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NEWS RELEASE · 5th June 2013
BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix
Statement from BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix on Westside-Kelowna by-election

BC NDP leader Adrian Dix issued the following statement on today's announcement that the Premier will run in a by-election in Westside-Kelowna:

"We are looking forward to running a strong campaign with an Okanagan candidate against the Premier in Westside-Kelowna.

The BC NDP will run a candidate with local roots who can offer the people of Kelowna and West Kelowna a strong, local voice in the legislature.

Our candidate will advocate for quality healthcare and seniors care, jobs and a thriving local economy, including local agricultural industries and opportunities for young people.

We will hold the government accountable for its record and for the commitments it made during the election, including its commitment to a balanced budget, to decreased debt and increased job creation.

The Liberal Party will not get a free pass on aspects of its record such as the threat of massive rate increases at BC Hydro due to the government's mismanagement and the urgent need for investment in our forests.

The local constituency association will choose our candidate and we will be in a position to announce who that is in due course.

I will put every effort into supporting our candidate and making the case for strong, local representation in this by-election."
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th June 2013
I don't disagree with you that they (the NDP) blew it in a big way. They all did as any one of them could have gone after the liberal financial record at the local level. What I am suggesting is that maybe Dix learned a painful lesson. Unfortunately the pain is not just his.
Helmut - that is what the election was for!
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 7th June 2013
The NDP failed as much as the media did. It is almost as if the old Socred regime is running the NDP like the time the Party was infiltrated when they selected Robert Skelly to be the NDP leader in the 80's - He was nervous in front of the microphone just like Dix on the opening of the debate.

That is what I was thinking when I saw Dix shudder at the start - oh no - another Skelly, we're doomed.

Dix will no longer be able to hold the lying Clark to account than we will be able to hold the lying Campbell to account while he enjoys crumpets with his mistress and bastard child in England.

The best thing we as people could do is go to Kelowna, make up our own flyers and brochures to plead with the people of Kelowna to reject Clark.

We can all explain, this is not pro NDP as the Liberals already have the victory, this is anti Clark, anti liars, anti BC Rail insider corruption. People must know, must be reminded, it was Clark who orchestrated the BC Rail sale with her family and insiders.

If a few thousand people arrived in Kelowna to deliver this message, just maybe the citizens of BC could get justice. We need an inquiry and she should be in jail.

How dare we start another term with an driver who disrespects our laws. Campbell drunk driving and now Clark a red light runner. Are BC'ers that obtuse?

I'll donate ink and paper to the effort.
what if
Comment by martin on 6th June 2013
What would happen if she does not get elected, would somebody else step aside and she would try again?
Or what would it be according to the elections act?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 6th June 2013
...he does say, "We will hold the government accountable for its record and for the commitments it made during the election, including its commitment to a balanced budget, to decreased debt and increased job creation." That would be a good start.
Comment by martin on 5th June 2013
To bad that Bob Erb does not live there, he could run and maybe win against Christy.
Dick Head didn't learn a thing
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 5th June 2013
He is going to play Mr. Nice Guy again. Oh, we are going to select someone from West Kelowna, a resident who understands the needs of the local population. What a flippin' idiot!

Does he not understand politics even slightly?

Select the most charismatic lying son of a bitch you can find, even if he or she is from Indonesia, who gives a crap. Just beat this lying pathological misfit woman who wants to be Premier.

Get with the program you flippin jerk!
Dix who?
Comment by Terry on 5th June 2013
You managed to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory Adrian . Do the right thing and step down . Robin Austin would be much more of an acceptable leader in Victoria . Now you imagine a victory in wacky Bennett's old riding . You really need a reality check . Could you please talk to him Robin ?