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CONTRIBUTION · 31st May 2013
Jenny Uechi
BC rejects Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal in final written submission

The BC government's final written submission stated that it cannot support the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal as presented beause Northern Gateway has been "unable to address British Columbians' environmental concerns."

This decision comes after a large-scale petition urging Premier Christy Clark not to support the pipeline.

Despite reports that Enbridge would meet the BC Liberal government, Premier Clark's office confirmed that no meeting has occurred yet, and that none was scheduled.

"Northern Gateway has said that they would provide effective spill response in all cases. However, they have presented little evidence as to how they will respond," Lake said in a news release.

"For that reason, our government cannot support the issuance of a certificate for the pipeline as it was presented to the Joint Review Panel."

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BC will present oral final arguments to the Joint Review Panel when hearings recommence in Terrace on June 17, based on the final written submission.
Don't get too excited.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 1st June 2013
It says, " it cannot support the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal as presented.." The key words "as presented". one of the five conditions was more "m-o-n-e-y."
Comment by Gary Haupt on 1st June 2013
BC is NOT saying NO..they are saying, 'okay Gateway, now tell us how wonderful you folks are and how you are going to clean up any spills, then we'll sign-off and you guys and get to work'.

If you listen to the CBC video interview with Gateway President at

You have to know..this is a set-up.

Dragon's Den..."so for that reason"...
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 31st May 2013
This may be a well-timed stall tactic stunt by newly re-elected Clark to regain the Province's trust...but I'll take it! This was the best move in her CAREER!

As the Dragon's Den might say to Enbridge: "After all this time, you still can't seem to guarantee an environmental cleanup due to a for that reason, I'm out."
How can the lieberals be trusted ?
Comment by Terry on 31st May 2013
They still have d black as a supporter . Have a look at the problems Detroit is having with the mountains of petcoke produced by refining tar sands piped there . Just search Detroit petcoke piles . It's dirtier than the dirtiest of all coal and that's what that black hearted puke wants to pile up here . Or does he want to burn it and poison our air as well ?