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CONTRIBUTION · 16th June 2013
NW Against Enbridge


A large rally and protest are planned for June 16th and 17th when the Final Argument Hearings for the Enbridge Joint Review Process begin in Terrace.

Dancers, drummers and speakers will be coming to Terrace from across the Northwest to demonstrate unity in their opposition to the threat Enbridge poses to their communities, lands and waterways. The largest crowds are expected at the rally on Sunday June 16th with people travelling from as far south as Vancouver and as far east as Prince George.

The June 16th rally will meet at George Little Park, 4620 Park Ave, at 2:00pm where speakers including Art Sterritt, Executive Director, Coastal First Nations and Gerald Amos, Chair, Friends of Wild Salmon will present with live performances by Rachelle Van Zanten and the Gitlaxdax Nisga'a Dancers.

When: Sunday June 16th, 2:00pm
Where: George Little Park, Kalum Street and Park Avenue

When: Monday, June 17th, 4:00pm
Where: Best Western Terrace Inn, Kalum Street and Greig Avenue

These events will create an opportunity for the public to demonstrate OUR final argument to the JRP, as one does not exist within the process.

People from across the Northwest will be traveling to Terrace for these important demonstrations.

Please bring your friends, family and coworkers.

The main event and the largest crowds are expected on Sunday at George Little Park.

Guest speakers and artists from around the NW will be announced over the next week or so; updates will be provided on this event page.


Please take a minute and invite your Facebook friends!

As many of you have heard, there has been an announcement by the provincial government to reject the Northern Gateway project as currently presented.

However, the Government of Canada has changed the way the final decision can be made.

The Conservative (Harper) government has changed laws so that any decision by the Joint Review Panel (JRP) can be over-ridden by the Cabinet.

We must maintain our resolve!

See you there!

Rafe Mair on Enbridge

Protest Rally in Prince Rupert Against Enbridge

Nathan Cullen speaks to JRP

Gitga'at "No Tanker" Rally in Prince Rupert BC

MLA Doug Donaldson addresses JRP in Smithers January 16, 2012
your talking alot of truth thats gonna put u in jail
Comment by ernie wilson on 18th June 2013
1984 the new civbilization we awaken into where Osama bingoldstein government created terrorists are why we lose our rights!!! random 1984 attacks where said terrorist does nutn but be alive n kill random folks.... according to the local state gov anyways u r waking folks up ur are needed in your society
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 17th June 2013
'Twas nice listening to Mayor Pernarowski on National news today talking about just this; while recognizing yesterday's rally.

He ended with..."As it's still 'NO'!"

Of course that may change in time, but was good he made that statement on national television while in support of his Community.
A simple solution
Comment by Dave B on 6th June 2013
As I have said before - NO PIPELINE - there are no MEGA tanker concerns.
The JRG may only be looking at Enbridge's pipeline proposal, and as has been presented many times, sometimes by them, sometimes by others - it's not their oil, it's someone else's - they're just the highway - it's not their tankers that will be traversing a dangerous, especially in winter storm months where containment and remediation can not take place, channel.

We all, as human beings, I assume being part of a food chain, life supporting system that there is no question about our dependancy upon a "chain", have a responsibility to support - just as a mother Grizzly Bear, the little sparrow in your backyard will, with their own lives support - the future of your offspring - it is what has moved the world "FORWARD" as evolution progresses.
Are we to become a science fiction movie for some future "intelligence" (maybe ants or wasps or cockroaches) to look back on and say - "how dumb". We are (all living creatures) inter dependant on certain structures in our maintaining
survival on this planet. To allow potential destruction of one link in the chain for the benefit of
share holders far removed from our reality (even as close as Ottawa) for them to build their vast accounts that will do them and their offspring no good when there is nothing left to sustain them - we all need a food source and it should be as close to home as possible.
CANADIANS - stop this madness -every way possible - tell those who control us tooo much - no more.
IDLE NO MORE is not just a First Nation movement - it is about us all as human beings and we need to bring everyone together to stand up against what is happening in "OUR WORLD".
It has been done in the past (limited results) but it has been done.
Social media has proven out - new means of spreading what so many feel (in isolation) can grow - use it - believe me - while many write off what blogs, facebook and sites such as terrace daily provide - they are being monitored by those in power and it can direct a change in direction if they feel threatened enough. The Arab Spring (as sideways it has become and twisted by governments and their corporate supporters) should be a New World Spring !!