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NEWS RELEASE · 6th June 2013
Diana Penner
An open letter to the City of Terrace, CN Rail, BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, MLA Robin Austin, MP Nathan Cullen and media

To Whom It May Concern in follow-up to our March 9, 2013 letter on the topic of rail traffic:

RAfaSIE (Residents Advocating for a Sustainable Inclusive Environment) represents concerned citizens in the greater population of Terrace. An open letter was sent to you in March expressing concern about CNís increased use of the rail spurs in the area surrounding and within the community of Terrace. The very limited response to our concern is indicative of a lack of action to deal with the matter of train traffic, which effectively cripples our town for long periods of time both day and night.

We petition the City of Terrace, CN Rail and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to find an immediate solution to this increasing rail traffic. Access between the north and south sides of Terrace is cut off for far too long and for far too many times day after day after day. The repeated closure of these main access points is causing many citizens and businesses frustration as they are effectively held hostage by our transport system.

Does the March 8th 2013 planned construction of Prince Rupertísí $90-million Road, Rail and Utility Corridor project, include plans to open transport corridors now blocked by the container trains in the Terrace area?

Communities on route cannot be forgotten as Canada's expands its trade capacity and exports to fast-growing Asia-Pacific markets, the billions of dollars that are forecast for foreign developments cannot occur at the expense of all the communities on route to our ports. Level rail crossings need to operate in a manner that is effective, they cannot repeatedly halt local traffic flow. Accessible street corridors need to remain in the communities who are on port routes. As plans continue for the expansion of both the Prince Rupert and Kitimat ports, communities like Terrace remain forgotten.

It has been six years since the problem became evident in this community, but the community is unaware of any plans to resolve this transport nightmare. This community deserves to know what progress is being made to resolve this community concern. It is imperative that construction of at least one new or expanded overpass begins for our community, or that alternate routes outside of our city are developed.

Sincerely Diana Penner Chair RAfaSIE
Sure, there's an optional detour but...
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 8th June 2013
If I can't wait for a train at the tracks to finish slugging through...I always turn around and pull the overpass route...but even THAT is a hold up trying to turn left offa Keith to try to get onto the overpass when the traffic is backed up past Eby.

And then the walkers/cyclists getting stuck at the Kenney crossing? Not very much fun being stuck there playing 'name that cloud' while waiting for the train to finish passing by.
Comment by Lance on 7th June 2013
When I see a train, I usually drive around to the overpass. Sometimes it takes an extra five minuets.
Good for you RAfaSIE
Comment by Dave B on 6th June 2013
As has been requests for more action on this issue from various sources and no response from various levels - I am heartened to see some other requests for action - it is not only the Terrace area that is impacted - there is the whole corridor -
For ALL readers - vent your frustrations and concerns in any means possible
The corporate structure is benefitting from this increase and you the public are paying the price,
ACT and make your voice heard!!