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NEWS RELEASE · 5th June 2013
The Haida Nation
Enbridge Northern Gateway does not warrant approval In its final submission to the Enbridge Joint Review Panel, the Haida Nation has urged the Panel not to approve the Northern Gateway project.

The Haida Nation contends that, while the JRP may no longer have a mandate to reject the project on it s merits, Enbridge's application was deficient in the provision of essential information, provided false and misleading information, and failed to meet any kind of standard to warrant approval.

On Haida Gwaii, at the beginning of the JRP review process, the Haida people along with fellow Islanders spoke eloquently about the harm that would be levied by this project upon the marine environment and the people who rely on the ocean.

"It is the people in the boardrooms of Calgary who will benefit while we will bear all the burden of risk, " said Peter Lantin, President of the Haida Nation.

The Haida Nation contends that no amount of mitigation would undo the harm if an oil spill was to occur.

In addition, the concerns for the unavoidable and continual contamination of the marine environment through the discharge of bilge and ballast waters introducing foreign invasive species has been given no consideration in the review process.

The Haida submission further states that the Review process has been compromised by the Government of Canada, prejudicing the outcome and openly advocating in favor of the project.

During the process, the federal government also compromised its own constitutional duties in the handling of this application the Haida statement contends.

"We are comforted to see the alignment of the provincial government's position with that of the Haida and other First Nations, Coastal Communities and caring people across the province, " said Peter Lantin .

"There has been great progress in reconciliation and positive relations established between ourselves and the Provincial government in recent years."

"It is not in the ‘National Interest’ to put corporate profits and foreign interests before those of the original peoples and Canadian citizens, or to put at risk the waters that provide for all of us," said Lantin.