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NEWS RELEASE · 10th May 2013
Failed leadership on the economy leads to worst private sector job creation in Canada

Statistics Canada reports today that BC lost 10,800 private sector jobs last month. Since the Premier introduced her jobs plan, BC lost 45,600 private sector jobs.

That is the worst record for private sector job creation in Canada.

What does that mean?

That means the "say anything" Liberals are failing both as public sector managers and in the private sector economy. A record that does not deserve four more years.

The Liberals say they're all about a "strong" private sector economy. But today's numbers show that this Liberal government has been a disaster for British Columbia's private sector employment.

The Liberals also say they're all about less public spending, and eliminating the provincial debt. But all of the job creation they boast about today occurred in the public sector -- where they are running an $800 million deficit, and are increasing the provincial debt faster than any time in our history.

Weak, drifting, say-anything government. Government that is about campaigning, not governing. Government that has completely failed to create jobs in the private sector economy. That's what is on offer from the Liberals in this election.

Do British Columbians want more of the same for the next four years?

Small wonder, as this election comes to an end, two-thirds of British Columbians continue to say that it is time for a change. Change for the better is a vote for the BC NDP on May 14th.
What it says about Pattison...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 12th May 2013 that he'll hire talented people no matter what their political stripe. That is just good business. maybe that is why he has done so well.
What does this say about Pattison?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 12th May 2013
Seems Jimmy will hire any body as long as he is good at the job, He thinks more of Glenn Clark than some of you.
Comment by Paul Repstock on 12th May 2013
Any candidate that wants my vote would need to agree to place themselves under a binding contract with the residents of the district they want to represent.
This contract would be superior to their alliance to whatever political machine they are afilliated with.
We can nolonger trust that directives from Victoria, Ottawa, or Bay Street, have our best interests at the top of their agenda.
Is the NDP Party as a whole, willing to guarantee that British Columbia's resources will only be used to create employment and income in BC?
Are they willing to guarantee that The Northern Gateway Pipeline will not carry sand through the Northern wilderness to the Coast, for loading onto ships?
The only way for us to get honest representation, is if every riding 'Hires' and 'controls' their own representative.
The only way to ensure integrity in government, is if every MP and MLA is bound to the will of the majority of the constituents.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 11th May 2013
That was on fiscal management. If You want to compare the record on debt accumulation, we can do that too and I have posted links which put the provincial debt per person at $8,000 per capita before liberals and $40,000 per capita after. I'd say that five times as much is a heck of a difference.

As for fast ferries well Barb, the liberal have doubled the debt in 12 years to around $60 billion not to mention the renovations on the roof at BC place which had an overrun that exceed the fast ferry amount. Then go to the $170 Billion in debt that BC will have to pay as a result of contracts signed on P3 projects and Run of Rivers IPP contracts with BC Hydro ( as in the Rafe Mair article referenced earlier) and you have a colossal difference.

If you don't want to vote, that is your choice but don't use the lazy persons excuse that "They are all the same". They are not.
Comment by Paul Repstock on 10th May 2013
Is this the best that can be said of the NDP?
>"relative fiscal management moderately better under the NDP than the BC Liberals."
As stated before, 'it is very sad that we are forced to the lesser of two evils.'
Whenever I hear somebody ...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 10th May 2013
...comment on why Glen Clark went to work for Jimmy Pattison as though it is working for the mafia, I ask them how many social democratic employers they have worked for in their careers. They usually don't respond. But they get the message.

It is a non issue. A person needs a job and if you are offered one by Pattison you had better be very good at your job. It is not like getting an appointment from your buddy to be the High Commissioner in London because you imposed the HST over the objections of the population or that your popularity was at 8% approval. Also nobody has ever accused Glen Clark of doing favours for Pattison while Clark was in office. Not like some other Liberals who fell into nice paying jobs after doing favours for one of the corporate sector firms.

An article on the Tyee "Fiscal management slightly better under NDP" By Tom Sandborn Published May 10, 2013 paints an interesting picture.

(Quote) "A study released May 9 by Tsur Somerville, a well-known scholar at the UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate, comes to the conclusion that "relative fiscal management moderately better under the NDP than the BC Liberals."

That finding will probably come as a surprise to many British Columbians. The study casts doubt on a narrative commonly heard across the province and central to the BC Liberal campaign.

Portraying Liberals as competent managers who can save the province from fiscal ruin under a profligate NDP, Christy Clark has campaigned hard on claims of superior management skills, debt reduction and job creation, even adorning the web page for her campaign, Strong Economy, Secure Tomorrow with an unflattering picture of her NDP opponent and the headline "Weak Leadership, Weak Economy."

But Somerville's findings present a different picture. " (closed quote)

So no, they are not all the same, even though sometimes the media likes to portray them that way.

Maybe it is just because the media is lazy and focuses on insignificant issues to the exclusion of the real issues that effect peoples lives. Maybe it is the corporate media they work for. It is a lot of work to do some honest research. That is too much work.

Most cover a conversation between one person and then another saying the complete opposite and the reader or listener is suppose to make sense of that. Then reporters can write stories about low voter turnout and vilify and dump on all politicians to feel superior. While the voters gives up in frustration.
candidates of both parties
Comment by barb krause on 10th May 2013
On both sides of these parties we see deception, Premier Campbell and the big payout for 2 criminals, who manipulated with the help of the government to walk away basically free men. On the other foot we had Glen Clark and his big plans for B.C. Ferries, ships that cost the tax payer millions, plus his renovation escapade on his home, and Adrian Dix who tried to cover up. I don't believe their is a person out there at the moment who we can actually fully trust. All looking after themselves.
Comment by Paul Repstock on 10th May 2013
The differnces only exist because people have very poor memory recall!
Does nobody remember our former "Clark" premier?
That individual quickly morphed from a "defender of the common person (in campaign speaches)", to quite the little corporate pawn.
--"Former NDP premier Glen Clark has the business connections as the executive vice president of the Jim Pattison Group. Clark is one of only two of Pattison's managers who are on the corporation's board of directors, which puts him in close contact with other big wigs in the business world.

He's also a director of Canfor, which is a huge B.C.-based forestry company. In this role, he rubs shoulders with Peter Bentley and Ronald Cliff, two pillars of the business establishment in this province."
Quoted from The

Not to mention the various escapdes and entanglements of other NDP members .
Politicians are all the same. Are we forced to the American dillema, of chosing the Lesser of two evils?

Stats can reports
Comment by Anonymous on 10th May 2013

A link to todays stats can report on employement. Overall employment and full time employment increase despite a shrinking work force. Unemployment down... These reports all are based on samples, so one questions their accuracy but interesting details for those who care to look.
two sides of the same coin
Comment by Catherine on 10th May 2013
Democracy and Violence:
Her next job
Comment by Terry on 10th May 2013
She's just practising for her next gig . The senate . I'm surprised that Tom Flanagan isn't there yet to greet her but I'm sure mike Duffy will show her where the low hanging fruit is .
As I said before...
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 10th May 2013
A person who called a DECEIVER.

A person who called a LIAR.

A person who called a THIEF.

Not a very nice reputation to have as a deceiving, lieing thief. I sure wouldn't want those words read out during my wake or placed on my tombstone.