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COMMENTARY · 13th May 2013
Why are we fearful to do the right thing - as the Winds of Change are upon the Nations?

The most debilitating consequences, as a result of the relationship with First Nations and the outsider colonial European governments is the fear and reluctance of First Nations to stand up against this oppression.


These are planned genocidal intentions by years of oppression, poverty, abuse, abduction of our children with the ultimate collapse of our families and culture from within.

The real terror, as a result of this oppression, is the loss of "the will to stand up".

This is also done by the turning backwards our good will and true ancient cultures against everyone who does not do as they are told; which leads to the final assault of assimilation or genocide.

Treaty societies and band councils point at us using blame and shame, which are the same weapons used by the churches, the residential schools, the band councils, the treaty societies and the racism of the oppressing dependency culture.

They are saying to us all, if we are speaking out against them, standing up for ancient hereditary truths, we are risking the loss of potential monetary gain or jobs and a final treaty.

The truth of the matter is these treaties, resource and industrial talks, were and are made though secret agreements. Agreements where a few use these same tactics against our own Nations for their own advantage; to secure their personal escape with pay offs, whereby their own sickness serves the very governments that oppressed all the Nations in the first place.

The churches, the schools, the racism and now the governments, with so-called fair treaties, have been replaced by people inside our own cultures.

This is very much what day to day life is like in prisons, in gangs, in the mafia and in Ottawa with Harper.

Who are doing these things inside our Nations, cultures, and communities, using people from within the Nations;

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE - name them all - in case they are foolish enough to think we cannot see what they have and continue doing to destroy Indigenous Countries - while stealing another Nation's country and resources - once slice at a time in this intentional torture and genocide - or "a death by one thousand cuts."

Try to see this problem on the "spirit level" and REMEMBER the number of times you saw something done that you didn't agree with and if you spoke up, you or members of your families would get hurt, shamed or chastised.

Remember the way we were treated in the residential schools, as if something was wrong with us. After years of this treatment the human will gets paralyzed and blinds people RIGHT now to what is in front of us all.

The ones doing this are those so-called self-titled and self-appointed spokespersons for the Nation and community, who are doing the exact same thing as all those outsiders did to us all.

The study of healing therapy and understanding identifies this process as - generational disorder - where the son or daughter, who is/was abused or hurt and gets no healing, repeats the same abuse on their own families and people of their Nations.

Now multiply all of these terrible events over the past 7 generations and see that this is what is happening inside the Nations and is now used intentionally by outsider governments and your own people - for greed and short term monetary gain.

Now look at those families that only hire their own - whose children get the jobs and finally who will have their false names identified on a map covering the area left for your entire Nation, when the final treaty is signed.

What will be left after all these years of invasion is an area that will be less than 10% of your COUNTRY - not a land claim or treaty - your country. This is what is being taken away and now being done by people within your own communities.

The first step in any healing is ACCEPTANCE of what is - right in front of us ALL.

Should WE not be willing to admit WE have a broken leg, WE will limp or never walk properly ever again in our lives.

Until the entire community can see what is right in front of them ; until a few of you GET UP and step through the fear created through the generations and reach for courage; until we stand up together - ALL of us- and realize that unless we do - everything will be lost .

The oppressors will counter with the argument; if we do not accept the deals we will have to suffer the consequences and must do what we are told by the outsiders.

This tactic is both cowardly and is BS, where the words of the oppressors are now coming out of the mouths of people who call themselves Chiefs.

Well those are not the words of the Elders and Chiefs that took the time to teach us to speak and stand up - when the time is right.


If you do not believe these words, talk to the families in Sliammon - call your friends in Nisga' and talk to them, not the families running the tribal councils, the band councils or the new governance models.

Look at what is happening within Gitxsan, the Tsimshian and many of the Nations as we speak.

Now it is our turn to get our people together and stand up to these people who are running our Nations into the ground and fillings the pockets of the corporations while only serving themselves.

These self-appointed leaders are no better than Harper with his agents, now inside the Nations who you know take their orders from the same people - governments run by the bankers and corporations and not - by the people, for All the People of the Nations.

These are some tough words and they have to be spoken out-loud. It is better for us all that they are spoken by someone you cannot blame for disrespect or argue that they have no idea what they are talking about.

Therefore this is a"call" to;

- all those people who have been fighting

- to all those Chiefs who have been quiet

- to all those families afraid to speak;

to find our voices together.

This "call" is also to those people involved in aiding the outside governments, caught in this intentional dilemma and who have placed themselves and their families on treaty boards and band councils - who are also caught in the same oppression.

This all needs to stop right now!

This serving and collaboration with the outside oppressors from within and destruction by an outside oppressor.

This is the time to see that all of us have been intentionally drawn into this together.

Now is the time to:

Do what we can do best - forgive each other, turn and work with each other and STOP EVERYTHING until everyone is satisfied.

If that takes two or ten years - it is far better not to serve the outside governments and corporations, that will destroy our lands - our culture and our FUTURE.

All this is done for what reason - money and greed; who cares about money - when you have no children or land.

Bless you all and if these words offend, ask yourself why. Please do not think this is an offense to Indigenous cultures, when in-fact it is the opposite - knowing we are much better than all this, while saying to all involved -


Theoldman on the Mountain.