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NEWS RELEASE · 11th June 2013
The first act of Premier Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals upon re-election was to approve big taxpayer-funded raises for key political staff, say the New Democrats.

“Premier Clark has claimed that her priority is controlling spending. But already she is signing off on self-congratulatory raises for her political operatives,” said New Democrat house leader John Horgan. “Combined with the appointment of a larger cabinet and 14 parliamentary secretaries, it's clear this government’s message of fiscal restraint and spending control is a farce.”

Top pay for key political staff like ministerial assistants (newly renamed as "chiefs of staff" to ministers) will increase from $94,500 to $105,000, while the top salary for the premier’s chief of staff increases from $195,000 to $230,000.

Horgan pointed out the most egregious raise goes to Premier Clark's new deputy chief of staff Michele Cadario. The new salary grid raises her top salary from $144,000 to $230,000. After serving as the deputy campaign director for the Liberal party in the recent election, Cadario's starting salary in the Premier's Office is more than $195,000.

"None of these increases for political staff were included in the Liberal platform," said Horgan.

The escalation in pay comes at the same time that the government prepares to make cuts to vital public services with a "core review," and seniors in residential care homes are already being asked to pay a fee to use a wheelchair.

“Will the core review continue in this direction, bringing in damaging cuts to health care, education, and supports for seniors and children, while giving generous rewards to Liberal insiders?” asked Horgan.

Premier Clark and the B.C. Liberals campaigned on balancing the budget, lowering the debt, increasing job creation, and protecting critical public services. New Democrats will fight to protect those public services and hold the government to account for misplaced priorities that put politics ahead of public service.
Except I have not heard ....
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 12th June 2013
...any of them whine yet. I know it is coming but they still haven't been whacked enough yet. :-)
Comment by Catherine on 12th June 2013
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 12th June 2013
I would think that everyone that posted before you voted so your comment is addressed to those who didn't?
Whine, whine, whine
Comment by Catherine on 12th June 2013
If people think this is so outrageous, why didn't they get out and vote??? They are complicit in this theft by their absence - didn't they learn when Campbell did the same thing???? You are giving this mafia carte Blanche to sodomize us for a very long time! Enjoy it! You've bought and paid for it!
Comment by richard on 11th June 2013
just one less mouth to feed ,another dollar to the new cabinet ministers of bc. had to cut somewhere, it pays for her hired help .handycap and seniors next, everyone is getting screwed.
Increase in pay for murderers
Comment by david dickinson on 11th June 2013
Congratulations to the Ministry of Children and Families for getting away with negligence causing the death of Jor-El MacNammara, an 18 month old baby! You really deserve a raise! The Honourable Minister Stephanie Cadieux rocks!
Actually I thought their first act...
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 11th June 2013
...was to smarten the hell up!

I guess they forgot that one.
a farm
Comment by richard on 11th June 2013
just like a farmer ,leading his flock to the pigs troff,after he has filled it. miss mangment of billions ,on another wage hikes for mp`s and the new cabinet .take loans with no accountablity . we`ll be broke soon enoungh,than harper will put his pipeline for oil across bc,refilling the troff so the liberals can feed again......the land will be next,as every fithy rich tie-coon,wants a bigger piece of the pie. how much of canada is owed by candains corperations.foriegn investments are taking over your canada,your resources and they already control the harper goverment. chinesse regimm of china will be here soon enoung as them reacters are still leaking.mmmmmmmmmmm where they going to go.yet they refuse to speak the english languege. they have there own tv programing,schools, banks, in hindy,chiness here already. stores with no english signs. dishearting. freedom yes,but at lease speak the dam language of the land you came to or get the f---k out. sorry no speak english,learn it or go back to your own waste land. just like the gangs down south,and there growing,spreading out.perfect,we`ll have a revolution brought apon us by liberal/conservive partys . canada is open for thugs, just don`t let anyone know...troffs are full again...dinners on,first the senaters help themselfs,next the cabenet and the lawyers,wantabe piggy`s to the troff getts a bonus. o they`ll just take another loan out and pay interest on funds you wouldn`t see for a few yrs.....thanx`s for cost cutting education,heath care . so you would`nt or couldn`t go without as hundreds of thousands of us make do on daily bases,so you can have your 6 digit income, 7 with your benifits packages and inside trading going on in all levels of goverment,including local. not much left to run the country after they empty the troff . back to another sceme to fool the people . accountablity,pays.why are the people held accountable for mistakes ,when the party in order should be . it`s going to cost us for stupidity ,no one to blame,as we all have are heads in the sand. together we`ll win,alone we`ll fall. can it change.doesn`t seem possible . greed rules,every man for themselfs.
Actually I thought their first act...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 11th June 2013
...was to increase wheelchair rental to seniors in care by $300.