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COMMENTARY · 15th May 2013
Merv Ritchie

It was a stunning awakening for BC after the votes were counted. The entire Northwest stood in strength against economy over environment and the voters in Point Grey punished the Liberal Leader for her mistruths. The Liberal party of BC will begin a new term with a majority without a leader and the North will sit in opposition again struggling to protect the land and water for future generations.

In fact the entire coast of BC except for 1 Liberal Constituency - Comox - elected candidates who stood against tanker traffic and increased oil exports, which would threaten the coastal environment. This included the first ever elected, in BC politics, a green candidate in Victoria - Oak Bay-Gordon Head, Andrew Weaver.

The weeks and months will tell how things will work out but the first order of the day will be to find a Liberal who will fall on his or her sword to resign their seat so the Liberal Party Leader, Christy Clark, can run again, to be able to attend the legislature.

Adrian Dix will also likely be looking for a new job as his performance will the obvious target for all those NDP party members who will need to find someone to blame for the stunning failure of the NDP to win what everyone deemed a certainty, a landslide victory.
Colour map produced by the Globe and Mail showing the coast and islands of BC solidly electing NDP representation.
Colour map produced by the Globe and Mail showing the coast and islands of BC solidly electing NDP representation.
the nonsense continues....
Comment by crazy eh on 30th May 2013
All the rhetoric, the miss-truth, the malfeasance, the outright political BS, is about to come back and haunt the "Liebrals" big time.

For those of you that think kleptocracy and the denigration then sale of public resources, in order to prop up failed government promises, where the free enterpriser's use taxpayer resources to pay for these failed promises, is over. I seriously doubt it.

The slate has not really changed, the policies will only get worse. For those that worship these clowns as the "saviors" of the economy, you really don't get it do you. Economic slavery at their cost, is way to high. The loss of the middle class is "assured" should these people continue to "con" and manipulate. The resulting higher taxes and "less" jobs and eventual servitude of the taxpayer, will indeed make us all "slaves" to the 1% ears.
I apologize Helmut.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 20th May 2013
I see I offended you by my commentary. It will not happen again. "Thick skin" is optional here. Peace.
As for biased?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 19th May 2013
Everyone is biased. That means you as well and when it's a First Nations issue you respond frequently and I don't criticize you. I defer to your knowledge of issues. I quoted an article written by Rafe Mair who quoted noted independent economist, Erik Andersen. I've done that a few times here and you are the first person to fire a shot across the bow at me for doing so without commenting on the substance.

I don't feel obligated to let all kinds of myths and half-truths be posted here without a response. I don't care if the poster is anonymous or uses an alias.

I thought that is exactly what this forum was for. Now your turn.
With respect Janice....
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 19th May 2013
...I don't go on an on. Here I responded to comments you made about "Charisma" and its alleged importance and to "disillusioned" about his comments what he perceives are the shortcomings of the past and current NDP. I'm simply stating how some conveniently forget the record of the Liberals and accept all the myths of the 90's as fact. That is on topic and you would be better off to address that issue than take a cheap shot at me.

I know something about the 90's and what I post is part of the record that a bit of time has provided. Others can defend today's NDP better but I guess maybe they are being nice so as not to offend. I see no reason to do that. So if you have a point to make as a regular poster here on and on the Daily, do so but I will defend myself.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 18th May 2013
You can go on and on all day long, defending the NDP. The truth is what it is. The NDP consistently shoots itself in its left foot! We are all talking about the same event, yet our opinions originate from different perspectives. You are very biased in your opinions. Understandable.

If you were not on the campaign trail with Robin, you should have been. Your support is meaningless now, because the election was lost before May 14. W hether the anonymous commenter is Liberal, Green or NDP...his/her comment is valid.

There is something inherently dysfunctional within the NDP. What is it? I do not know. Probably many things.

Jack Layton had many leadership qualities.....including charisma. Now, the federal NDP is in opposition, due in large part to Mr. Layton's impact on Canadians and to his legacy.

After the next federal election, the NDP will resume its some small corner of the House of Commons! Its already started the sad, tedious work of losing the faith of Canadians who took a chance and voted for them for the first time. Apparently, it can't help itself.

Maybe the infrastructure and motivation of the Green Party will someday pull something incredible off..... who knows?
And in case you missed it.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 17th May 2013
8th May 2013 · From the Tyee website here is a short excerpt from an article by Rafe Mair and I quote:

"On the side of the Christy Clark bus are the words "Debt Free BC."

This could mean one of two things - we are now debt-free or we will be. Either way, this statement stands as the all-time whopper in B.C. history and that covers a hell of a lot of territory.

I do not rely on politically-oriented think tanks for my information, rather noted independent economist Erik Andersen. If you add the $70 Billion in direct debt projected in Clark's latest Budget to secret "taxpayer obligations" relating to private power contracts and public-private partnership (P3) infrastructure deals, you get - wait for it - over $170 BILLION, that's with a "B".

By that measure, what is important to know about the debt is that in 2001, when the Liberals took over, every man, woman and child owed a shade over $8,000. Today we each owe $40,000 - five times what we owed before this so-called business-oriented, fiscally careful bunch of cheats and hypocrites took over.

No matter how you crunch the numbers, the NDP governments in their decade look like misers and skinflints next to this bunch."(end of quote.)

It's on The Tyee website.
@ Disillusioned.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 17th May 2013
How do I know that you are not just another BC Liberal pretending to offer advice to another party. So Moe's temporary suspension, which cost the taxpayer nothing rates as high a raising debt per capita from $8,000 to $40,000 and spending $30 million of taxpayers money in two years on pro government propaganda. If Carol had been leader they would have used all the same fear tactics with the same nice response form the NDP. The only thing missing would have been a memo.

Being anonymous does put a new wrinkle on any post. I never read the Vancouver Sun but I am told by someone who does that they were employing the same technique that BC Report magazine once did with nice smiling pictures of politicians they favoured and terrible photos of those they did not.

But don't expect me to give advice except to suggest that they played nice again with folks who did not again and lost. They ran from the 90's when all evidence suggests the NDP did moderately better than the Liberals in the next 12 years. Just look at the debt picture. Those stats were presented in an article by Rafe Mair and I have not seen/heard a single person refute them. Not one.

Now watch and wait to see Christy Clark dig herself out of her own financial hole without digging into OUR pockets in some way.
Why we lost
Comment by disillusioned on 16th May 2013
I have voted NDP all of my life. I always felt that whatever mis cues that we may have made, that we were the "good guys", that we had a basic decency and a basic morality. What has happened to us? Dix may be a great back room politician but, lets face things here, he was a forger, there is no other word for it. I thought that he had disappeared but when he surfaced and along with our local MLA, struck Carol James from behind and drove a knife into her heart, I was sickened. We were supposed to be better than that!! Carol James was a decent and goodly person, why did we stand silent and let that happen? And what about Moe Sihota?? He had his lawyers license suspended when he was in office in the 90 s due to some very shady dealings, and we make him President of our party today?? What has happened to us?? Our party lost this election due to the fact that many many of our supporters simply could not stomack what was happening and either did not vote or voted Green in protest. The vote did not divide on the right, it divided on the left and that split lost us the election. Until there is a complete house cleaning and until we return to our roots, our members and supporters are going to continue to drop away. Clark and the Liberals got in because we have become corrupt, and voters made the best of a very poor selection of choices, and if we do not acknowledge that fact and do something about it, we will continue to lose elections. I am sick at heart.
One more point.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 16th May 2013
I would be less concerned about the charisma of any candidate. Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan were claimed to have charisma and I wouldn't want to live in a place which had them as leaders. On the other hand, Stephen Harper has no charisma as has often been ridiculed by comedians. Bill Vanderzalm had charisma but as Kim Campbell said, "Charisma without substance is dangerous." Maybe she was thinking about Hitler when she said it. I'd rather have an intelligent and thoughtful person represent me.

Charisma is easy for the media; ideas are less important than the way you say them. You can speak complete nonsense and cover it with the way you say it and most people can't think about what is said but the remember what they saw. The proof is in what gets reported every night on TV or radio.

I was told once, by a late friend, that Robert Stanfield was probably the best Prime Minister we never had. Maybe he was right considering what we have had, as Stanfield was apparently honest to a fault. But...he fumbled a football when opening a game and that was the end.

I'll only take charisma if it comes with all the other key attributes including integrity. last on the list is charisma.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 16th May 2013
You are probably right that they got what they deserved given the "nice" campaign style when the unspent ammunition was lying all around them. Question is did we the people?

When sticking to the facts, and those too are available as I quoted some numbers from a Rafe Mair article on the Tyee, are considered Attack Ads , all is really lost because repeating falsehood becomes the new truth. As an old politician once told me, "Never over estimate the intelligence of the voter."
The NDP got what it deserved!
Comment by Janice Robinson on 16th May 2013
And they should be ashamed of themselves for their loss because it is our loss too. So typical of them however. The people of B.C. need a strong government to speak and act on our behalf. It is clear we do not get that from B.C. Liberals, nor from the federal Conservatives. More citizens disagree with Ms. Clark's Liberals than agree. Knowing that, you'd think the NDP would have been the winning party on May 14. But oh no!

The NDP is somehow incapable of choosing candidates capable of winning a highschool race for Student's Council. And, I have witnessed better debaters in Philosophy 101! What is it with them? They should have had this in the bag!

And, what do they do? They trot out the likes of Adrian Dix. What? Enbridge is on our doorstep, and here comes Adrian Dix, et al?! China is buying up Canadian land and precious resources, and all we here from the NDP is bunk. But, "We ran a nice campaign now, didn't we?"

Candidates are supposed to be leaders. Party leaders are supposed to be leaders of leaders. With a couple of exceptions, the NDP trots out a bevy of bland, disconnected, boring, uninspiring, political ass-kissers. My cat has more charisma than Adrian Dix.

No wonder why 48% of the B.C. electorate couldn't be bothered to vote, and young people see politics as the crooked sham it is!

Yes, I voted in Skeena riding. The choice in candidates we had here was laughable. I held my nose, and cast my feeble vote.
When Alberta oil company exec. are happy..
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 16th May 2013
...,as announced on the CBC this morning, you know you are in deep crude. To put it in perspective, 49% of 50% turn out is about 25% of the votes. Question now is what does a 25% mandate mean? As someone once had a poster on the wall that said,"Good friends come and go, but enemies accumulate."
that wasnt me
Comment by Steve Smyth on 15th May 2013
Maybe the other Steve methinks?---and i stop there too.

Look at the list of influential Canadian politicians who didnt win their own riding-Robert Bourassa, William McKenzie King (twice-as PRIME minister), Don Getty (in Alberta fer gawds sakes).
She's in ok company.

But it wasnt me
Oh, and something I forgot too
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 15th May 2013
You wrote in one of your first comments how many Skeena Liberals chose to cast their vote for Mike as they didn't like Christy. This backs up the story of her loss and her not being an elected Premier. She was not and is not liked but the majority. But more importantly, Mike is a well respected person and got every single one of his votes on his own reputation.

It would be nice to see everyone assist in the by-election to fight against her getting a seat. Anyone who lies so blatantly and runs red lights regularly, as told by her son, does not respect the law and does not deserve our respect or vote.

Let me go on a bit here and tell you a short story.

I had equipment stored out at Roth Storage, the old BC Gov't forest nursery at the east end of Thornhill. It is all open vacant land now. But there is a stop sign still standing out in the open with not a stitch of traffic, no one, no where, nothing but weeds and shrubs blowing in the Thornhill wind behind locked chain link fences. Everyone still stops at that stop sign. The truckers in their 18 wheelers, forklift operators and me in my truck. It is just a conditioned response of decent caring people.

Clark is a narcissist and deserves to lose every time she runs.
I still don't get it
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 15th May 2013
The story was accurate but maybe you didn't like that we featured the stunning loss for the Premier herself. And you are correct the races were tight and that is how we featured the story on election night. But the facts remain the same.

As for Christy Clark she has never been an 'elected Premier'. And she will not be an elected Premier if and when she wins a by-election.

The only Premiers who can claim to be elected by the people as a Premier is if they win their seat in an election. The last time Gordon Campbell was the elected Premier and Clark became premier by winning a by-election and taking over the role. She will now get the opportunity to do this again. But she will not be allowed a seat in the Legislature until this happens, so in the Chamber they will be leaderless.

We did not compare or insinuate the NDP had a victory or any such thing, so your Chamberlain reference is misplaced completely.

As I said earlier, the extreme right can not let one thing they might take as a slight, go unchallenged. It is sad really.

The other thing one might consider is how 50% of the people, likely some of your neighbours and friends have suffered a loss, and many are in shock.

Humility wouldn't be a bad thing to exhibit. Take the win and enjoy but please don't continue to beat up on people like a school yard bully. We are all one family after all.

Yes, you are correct, once again we are being represented by the opposition. This really shouldn't matter, but the government (right ones especially) punish regions who do not support them and reward those who do. This is why British Parliamentary Democracy has never worked for people. It is all a trick to think you might get treated respectfully, when we as citizens never do.

Oh and Steve, I am not NDP and did not vote that way either. I am clearly an independent and will remain that way. I will also continue to expose all sides of the political spectrum when they lie cheat and steal. And this is an easy game because most do.
and something I forgot
Comment by Steve Smyth on 15th May 2013
The Vancouver Island/Sunshine Coast orange surge had far more to do with an NDP promised 2 year Ferry fare freeze than Pipelines
exactly what i meant
Comment by Steve Smyth on 15th May 2013
Yes, I left out the words "for the NDP" from my submission as in "To position a 3 Liberal seat pickup as a great victory for the NDP (or the Greens, or "the Coast") is almost on par with Neville Chamberlin
Mr Austin hung on by the skin of his teeth in what was supposed to be a cakewalk (The Tyee), North Coast could run a bucket of chicken in an an orange tshirt and get it elected, Stikine was another reasonably good showing for the Libs in a traditionally NDP riding. I didnt see the poll by poll breakdown in Skeena but Im thinking I know how it went, but i could stand to be proven wrong.

The Liberals will not as you suggested, start the term w/o a leader, Ms Clark is the Leader and elected Premier, nothing changes that-she cant take a seat in the House until a byelection is called. (Same as the NDP under Glen Clark as I recall?) Ms Clark faced a strong candidate, a concerted effort by the NDP to unseat her and Im assuming, the toll of working the entire Province during the election, unlike Mr Dix, hurt her at her own polls.

Please note Mr Dix travelled to PG and Quesnel exactly once and not a kilometere west, east or North of PG.
I think thats what bit him in the behind personally (at least outside the 604)
Regardless Merv, sell it how you like, once again, were scratching on the kitchen window looking in.
Typical right wing intolerance
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 15th May 2013
Why is it those perceived to be on the 'right wing' of the political spectrum cannot allow one comment of critique to let stand without a barrage of acrimonious insults and attacks? We have witnessed this for the past 7 years. The left can accept honest critique yet the right comes back with adhominum attacks galore.

Christy lost her seat, even though the constituency was hers to win as she was the Premier. Obviously the people she represents were the only ones who could show their direct displeasure of her.

And the facts are clear on the coast. Yes some West Vancouver and other City constituencies might have voted Liberal, but all those who live on and off the water up and down the coast, those who interact with the ocean daily, made their collective voices heard loud and clear.

And this article also exposed Dix for his failure.

For anyone to suggest this wasn't a fair and accurate report is suffering from some sort of delusion that only their particular point of view should be heard and expressed.

And further, to those who claim some measure of 'it wasn't everyone' yes of course, but that is democracy, every constituency is what was meant by the 'entire Northwest' and the 'entire coast'.

And to Steve, your comment "To position a 3 Liberal seat pickup as a great victory is almost on par with Neville Chamberlin " I don't get. I thought it was a great victory for the Liberals, what are you saying? - are you suggesting I insinuated by this writing that this was in some manner a great victory for the NDP, cause that is the only way I can understand this comment.
Comment by Steve Smyth on 15th May 2013
You may have written a more disengenous article before, but i cant remember it. Talk about picking fly sh*t out of the pepper. To position a 3 Liberal seat pickup as a great victory is almost on par with Neville Chamberlin
"the entire coast of BC except 1..."?
Comment by Shawn ksisiiaks on 15th May 2013
West Van, North Van, Vancouver, Richmond, Delta even part of Surrey all share the coast according to my map.

Comment by KITSUMKALUM FIRST NATION CZ. on 15th May 2013
To Terrace BC Members:

Who can Read and Write:


Liberal & Conservative Industrial Machine are employees of " Free Enterprise Coalition". They have there voters as ( Employees). Vote for " FREE ENTERPRISE COALITION" Your Jobs & Share Holders are safe. The financial Investment " Billion Dollar Society Operates like a Machine will be safe.

Think about that for a second?

That is design system to control not only minds but society keep them controlled. There united work in cooperation make huge profits at your future expense. That expense is your environmental watershed.

This society 1st class elite. Have ability to get business licence, "Share Financial Investment in loans" Purchase "Raw Natural Resources as owner and share the profits $$$". Become super
rich at your expense.

Take the City of Terrace For Example:

The Mayor and Voter Turn out a small percentage. They had there " Free Enterprise Coalition Numbers. They had the Numbers as an "Army".

You call this cor·poc·ra·cy (kôr-pkr-s)
n. pl. cor·poc·ra·cies

1. A society dominated politically and economically by large corporations.

2. An inefficient corporation characterized by excessive layers of management.

To the uneducated: There " Franchise Vote" well that is what it means.


An authorization granted by a government or company to an individual or group enabling them to carry out specified commercial activities..

So the "Whole FREE ENTERPRISE COALITION VOTE" From the Mayor to BC Liberals Win. Is a discipline Corporates who use there "Vote" as Dollar Bill Share Holders. Calling it Investment.

They are united in every department in Terrace BC and across British Columbia.

That is how the 1st Class elite control "Middle Class and poor. By controlling the economy as "Slave Driven Society". Work less not harder. Let the Hard Work be done by the labours and collect the human resources profit $$$ in taxes and expense of there drinking water.

Liberal dates back to "Slave Driven Society". There is a historical root. Branching off to Conservative regime. Both systems work together to confuse "Franchise Voters".

You will see BC have higher rent (land lords) for business communities, you will see higher gas expenses, you will see no environmental protection such as water. A real (modern slave driven society). The society conditioned by marketing colours ( Red) (Blue).

They use Negative Attack Adds to (Shut down) the brain inside human skull. Were discourages the voter. Like a barbarian beating the crap out of society into order. Were the society obeys and votes for there commander. Afraid of oppression. The elite are smart whom control education - environment - provincial standards. They control your human life.

The system just does it softly...


There is no conspiracy. People are not educated a few are. Not all.

Keep Terrace Dumb - Numb - throw them crumbs deprive them. Watch they will cave and we will win.

Have a good day....

The Entire Northwest!?
Comment by Steve on 15th May 2013
It is very probable that Robin Austin only because there were approx 740 people that purposely voted Conservative as a throw away vote because they definitely didn't want the NDP in and they didn't like Christy Clark. A large group of people on Good ol Facebook were making it quite clear that they were going to vote for Mike because they hated the NDP. I voiced my opinion a few times letting them know that this was a throw away vote but apparently it didn't get through to everyone. So Robin should thank those that voted for Mike. It was supposed to be a landslide for him as well and I would say that Carol did amazing and had him sweating most of the night awaiting the final count. I would not call that "The entire Northwest" All that said....Congrats Robin.
Comment by Terry on 15th May 2013
Adrian . Ya I remember him . He was no jack Layton you know .