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COMMENTARY · 3rd June 2013
Merv Ritchie
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Monty Python has nothing on the Canadian Conservative Government. It is like watching the public believe they see people riding horses while an actor bangs coconuts together to make a hoof trotting sound. Canadians just get all blurry eyed and believe.

Why they wouldn’t be deceiving us would they?

In 1979 WAC Bennett’s son Premier Billy campaigned with a pledge to end the discrimination in the ICBC rates. He won this election. Everyone thought it was grand.

Previously ICBC was charging anyone who was a male, single and under 25 years old, exorbitant rates to ensure a vehicle. Yours truly was outraged and challenged the Education Minister at the time, Pat McGeer (who was also Minister in charge of ICBC), during stop at Northern Lights College in Dawson Creek. I demanded to know how he could justify, as Education Minister, educating us young bucks pay more to insure a car than it was worth?

And then it became an election platform “We will take the discrimination out of the ICBC rates!”

This must be Harper’s plan too. You see, Billy Boy put the discrimination into the rates only four years earlier.

What has this to do with Enbridge? Well Stephen Baby will advise the public in a grand announcement, to promote the enhanced safety measures for Enbridge, his government will demand all Tug Boats double their onboard personnel for safety; that the Government of Canada will provide a much larger Coast Guard Safety and Rescue Vessel and further, they will employ more environmental assessment officers.

The public will be overjoyed with gratitude and Harper will be seen as a visionary. The dupes will believe coconuts are horses once again.

The thing is, Harper removed all those provisions over the past four years. The Tug boats were ensured to be understaffed in 2010 and the Coast Guard Vessel ‘Point Henry’ was removed from the North Coast in 2011 to the dismay of all sailors.

The concept of Douglas Channel being a safe route and the availability of Environmental assessment officers is all exposed HERE even though those in attendance wished to present it differently.

Trickery is a common trait of all British descendents.

We are told today the Crude Oil Tankers will be required to have a pilot on board at all times. Duh, it is a requirement for all ships now, and has been for decades. And even then, pilots are not allowed to take over the ship. We are told the tankers must be double hulled. Duh, that is an international requirement now and has been for decades. We are told the speed of the vessels will be just what they need to be to be able to steer safely.

And as for being the "State of the Art"? This was all exposed as ridiculous here.

But the kicker, the real stupidity of the clanking cocunuts? The claim that every Tanker will be tethered to at least one tug. The Shell Oil Rig Kulag had seven of the North Coasts largest available tugs along side it this past fall as it ran aground, including the Bull Dog of the Bering. The tiny oil rig still could not be controlled in seas that were no larger than 4 feet and winds of 30 knots. We are expected to believe a loaded VLCC can be controlled with one tethered tug?

All of this is simply to demonstrate the Harper regime and the Enbridge Comedy hour will say and do anything to get you out of their way. And as Pamela Wallens, Mike Duffy and Enbridge’s own Media Guru, Paul Stanway (this you must read) have been able to demonstrate, all of the media spokespeople have long ago been bought and paid for.

How about a link to the “SAFE” Douglas Channel claim? The Terrace Daily was the first to expose the Enbridge disappearing Island graphics! We even offered a free airline flight for two to anyone who could provide an example of a route more dangerous! No one was able to.

Listen to the horses gallop through the enchanted forest, life is grand. The sky is blue and the birds are singing in the trees. What could be better? Would someone please pass me the remote and another glass of coconut Koolaid?
The future...tugboats form safety
Comment by blocky bear on 3rd June 2013
Yah got it right again Merv! Speaking as as one that towed boated! d.b.