ‘BC NDP’ to see we treat all equally.

As for my personal belief and vote, no one should assume any such thing except that it is clear I will not support Leclerc (and I have been very clear why that is), nor do I support Christy Clark because she is a blatant liar similar to a narcissistic psychopath, exactly like a woman I used to be married to. I know that liar; her smiling pristine ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’ public persona and behind closed door cruelty, better than most.

We could have used the ABC acronym as 'Anyone But Carol' or 'Anyone But Clark'!

Don’t take despising these liberal liars and cheats for support for the NDP. Mike is a really good person. I know him personally and his integrity is not to be questioned. Even his genealogy (Tess) is as pure as the driven snow, a real community minded person. There is no Green Candidate this time around (too bad) and we suspect this may be a secret deal to ensure Austin gets more votes. But there is another person to vote for, a new up and coming party no one has written about, Trevor Hendry with the British Columbia Party. Even now I am not sure exactly who will get my vote but Austin is currently not my preferable candidate, though it might end up on his side simply because I am so disgusted with those who run the Liberal Skeena Constituency Association and in particular the backbone of the BC Liberal Party, the Gordon Campbell sellout of everything good for people scheme.

As for the all candidates debate we boycotted it this time around. The media in Terrace is all bought and sold. We publish pieces the corporate business community do not want published and the local media all pander to these interests as that is where the advertising revenue dollar comes from. They all prostitute themselves for the all mighty dollar, we do not. Therefore the Chamber and the Standard (Black Press) those who host the forums never invite us or include us as a media prepared to ask candidates the difficult questions. So no, we were not there and you can ask the business community supported Chamber of Commerce and the Black Press owned Terrace Standard why we were not invited to the media panel when all others always are. They want you kept in your delusion we suppose. I ran for Mayor last time just to be able to publically challenge Pernarowski on his actions. Otherwise I would have been relegated to stand in line at a microphone like the rest of the public. Not that that is bad, but it is a sign of how even the media controls the media.

We also heard the stuff you refer to and I suggest you ask Astral, Black Press and CFNR for explanations and details. I know for certain we would not publish such an unfounded allegation. As I heard it the man who made the allegation will soon be served with court papers.
Voting NDP anyone??
Comment by Steve on 12th May 2013
It doesn't take long for anyone to realize who Merv is voting for. It has become so painfully obvious that all others that are NDP have spread word and this has just become a site to bash the Liberals. There has been no room left for any other news it seems.
I have a question for you Merv that I ask on behalf of many people in Terrace about a rumour that has been spreading like wildfire.....
What happened at the All Candidates Forum at the Pentecostal Church in Terrace that started with an accusation from the audiance towards Robin Austin? And better yet, why has no one reported anything on it? I understand that it was a serious accusation and I have also heard that the moment was very tense and awkward followed by an even more awkward answer...But then again the rumor mill has different variations of exactly how it all went. We all look for the actual story as it appears to be a very serious act.
I know that there is no way that you would not have attended so would it be safe to say that nothing was said about it because it was not direceted towards Carol LeClerc and the Liberals? No matter what news is, the public deserves to know the truth and we rely on the media to deliver it to us.
Please note that the Terrrace Standard chose not to write anything as well which makes me wonder if there was some sort of ban made on writing anything on this?
At the end of the day, the story that has spread is not a good one. the variations go from bad to worse so it would be in Robin Austins best interest to have the truth told if it was nothing more than crap. Please reply. Thank you.
Mr Peters
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 11th May 2013
That is your opinion because you think you paid less and the majority of BC ers disagreed because they found out that they paid more. As has been pointed out by others if a few people benefit because more lose, it is bad policy. The numbers don't lie.
Just for your information
Comment by Mr. Peters on 10th May 2013
The HST was the best tax system they could have brought in, and the worlds worst presentation all wrapped up in one action. Now the NDP may not have direct control of its repeal but they sure were involved in it.

Personally I think all the politicians running this round are equally dishonest and I would like to see a box labeled "non of the above" and I would leave my x there.

It is only a matter of time, we will eventually go to a HST style tax, it may have a different name but we are headed there.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 10th May 2013
Point taken. The posters who contribute and do not use their full names - you know the ones everyone knows them by- are like the passing wind. Always there.
Helmut-read what i said
Comment by Steve Smyth on 10th May 2013
Merv originally said "the NDP had nothing to do with the repeal"

I said he was naive if he believed they had "nothing to do with it" I didnt say that it was an NDP exclusive, which is what you are suggesting i said

"I don't know what your purpose is in trying to identify Fight HST with the NDP exclusively "

Never did i suggest that the repeal of the HST was strictly or exclusively NDP, but they sure as hell commited resources towards the repeal campaign and certainly made political hay when it was overturned.
You really should read more carefully before spitting out a retort.

Listen to Merv
Comment by Catherine on 10th May 2013
Merv is absolutely correct. All parties are WHIPPING the public emotions up. It's a way to "turn off thinking" (critical thinking) and get you totally confused as to "who's" telling the truth.

Watch the actions - compare that to spoken words.


" What can you say that’s brief between two commercials? I can say Iran is a terrible state. I don’t need any evidence. I can say Ghaddaffi carries out terror. Suppose I try to say the US carries out terror, in fact it’s one of the leading terrorist states in the world. You can’t say that between commercials. People rightly want to know what do you mean. They've never heard that before. Then you have to explain. You have to give background. That’s exactly what’s cut out.

Concision is a technique of propaganda. It ensures you cannot do anything except repeat clichés, the standard doctrine, or sound like a lunatic.

Political messaging I hear on the radio:

I believe in balanced budgets........ I believe in equal opportunity....I believe in responsible government...etc........

What's not being said is HOW are they going to achieve these " beliefs" ?????

Just repeating what they believe in doesn't give any promises of action!
Comment by bilbraam on 10th May 2013
"Poor Rudi by dynamo" certainly fits not nice. Being called an "a##hole" certainly can not be construed as nice. Thank you
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 10th May 2013
When I signed the HST, I did it at a local real estate office. That should tell you something. I know liberal voters that signed as well. The fight HST was run by a group made up of members of all parties. I don't know what your purpose is in trying to identify Fight HST with the NDP exclusively but you are just wrong. Consumers usually figure it out when they are being lied to and when they are being screwed.
Comment by Steve Smyth on 10th May 2013
"Yes, the NDP had nothing to do with the fight against the HST"

If you actually belive that line then I have a nice bridge for sale. Remember the last election Carole James with "Gordon Campbell's Gas Tax"??
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 10th May 2013
I have read through all the posts again and for the life of me can't find anything here that is "not nice" by any standard. Mr Peters expressed a firmly held and very strong opinion; he got the same back. Nobody called him "stupid" so I don't think you are the right person to be judging comments as "not nice".

Politics in BC is polarized and we have the BC liberals to thank for that. The HST was probably the single most significant polarizing event. The continued denial of reality by the same people after adds to it. It was the same in the late 90's so you may consider it all a bit of Karma.

The world, including BC is at a threshold and and a lot of people want change. Strongly held beliefs are part of that.
FYI bilbraam
Comment by Gary Edwards on 10th May 2013
I helped my ex spouse maintain her small business during the HST farce. And am now starting a small business for myself. I can tell you it is much simpler under this system (pst+gst)for me.
And as stated by others here it was the lying that did the liberals in.
We still haven't forgotten the BC Rail giveaway.
Repeal by the NDP???
Comment by Gary Edwards on 10th May 2013
Obviously Mr Peters you are one of those die hard liberals that only listens to the lies spewed by the liberal party and their leaders.

I was one of the organizers in my area for the referendum, and also led the charge to recall my lying MLA. And I can tell you for a fact that the crews we had was composed of people supporting all parties and about one third of those were liberals. They have switched their votes and are now voting for other candidates.
let's play nice in the sandbox shall we
Comment by bilbraam on 10th May 2013
Perhaps one or two of you jumping on Mr. Peters would like to open a small business and try to survive. It takes a lot of courage to start and maintain one. There are many things an employee does not even think to consider as to what actually goes into running a business. Being impolite to Mr. Peters is not very noble of you . Thank you
Thanks Terry, it is amazing how right means right
Comment by Merv on 9th May 2013
Yes, the NDP had nothing to do with the fight against the HST but the extreme right wing nut bars, just like USA Republicans, can't seem to stay on track with anything.

I just had an argument with a neighbour who believed Diefenbaker was a CCF/NDP. He was mad about the Avro Dief scrapped and was so mad when I told him that Dief was a conservative he walked away and refused to talk any more. This is called Cognitive dissonance. When your reality does not match with the real reality.

This is the problem with politics and specifically politics in BC. They get us to fight each other.

We need to use reason to determine how best to be successful. The Liberals and the NDP (and Conservatives) use emotion to get us to fight each other.

And then we end up with what you so clearly identified, disjointed thoughts. I'd love to see what the Fantastic Zalm would think when told he was an NDP'r.
Transfer of costs
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 9th May 2013
Ed Deak from the Cariboo frequently reminds people that "costs can not be cut, only transferred'" Unless Mr Peters is a very needy person, one would have to be insane to think others should pay more to make him pay less. Maybe if it had been truly revenue neutral and maybe if they had not lied about its introduction, it might have been accepted.
Thanks to the NDP
Comment by Terry on 9th May 2013
In what part of your brain did you imagine that the leader of the scrap the HST movement Bill vanderzalm was an NDP representative ? What colour is the sky in your world ? I don't think I'd ask you to add 2+2
Dear Mr Peters
Comment by Gary Haupt on 9th May 2013
I don't think anyone believed that gettting rid of HST was going to be cheaper. The bottom line was/is...the Liberlas LIED when they said and wrote that they wouldn't bring it in, all the while knowing they were going to.

Sorta like a lot of other stuff they have done. BC Rail comes to mind. And for the right $$'s will green light Enbridge oil. They don't want to allow for proper testing of fracking..just let'r rip. And on and on. They have zero credibility, it is all about dollars and damned to the people who live in BC.

Having said all of the above, you'd think that I was against growth and nothing could be further from the truth, but growth at any cost is so short-sighted. And the people of BC deserve to know the truths of what's going on in their province. matter the outcome of elelction, the people of BC want truth and if the goverment comes up short, then I would expect another referendum might help them get back on track.

Gary Haupt
And to think that ...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 9th May 2013
...I was paying more so you could pay less? My heart bleeds for you. :-)
Poor Rudi
Comment by Dynamo on 9th May 2013
Lets all shed a tear for poor Rudi and his missing 7000 dollars.

To even be able to be dinged for that amount one must already be earning a substantial amount on top of it.

Its never enough though for the likes of you is it?

There are children around the world literally dying of starvation while some asshole like you whines about maintaining your level of comfort cause you arent starving.

Cry about hard work all you want. There is no set rule or guideline about what defines that.

It worked for me and the rest.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 9th May 2013
That is why!
Comment by Joseph K on 9th May 2013
The HST brought in by the Liberal Party. Now don't get me wrong I am a Liberal. Was nothing but a tax shift from business to the taxpayers. There was NO benefit for me, the taxpayer, to have the HST. If anything it has cost me more.

The concept is correct, a simplified tax. However, when you move the tax burden from business to personal i will vote against it every-time. Business can use this tax as an expense and therefore claim it against taxable income. I know I can't. Can you.

Its the same story as our local Chamber members asking city council to lower taxes to business. It will not create more jobs, as the savings will be minimal.

Bring back the HST
Comment by Mr. Peters on 9th May 2013
Thanks for reminding me that every year because of the NDP's efforts to repeal the HST I am short around 5,000 to 7,000 dollars a year. My tax bill jumped with the reinstatement of the PST & GST. Why people thought the HST was a bad tax I have no idea. It was a hell of a lot better then what we have now.