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COMMENTARY · 10th May 2013
Merv Ritchie
WAC's son, Billy Bennett, was the master at understanding the stupid voter and now Christy Clark is following in his footsteps.

Why rewrite what has already been written? So much has happened in the past two years one can be forgiven for not remembering how bad bad is. One does not have to rehash the entire Liberal betrayal of the BC citizen, but one certainly can.

So if you did not get a chance to read this piece when it was originally published on November 29th 2012, or follow the link to it in a previously published piece, here it is again. We feel the content and the links within the writing to even further content, is worth us republishing this as an election reminder special.

Enjoy - It is a Fracking Skeena Cellulose special!


There are very few benefits in getting old and these few rewards change as the decades rip by at a faster rate. As long as one doesn’t suffer from early onset Alzheimer's, an ever increasing body of knowledge with a massive historical component is my favourite aging value. Now in my mid fifties I get to look at today’s current hype and laugh as I cry.

I was already old and semi-knowledgeable in the mid nineties when the great Bre-X gold bonanza was being touted by all my friends and neighbours, everyone who was anyone had to invest. It was a “strike it rich” scheme. The same as many others I had been a part of through the seventies and eighties.

There are very few lessons I need to learn twice. When I went to school I didn’t take notes. I tried, I watched the girls and some of the other guys scribbling notes down while the teacher talked, but I just couldn’t write that fast or even figure out just what I needed to write. So I just sat back, looked directly at the teacher and listened. I seldom got an A for a mark and seldom got an F. Kinda sat in the middle of the pack but today I do not have to look at notes, I have a memory. If I need details, specifics, I know exactly where to find them.

So easily for the past forty-five years I can say I have been paying rapt attention. And today I can boldly say, the people of Northwest BC are being played for a bunch of fools, just like the investors in Bre-X, the fake gold boom of 1995. In the 1980’s I became immersed in the backrooms of the stock market in Vancouver, the VSE. I learned about OTC (over the counter trades) and boiler room operations. I learned all about the brokerage houses that manipulated the trades and even worked for venture trading companies that depended on new “news releases” to hype their share values so they could prosper in the order of millions of dollars, while producing sweet F all.

At the Regional District Kitimat Stikine (RDKS) last Friday (November 23rd) Roger Harris, the promoter of all promoters, was telling those listening, “we have to strike now while its hot” referring to the LNG (liquefied natural gas) markets. He was saying, just like the Bre-X boy’s, “If you don’t get in now and get in fast, you’ll lose the opportunity!” And the RDKS board sat there in silent attention, not one raising an eyebrow or stopping him to ask pertinent questions. I on the other hand, behind a video camera broadcasting the meeting live to the world, was giggling in mirth, almost uncontrollably.

Watch the videos attached at the end of this linked article

I had the same giggle fest fourteen months earlier when Christy Clark and her band of jesters, (Roger Harris’s bedfellows) arrived at Mayer Terminals in Prince Rupert to announce more investment and expansion plans. “Just imagine over the next ten to twenty years there are going to be about 35 cities like New York being built in China.” stated Don Kussel standing beside Christy Clark. The entire announcement was about the tens (maybe hundreds) of millions of dollars being devoted to the single purpose of helping China as they were about to become Canada’s new economic saviour. How ludicrous! Only a couple of those learning decades earlier I watched in horror as this Chinese Nation drove tanks over top of young men and women, squishing their bodies with blood, bones and flesh spurting out from the sides of the tracks.

Yet I knew the hype, I’d heard it dozens of times before. Every year or two another associate would approach me with a money making venture, which invariably turned out to be another “network” pyramid scheme. “You gotta get in on the ground floor”, they’d always say. And I, like the rest, were supposed to tell all my friends and associates, with a straight sincere face, to join in the scheme.

The desire to get rich now, get rich quick, is clearly understandable. When Dan Vaniez along with the government of Gordon Campbell expertly destroyed the forest industry after the Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs proved in the Supreme Court of Canada they actually still owned the forest lands, they didn’t just sell off the equipment, they destroyed the entire infrastructure. Ripped out everything to ensure it would be extremely difficult for the Indians to get the money machine running again. The Liberal government then passed raw log export laws to ensure the Northwest would remain in poverty.

So today, just the whiff of a new economic prospect has the locals tripping over themselves to become friends with these new financial ventures. Many non-Indian people like to blame the demise of the logging/lumber industry on the Indians but the facts are clear. Vaniez and Campbell, in concert, ensured the industry would never be easily restarted. There was even an offer to purchase the entire NW logging asset package from the BC Government for three times his offer, yet Campbell sold it back to Vaniez and then he began to systematically dismantle everything. When Matlin Patterson offered almost ten times the amount Vaniez paid, $55 million for the remaining assets in 2004, again no deal, the Northwest must suffer the most severe hardship and no one was going to stop this plan.

Read more here.

And today, after eight years of desperation and economic destitution, the locals are finally prepared to sell out for some quick bucks again, without thinking.

One must be aware of the reality of LNG, the electrical grid and the mining companies.Click on this link for indepth expose'

In 2007 both the Provincial and Federal governments approved a plan to import Natural Gas from Asia.

Oh no, I’m starting to giggle again.

But then a new method of recovering gas was discovered, fracking. It has been proven to destroy watersheds and the method consumes vast quantities of water. All across America people are complaining. Earthquakes have been shown to be a result of this activity. Yet those of us, our supposed “upper crust” smart people, those who seem to enjoy having more money than everyone else, run like a bunch of Bre-X investors to support these proposals, which depend on this fracking activity.

The industry is barely 5 years old, the same duration of life as the Bre-X gold mine in Borneo, Indonesia. Chances are it will die as the fracking industry becomes outlawed. It is simply unsustainable.

It may be that the real Indians, those who are presently dying due to the impacts of these huge resource projects, may put a stop to these idiotic plans. And then the racists will once again accuse them of destroying the economic prosperity, just like the racists did after Campbell and Vaniez destroyed the lumber industry. Someone has to be a scape goat and these industrialists are masters at deception and deflection.

Here is another benefit of getting long in the tooth, the creation of historical analogies.

During the 1970’s the NDP came into power in BC and created ICBC after the model the Saskatchewan government started, SGIO, now just SGI (Saskachewan Government Insurance). They enjoyed the cheapest insurance rates across Canada as they also operated the accident recovery yard selling the parts and wrecked vehicles. When the Socreds returned to power Premier Bill Bennett along with his Minister Pat McGeer, immediately used the new NDP creation to discriminate against young single men, accusing them of causing the most accidents. They hiked the rates to insure a vehicle to completely unrealistic levels as soon as they took office for single males under twenty-five. Four years later, when the next election was called, Bennett had, as one of his main election platform issues, ‘We are going to take the discrimination out of ICBC rates, no longer will single males under twenty five be charged more than anyone else,’ 'cept it was he who made it that way.

And he was re-elected. These guy’s know the average memory, the attention span of the common Canadian, is way less than three years. Sometimes it is lost after one nights sleep.

Just like five years ago today, everyone seems to have forgotten we were on the verge of importing Natural Gas. Just like the folks in the mid nineties forgot about every stock market gold scam of the past they invested in Bre-X, even though it was too good to be true. The masses are after a quick buck and the real manipulators know the memory of the average Joe just doesn’t last. It is why we keep electing the same people when they start lying again every election.

Right after Christy Clark made her announcement of the great Chinese economy it began to slow down. The natural gas will stop flowing too as fracking becomes the obvious tragedy it is. And the reality is easy to see. Why is it we have to service another Country when Canada is in such great need of servicing itself? We have the natural resources to provide everything we need for Canadians yet we have hundreds of thousands suffering.

Libya, Venezuala, Iraq and many other Nations our media informs us on how terrible their citizenry live, provide absolutely free education to the highest levels and absolutely free health care to the point of paying for treatment in other countries if they can’t provide it themselves. In Libya even electricity was completely free and if you got married the government would ensure you got a home to begin your family, even paying for a significant portion of it. And the best part is they lent Libyan money at zero interest. Yes they had their own Bank and printed their own money and you could borrow it at zero interest. The first thing the west did after they bombed them was to create a new bank run by the same thieves that run Canada and manipulate our media.

I watch my friends in the Northwest run from one economic forum to another, each looking to discover how they can get in on the action, and I laugh while I cry.

If anyone is wondering why I spend my spare time fighting to support the true hereditary Chiefs and Matriarchs of the Sacred Circle, now they know. At least the Indians know what is truly valuable.

I am too long in the tooth to be fooled by all of these games of my own ethnic grouping background. For my entire life I have been paying attention, listening and learning, trying everything. The only real truth is healthy, pure, water, land and air. Anything that threatens these basic needs for survival is simply wrong. Nothing can justify it.

My greatest fear is sitting on a rock somewhere with my grey hair and grey beard shaking my head at the destruction we all could have avoided. I read the trilogy, the “Lord of the Rings” in 1978 while taking a Heavy Duty Mechanic Pre-Apprenticeship course in Dawson Creek. The image of Mordor was clear. Sauron and the dark forces that destroyed everything good and peaceful look just like the fracking fields and the tarsands.

And just like that piece of fiction we have people like Roger Harris running around like Smeagol/Gollum after a gold ring to please some master. My Precious. I laugh at the image while I cry for my people. A dark comedy indeed.

And yet another Dark Comedy here.