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COMMENTARY · 13th June 2013
Merv Ritchie

Read about it here.

June 5, 2013 we wrote this initially -

It is not a surprise to the people of Northwest BC that Mike Duffy with the Harper regime created and provided an audit report to order. The first didnít meet the requirement so Deloitte and Touchť simply rewrote it as was required. The same thing happened last year with the alleged criminal breech of trust with Elmer Derrick, Beverly Clifton Percival and Gordon Sebastian.

On June 12, 2012, Deloitte and Touche auditors arrived in the Gitxsan community of Gitanmaax and agreed to perform an audit of the finances of the Gitxsan Treaty Society (GTS). This was demanded by the Gitxsan people, their Band Councils and their traditional Hereditary Chiefs after they authorized a blockade of the GTS offices for as period of over six months.

While they were engaged in this audit, which was specific to expose corruption regarding funds for mining and industrial destruction of the rivers and lands, Deloitte was travelling the world looking for money for Fortune Minerals to destroy the Sacred Headwaters.

Deloitte and Douche were successful in finding funding to destroy the headwaters and in finding, the complained of, financial corruption, yet they concluded all was good with the GTS and they could go back to financial misappropriation.

So when this firm of misfits were asked to do an audit of the Senate, and then asked to rewrite it, this came as no surprise to the Gitxsan Nation or any of those interested in protecting the lands and waters of the Northwest.

The entire affair appears to be a criminal operation. It is a criminal offence to give money to any elected or selected government representative. Therefore, as it occurred in the Prime Ministers own office, by his personally selected Chief of Staff, to his personally selected Senator, no one has a higher responsibility to resign than the Prime Minister himself. How he can still stand in the House of Commons is an embarrassment to the Canadian population. He, Stephen Harper, is the only one who absolutely must resign. No excuse works. It is his ship, he selected/appointed them and there was no one in between himself and those who committed the crime. The Government doors must be closed now!

Deloitte and Douche must also be investigated. They have performed Audits to order and this too is a crime. It is a criminal breach of trust on all levels.

Arthur Anderson was exposed with the Enron Scandal and many were charged and some went to jail as the entire falsehood of their enterprises were exposed. And just like Arthur Anderson they were doing consulting work for the same group they were auditing!

Today Deloitte and Douche have been exposed for fraudulently preparing Audits to meet conditions, not properly and independently without interference or predetermined outcomes.


There is no reason to abolish the Senate, as the idiotic ramblings of the NDP leader dribble forth from his cranium. The Senate simply needs to be properly constituted and forced to be held responsible. The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper appointed the three members of the Senate at the top of this current controversy.

The guy who brought this entire affair into focus was none other than Patrick Brazeau. He is the token buffoon Indian Harper appointed; a man well known for his own personal bigotry. A simple google search would have provided Harper with enough information to reconsider Patty. But then when they decided (the conservatives) he was becoming an embarrassment and thought they should punt him, Patty got the better laugh.

Brazeau has been out of the front line news as those he ensured were exposed now get the headlines. We wonder how many recognize this little mentioned detail. It all started with Brazeau.

From the opening days of the Reform Party of Canada to the day Stephen Harper finally rose to the top as Prime Minister of Canada he argued against the exact same style of Senate appointments he made. In fact no Prime Minister in the history of Canada has made such blatant self serving Senate appointments.

And it is these three people, Brazeau, Duffy and Wallins who must resign along with the Prime Minister.

The RCMP must execute a search Warrant on Deloitte and Douche to examine all communications between the PMO, ANNDC, the Senate and all others involved.

Ah, but the RCMP have been shown to be just as corrupt as the rest. It was the RCMP who blew up the Oil well shack in Northern Alberta in an attempt to discredit the man who was exposing the criminality of the Oil Industry. And this effort by the RCMP was so successful a bunch of impressionable teenagers decided on their own to follow the RCMPís lead and terrorized the Ludwigs family. Karmen Willis is dead due to the RCMPís own criminality. Did they get charged? No!


Canada must hold new elections and International observers must be called in. The last election was a fraud and all who pay attention know this to be true. And if one wants our assessment of the reality behind Harpers Victory Click here.

The regular Canadian who does not pay attention might not understand and fully appreciate the details; therefore it is up to those who do to push the issue. Donít count on your everyday media to do it, as can be seen by the readiness off the governments to appoint compliant media leaders to plum positions of never ending cash; the main media have all been compromised.

How can anyone trust anything reported when we all now know what is waiting for those who do not expose the truth? Remember it was the main media who refused to expose the illegality of Harper shutting down the Government by the action called proroguing. This was a breech of Canadian Parliamentary procedure and should have been screaming everyday from the headlines, on every news broadcast, Wallin and Duffy, as well as those still delivering your news. Remember, even Peter Mansbridge was invited and attended the extremely secretive Bilderberg meeting.

Today the Gitxsan people watch in horror as yet even another coal mining company, Atrum Coal, has decided the Sacred Headwaters is free game. As Deloitte and Douche sacrificed all the efforts of the Gitxsan Unity Movement by their bait and switch (indicating a full forensic audit) by finding huge financial misappropriation, then dropping the ball, the people are now disillusioned. This in itself is a crime. How many more times must the corporate financial world screw the Indigenous peoples of this region?

This is not just a small problem of the Senate, it is a problem of a massive scale, one so entrenched in Canadian politics, industry and finance we need an entire reset.

The NDP are as stupid as are the Liberals. The Liberals want to save the Senate so they can continue the game if they get into power. The NDP have no use for it because if they ever got into power there are no NDP Senators to help them pass the laws. The Conservatives have already been exposed for being the most corrupt unaccountable bastards the political arena of Canada has ever seen.

One wonders why any Indigenous group would ever attempt to work within the same political structure as Canadian Politics. It has never worked for the non-indigenous people, why would they think it would work for them?

Here is a solution. Mulcair, the NDP leader, should put forward his resignation as leader of the NDP to be the example for Harper, as Mulcair has already admitted to his own breech of ethical standards; being offered a bribe and not exposing it. With this he must demand Harper resign as well; like eating oatmeal in the morning, it is simply the right thing to do.

But as we all well know the last election was fraudulent, all bills and measures introduced since the beginning of the last Parliament must also be retracted. They were pushed through by an illegal government.

It is time for all Canadians to stand up against the corruption of our governments. All across Europe and the Middle East, humans have courage. What is wrong with us?

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sovern ally
Comment by tselxtextxw on 15th June 2013
Comment by david dickinson on 13th June 2013
In 2012, Deloitte earned a record $31.3 billion USD in revenues. This firm is one of four pre-eminent global financial services firms with offices around the globe.

I wouldn't recommend making accusations of criminal behaviour or fraud against these guys unless you have specific evidence that would stand up in court. The GTS audit never was a "forensic" audit. It was just an audit and Deloitte had no further legal duty to investigate beyond this.

You're shooting the messenger.
Not only Harper but also Mulcair must resign
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 13th June 2013
The criminal investigation has now entered the PMO - the Prime Ministers Office itself.

Harper is obliged to resign period, end of story.

And now, after Mulcair admitted his neglect to reveal the bribery Scandal he was intimately involved in, he has been exposed for breeching Canadian laws just like Christy Clark.

Both these men must resign and an election called. Leadership issues must be dealt with immediately so Canadians have an opportunity to elect a new government.

No more bullshit!
And This Just In from Deloitte and Douche
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 6th June 2013
'Ah, sorry folks, but we just can't seem to find the time to complete the audit into Pammy's expense claims.'

They continue to fudge and bumble to meet someone else's desires.

'Nothing to see here folks, you'll have to wait until at least the fall after the Senate comes back from summer holidays and decides after that when to let you see it, if ever.'

The Word Is "Obfuscation".

In my world, the teacher holds the class back until the situation is resolved, no summer break for anyone until this is cleared up and settled, and Deloitte must be removed from the case.

Even idiotic BC brought in an international team of forensic researchers when they dug up the dead sled dogs in Whistler.

This situation requires nothing less.

We must bring in an international, non-associated highly qualified team to dig up and turn over the dirt.
From Wikipedia
Comment by Catherine on 6th June 2013
Fascist states pursued policies of social indoctrination through propaganda in education and the media and regulation of the production of educational and media materials.[170][171] Education was designed to glorify the fascist movement and inform students of its historical and political importance to the nation. It attempted to purge ideas that were not consistent with the beliefs of the fascist movement and to teach students to be obedient to the state.[172]
Facism and traditional right-wing order
Comment by Catherine on 6th June 2013
From Noam Chomsky - How the World Works pages 14-15

"If something is marketable, the private sector takes it over. That system of public subsidy and private profit is what is they call FREE ENTERPRISE.

The traditional right-wing order has to be restored, with business dominant, labor split and weakened, and the burden or reconstruction placed squarely on the shoulders of the working classes and the poor".

When people believe governments should look after the citizens of their country - they are labelled antifascists and communists. The protest movements of citizens and/or indigenous peoples are suppressed because they threaten the traditional right - wing order and those in power will literally do anything (subverting elections, withholding food, extreme violence, traumatizing populations (ie Newton School shootings) in order to maintain that control.

page 21:

Then there is the threat of the good example.

"The weaker and poorer a country (province/town/county etc) is, the more dangerous it is as an example. If a tiny, poor country (etal) can succeed in bringing about a better life for its people, some other place that has more resources will ask, "Why not us?"

If you want a global system that's subordinated to the needs of investors, you can't let pieces of it wander off and cause instability. That's why even the tiniest speck of protest or resistance poses such a threat and has to be crushed by whatever means possible.

Comment by martin on 5th June 2013
Yes I totaly agree, he should resign.
Faux Pas
Comment by KP on 5th June 2013
I assume you are aware of the faux pas you committed in the title of this commentary..."DELOITTE AND DOUCHE PROVIDES AUDITS.......". Or perhaps not.