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COMMENTARY · 10th May 2013
Merv Ritchie
In 2007 the federal government delivered the approval for pipeline construction to import LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) through Kitimat for the Tarsands as there was a shortage in Canada. Almost immediately after the approval, fracking coal/shale deposits was perfected and Canada suddenly had an abundance of Natural Gas. In fact there was so much available with this newly discovered technology companies believed they could now export it.

Three issues alone reveal the lie behind LNG.

The first big lie is the markets.

In 2007 when the plan was to import LNG the world market had enough supply to meet our demand. If only Canada was using this new fracking technology then the world market might sustain another seller. However, this is not true. Dozens of new fracking fields are being developed across the globe and there is more gas available than there is demand. International petroleum companies might manipulate the price yet the truth is there is now so much gas available the only real money maker is selling shares to gullible investors who are as blind as the Bre-X shareholders of the 1990’s. The product likely to be carried in a pipeline to Kitimat for export, whether it is initially designed for gas or not, will be crude oil. There is no reasonable financial model for the export of LNG with the ever increasing supply identified on every continent.

The second big lie is the need for the electrical power from Site C

Site C is the name given to the third of three plans to dam the Peace River in Northern BC. The first is now named the WAC Bennett Dam. This project created Williston Lake. It is the massive water reservoir which provides the backbone and electrical power security for all of British Columbia. The second Dam is just a few kilometres down stream and is named after another politician of the day, Gordon Schrum. This third Dam, Site C is designed to produce approximately 1000 MW of electricity. The electrical power required for the proposed LNG facilities is 3000 MW. Therefore Site C couldn’t even meet the demand. Furthermore, the Dams are on the other side of the Rocky Mountains, fully on the other side of the province. An entirely new multi 500 KV grid would need to be constructed. The present 500 KV grid to Terrace is already used at full capacity.

The third big lie is the claim of 100,000 jobs

One of the LNG companies proposing to build a pipeline for export is Spectra Energy. They stated this during a power point presentation last year regarding jobs. They currently employ 850 people and have created approximately 1,300 construction jobs for their pipelines. Even the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project promotional material only claims a total of 4000 construction jobs and this was a generous boast. These numbers are only short term construction jobs and at best the long term employment numbers are estimated only in the hundreds and only if all the projects go ahead. BC will be lucky to see 1000 full time jobs from these projects not one hundred times that number. Even during construction we will not see a tenth of the big lie claim of 100,000 jobs.

Politicians always seem to trust the voters are too stupid too see through them

Follow the links below for more details if interested.

Back in June 2012 we exposed these Liars with their own news releases - Click here to read more BC LIBERALS PULL HALF TRUTHS AND MIS-TRUTHS THEN GO FOX NEWS

Read details on LNG and the Grid deception here BC HYDRO AND GOVERNMENT ARE NOT BEING HONEST ABOUT SITE C

Comment by Catherine on 10th May 2013
Let's stop and think for a minute. The NAWAPA (North American Water and Power Alliance) has never been taken off the agenda. Could it be that all these (LNG, Fracking and Mining) wedge issues are diversions from what they're really doing and that is diverting and selling our water?

Building the Rocky Mountain Trench all the way to Mexico???? Just a thought.
Simple grammar...
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 10th May 2013
A person who called a DECEIVER.

A person who called a LIAR.

A person who called a THIEF.

Not a very nice reputation to have as a deceiving, lieing, thief. I sure wouldn't want those words read out during my wake or placed on my tombstone.