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CONTRIBUTION · 12th May 2013
Bob Simpson
The Terrace Daily offers this insight into Politics. Although no one here (in our region) can vote for Bob, his words are very informative as to the political structure, which treats all citizens of Canada so badly.

For the last two-and-a-half years that I’ve been an Independent MLA, I believe I’ve demonstrated that the answer to the question of whether an Independent can be an effective representative is a definitive YES.

But don’t take my word for it. Martyn Brown was Premier Gordon Campbell’s Chief of Staff, and here’s what he says:

Simpson’s representation on forestry reforms, on the Pacific Carbon Trust and on legislative reforms – to cite a few examples – demonstrate just how effective an independent member can be…. He has elevated issues with commendable command and focus.

As an Independent, I worked with the Liberal government, the NDP opposition, and industry stakeholders to prevent legislation from being passed that would have given forest companies more exclusive rights over our public forests without province-wide consultation. My independence allowed me to cut through the politics of this issue and get a commitment from both the Liberals and the NDP to conduct more comprehensive consultation with the public before revisiting forest tenure reform options.

In collaboration with BC’s other Independents, I’ve also raised the profile of issues that the political parties have failed to address, such as the need for democratic reform, serious problems with the Pacific Carbon Trust, improvements to dementia care for seniors, and questions about the use of hydraulic fracking.

Contrary to what Cariboo North’s political party candidates are saying about the role of Independent MLAs in BC politics, NDP Opposition House Leader John Horgan, a seasoned politician, had this to say about Independents’ positive impact on BC politics:

The advantage we have of having three independent members here is that we should be looking at our activities through the lens of their point of view. They have the luxury, many of us would say, of being able to get out on issues ahead of the government or ahead of the opposition.... We have three independent members in this place, and that has materially changed how we work as an ‘us versus them’ — as government versus opposition. Those independent members have the same rights as a government minister, the same rights as an opposition critic ... to participate in debates not just on a whim, on a fancy, but in the interest of the people that sent them here, in the interest of the public of British Columbia.

On May 14th you have an opportunity to make history by re-electing an Independent MLA for Cariboo North. You can cast your vote with the knowledge that you will be effectively represented at both the provincial and the constituency level. Your vote does matter and it does count.


Bob Simpson
Independent, Cariboo North