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COMMENTARY · 13th May 2013
Merv Ritchie
The BC Liberals are reaching at straws by using FOX News tactics to confuse the public. With the recent repetitive use of the words “Flip-Flop” the BC Liberals have jumped on the word “Nationalize” they found in a policy discussion paper.

All of the details in the policy paper are things the majority of the Public, not just BC but across Canada would like to see implemented.

Where the word Nationalize is used it is regarding the BC Liberals give away of British Columbia’s most precious and profitable Natural Resource, our waters and the power they are able to create. What word would one use? Provincialize? How about using the words “Providing BC and the citizenry the right to own the power production from their own rivers?” Wouldn’t this be considered “sovereignty” over our power production?

But once again the BC Liberals and the associated mainstream media attempt to fool the public liking the consideration of the NDP Party to take the ownership of BC Hydro and the massive electrical power generation capacity of the rivers and waters back to BC ownership like some third world or dastardly dictator rather what a responsible government does. Almost every first world western government owns or controls their most precious natural resource, whether it be; thermal, oil or hydro electric power. Only the Liberals who have sold off all of BC’s most precious assets would consider this a bad thing.

Read the list of items the Liberals seem so concerned about in a document they are portraying as a secret agenda.

Read the list twice and see if you do not agree with every single item on the list.

I know I do.

• Nationalizing Independent Power Producers

• Reviewing forestry tenure on Crown Lands
yes absolutely - must ensure BC citizens get appropriate benefit

 • Public only liquor outlets
Currently BC Liberal friends are controlling most private, and want to take over the entire distribution BCLD - no wonder this would be so concerning to the Liberals

 • Decreased funding for private education
Public is public, why should private be paid by public funds, such as the Catholics who have more money than God!

 • (Being) Less export focused
Yes, why not be more focused on local production from resources?

• Get out of TILMA (Trade and Investment Labour Mobility Agreement with Alberta)
This agreement sacrifices almost all of BC's sovereignty, even prevents BC from adding conditions, such as Clark suggests she could (she can't) to any pipeline proposal

• Link stumpage rates to job creation
Well duh! That's a no brainer - Liberals have just proven they do not want local jobs even though they say they do.

 • Improve Labour Code
Oh, No, this is a bad thing eh?

• EI agencies repatriate services run them ourselves
Now that is the best word for the IPP's and the Nationalize plan, lets call it Repatriate! Yes, why must we give everything to someone else, what is wrong with BC managing itself. WAC knew we could do it, Why do the BC Liberals hate BC people?

 • Subsidize student housing
Oh No this is bad too!

I wasn’t going to vote NDP this time but now seeing this list I have changed my mind. If this is what they intend to do they have my vote, absolutely.


NDP Not Telling Truth On Who Created Secret Policy Document

Vancouver -The BC NDP is trying to hide who was involved in the creation of a secret policy document that was used to create their 2013 election platform. In a Vancouver Sun article published this morning, party spokesperson Jim Rutkowski said, “the document is a collection of suggestions by individual party members….”

That is simply not the truth.

Today’s BC Liberals have obtained a copy of the document created by the NDP following a meeting of the NDP’s Provincial Council on November 20, 2010.

The NDP Provincial Council meeting consisted of all NDP MLA’s, current NDP Party President Moe Sihota, current NDP Provincial Secretary and Deputy Campaign Director Jan O’Brien, the NDP Provincial Council and BC Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair.

“The NDP is trying to say this document was created by “individual party members” which is simply not the case,” said Finance Minister Mike de Jong. “This document was created by the most senior members of the NDP, including their MLAs, Executive and Provincial Council. To suggest otherwise is simply false.”

“This is the document the NDP didn’t want voters to see,” said de Jong. “It completely puts the lie about being the NDP having a ‘modest’ agenda. This document shows exactly what the NDP wants to do to the province.”

In the document, the NDP leadership make a number of stunning policy suggestions including:
 • Nationalizing Independent Power Producers
 • Reviewing forestry tenure on Crown Lands
 • Public only liquor outlets
 • Decreased funding for private education
 • (Being) Less export focused
 • Get out of TILMA (Trade and Investment Labour Mobility Agreement with Alberta)
 • Link stumpage rates to job creation
 • Improve Labour Code
 • EI agencies—repatriate services run them ourselves
 • Subsidize student housing

“This is the real NDP platform,” said de Jong. “In the 21st century who even uses the word nationalize anymore? The last two people to use that word were Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.”

Try Iceland and many other Western Nations, de Jong, don't you pay attention to the world scene?

“The politburo (the politburo! Holy batman de Jong, can't you reach any deeper into the dung?) of the NDP put this document together - not individual party members. Adrian Dix was there. Moe Sihota was there. Jenny Kwan was there. Bruce Ralston was there. John Horgan was there,” said de Jong. “The NDP should come clean and admit that this is their true platform that would add billions of dollars to the cost of government.”

“The NDP simply can’t be trusted,” said de Jong. “They haven’t been up front about their true agenda. They haven’t been up front about their spending plans and now they haven’t been up front about who made this secret document. The NDP is simply not fit to govern this province with these radical and out of touch ideas. They really are the same old NDP with the same old and radical ideas.”
Google this....
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 14th May 2013
Well, I suppose we should start googling how to learn the Chinese language.
Stupid is the only word - Think China!
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 13th May 2013
China is Christy Clarks best friend when it comes to trade and the liberals want to keep focusing on exporting as they identify less focus on export as a bad thing. But guess what about China, everything is Nationalized there, every damn thing! It is Communist for Gods sake!

And de Jong suggests the repatriation of BC's most precious resource is bad?

These guys never even made it onto the turnip truck to be able to fall off of it. Brain dead thinking!

So they play with words to fool the public, because they seem to hate you, even hate the potential of providing you jobs or training.

Oh No, not 'nationalize'. China considers all their financial documents state secrets and won't provide even the Stock Exchanges with any disclosure. Who are we fooling here?