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COMMENTARY · 2nd July 2013
Merv Ritchie
With many thanks to Father Terry of the Catholic Church of Terrace, the Terrace Daily has turned a new page towards a new future.

Click on the highlighted text to read details

In a stunningly offensive act of intolerance, after we wrote about the new Pope and the still unresolved abuses of the Bishops and Priests of the Catholic Clergy, the “Headman” “Chief” “Father” (or which ever term one wishes to apply to this man considered the leader of the assembly) called each and everyone of our advertisers, save at least one who clearly do not approve of this man, and demanded they stop supporting the Terrace Daily.

One advertiser even called late in the evening insisting we pull their ad immediately, believing what the Priest stated, their ad was directly aside the story about the Pope, which it wasn’t and never could have been.

But it didn’t stop there. As the days progressed one after the other pulled their ads.

Advertisers who had recently updated their ads, as they had been pleased with the results and others who were reconsidering the effectiveness, even one who had just advised of a new update we were to post in the coming days, all pulled and ran at the threat and intimidation of Father Terry.

Over the years we have treated all people of corruption equally but none have been as effective as the Church responsible for much of the destitution and sexual depravity so prevalent in the long suffering First Nations communities.


In 2007 we began the Terrace Daily Website News and Community Information Service. There were no news services in Terrace who provided online news on a daily basis. Only the Terrace Standard had a real news website and they only updated it on Wednesday when their weekly paper came out. It was somewhat foolish as they wrote the stories all week yet did not put them online until the following Wednesday, ensuring no one received news on any timely basis. The Radio and TV websites were all but non-existent. Therefore we were a breath of fresh air for the population of Terrace who were not living behind virtual black and white TV’s and broadsheet newspapers.

To promote our daily news website, (actually it was an hourly website as we update throughout the day), we printed a small brochure. First it was an 8 ˝ by 11 sheet, then a folded 11 x17 to make four pages and we delivered it to all the coffee shops and meeting places for community members to pick up and get informed and familiar with what was available online, rather than waiting for the following Wednesday.

Our most notorious story was covering the corruption and inadequacy of the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce and the Terrace City administration as they actively destroyed the volunteers and the extremely successful efforts of the Terrace Tourism Society. Ever since this exposure of the lies and the blatant abuse of office, even naming those involved, the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce has issued, in effect, a Fatwa against the Terrace Daily. Those who advertised were shunned by the business community and actively encouraged to withdraw their support, even offered better rates with the traditional media if they pulled their ads.

Then in May 2007 the Legate Creek slide occurred. Pictures were sent to us via email and residents flocked to the site to see the pictures and get up to date information. We were the only source and our audience soared.

Then, as we monitored the rivers and the extreme snow pack we recognized Terrace would be facing a flood. We were the first to warn the community, taking the bold step of evaluating the available data ourselves and, recognizing the threat, issuing the warning FLOOD, FLOOD, FLOOD, ARE YOU LISTENING?

Well the flood for us was a flood of readers. We went from 1000 individual IP addresses a month to over 10,000. Every post we put up with pictures and details received hundreds of reads, some got thousands. We recognized we suddenly had a duty. It was no longer something we did as an experiment to see how it would work, it became a medium people counted on for the latest update, the latest news on the City and surroundings.

All through the flood we worked tirelessly, as did those who helped save the community. We brought the news immediately. Nights were sleepless as we constantly monitored everything so the community would be aware and informed. Waiting until the next Wednesday for the Standard Newspaper wasn’t much good.

We weren’t making much money, just barely enough to pay rent. We had been on disability at the time and started this at home in an attempt to make an independent income. Even though it was not quite enough, we advised the Ministry we would stop collecting as we were now going to attempt to stand on our own two feet. Today we question that decision.

Throughout the next year all the other media in Terrace, the TV, Radio and Print all spent enormous funds attempting to catch up and enter the new world of the internet each starting or redesigning their websites. Then the Terrace Daily began live streaming events. From City Council and the School Board to the River Kings games. It was the Terrace Daily website classifieds that started the hockeyville effort and our continued promotion which brought it to success.

We continued to expose the filthy underbelly of Terrace without fear and faced even further advertising reprisals. The new arena construction for the second sheet of ice required for the BC Winter games was an issue we got to the heart of. Even though the community voted against the expenditure the City moved ahead. We exposed it was a requirement for the 2010 Games, not simply a desired new Sportsplex. BC Games demanded it. The other media in Terrace refused to cover numerous issues as the stories would impact their bottom line, their advertising revenue, so even their reporters began calling us to expose the corruption.

Suddenly all the media in Terrace began posting news online “as it happened”. The race to get the story up first became a challenge as reporters ran from meetings to get the “breaking” story up first, attempting to beat the Terrace Daily.

However we were still the only media prepared to do actual investigative reporting fearlessly exposing and naming those involved. David Pernarowski was our favourite buffon but was an untouchable by the other media as he was the ‘Front Man” for the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce” The City Administrator at the time, Ron Poole, was our second favourite target as he and his team repeatedly misled the elected Terrace City Councillors on the facts of the issues and in their presentation of agendas. It was all too easy to expose. When the Scotia Bank fired Pernarowski for numerous transgressions including an alleged improper loan to prominent Terrace politically connected business people as well as permitting Terrace Tourism Society cheques to be cleared at his Bank signed by two people (who Pernarowski was fully aware had no signing authority), essentially participating and facilitating a fraudulent act, the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce unanimously supported him as their President.

All the City funded and facilitated organizations were slowly being exposed for participating in, put politely, improper conduct. None of the other media dared. When Rod Link, editor of the Terrace Standard, published an editorial exposing a small corner of this issue he was summarily sanctioned and the next few issues promoted how good the Chamber of Commerce was.

After live streaming the River Kings, the Coy Cup, the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay and finally two streams of live feed during the BC 2010 Winter Games including the Bronze and Gold Medal Hockey Games to the thrill of an audience all across BC (besides continuing with live streaming the Terrace and Kitimat council meetings as well as the School Board and Regional District), other media began attempting to figure out how to live stream too.

The effort we put into providing the community of Terrace and the wider community of the Northwest with cutting edge timely news and information was excessive and ridiculous. We started new websites for each of the communities, populated them with all the community links, calendar of events, business listings, classifieds, maps, etc etc, all for free. We attempted on numerous occasions more printed publications, newsprint (three attempts) and our first style of publication, 8 ˝ x 11 booklets. All of it was too much effort for too little return. We failed repeatedly to encourage the business community to support these publications even though the news produced was clearly a full week ahead of the other printed papers produced by Black Press; the Standard, Northern Connector, Northern Daily and Kitimat Sentinel.

One business actually stated we were too political. What is news if it isn’t political? What he was really saying was we were publishing news that was contrary to the accepted business community point of view. The Business community was a closed shop to any outsider or anyone not playing (or paying) ball.

The issue which caused the most consternation following all the other exposure of the corruption of the Terrace Chamber of Commerce was the bigotry and outright racism against the Indigenous population of the Northwest. My first real exposure was from a woman whom I dated for a short period of time. The racist slurs were so natural I recognized I could not stand being in her presence and immediately after one such ignorant statement, while waiting in line, as a passenger, to order a Tim’s coffee at the Lakelse drive thru, I got out of the vehicle and walked away, never to associate with her again. But that was just an eye opener.

I began to recognize the complete extremist right wingish intolerance of Terrace. Although Terrace is known across Canada for their anti gay rights stance (even though they refuse to admit it) the hatred of the Indigenous population within the business community is more than palpable, as one business person explained after attending Rotary meetings and Chamber of Commerce functions the hatred for the Indian peoples is “Venomous”.

The ignorance of these business people is so easy to manipulate using race and ethnicity. It is as base a human emotion as one can reach. And this is what has happened in Terrace. Major industrialists who want to secure the region for their own personal gain used these emotional tactics to heighten the angst in Terrace. The demise of the logging Industry was extremely well orchestrated and then blamed primarily on the Indigenous population. We exposed this as well while the other media continued to heighten the tensions by ignoring the truth.

The RCMP, the Military and the Indian issue began the serious demise of the Terrace Daily.

We exposed the Canadian Military for their preparations to engage the locals in an insurrection when they attended the Northwest to do exercises with the local Rangers. They arrived and stayed in the region during the opening days and protests regarding the Enbridge Northern Gateway Hearings.

We exposed the Kitamaat Village Chief Councillor for participating in encouraging a private Military Contractor to set of in Douglas Channel. Earlier we had exposed this same man for his secret deals with former BC Premier Gordon Campbell and the political, court and direct interference in the BC Utility Commission Hearings, which ended up benefitting the worlds largest mining Company, Rio Tinto.

One of our prouder moments was following up on the lead provided by the head of CSIS, Canada’s Security and Intelligence Service. In 2010 CSIS Director Richard Fadden left a trail of bread crumbs we followed directly to the BC Ministry of Energy Mines and Resources and the Ministry of Forests. Suddenly even the BC Government began to threaten us.

The RCMP abuse/intolerance of the Indian peoples in Terrace was exacerbated by Terrace Mayor Pernarowski at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce. It got so bad the BC Civil Liberties Association made an example of Terrace and we exposed the dirty underbelly once again to the chagrin of almost the entire power structure of the Northwest with an article describing the 'No Red Skin Zone' designed by the City, the RCMP and the Chamber of Commerce.

All the way to the top Brass of the RCMP we became a featured target. The BC RCMP attempted to paint Terrace as a town overrun with crime. Our personal and professional outrage could not be contained.

In 2008 I began a relationship with a local girl who worked at the Medical Clinic. I later discovered she was a Tsimshian woman who came from one of the most Nobel hierarchical families in the region, from the Raven Clan, the founding peoples. I became intimately involved with her family and all the families of the various communities. The stories of the abuses these people suffered for generations, the suicides and discrimination was astounding. The sexual assaults were not just by the church but (besides their own families who learned the behaviours from the church run residential schools), the RCMP were named by the women more often than any others. The elder matriarchs told stories which would make your skin crawl. Although the RCMP were fingered as the singularly most identifiable group of sexual and physical abusers, the Band Councils were second in line. Those members of the Indigenous communities who were promoted to positions of prestige, be it Band Council members or leaders of Treaty Societies and First Nations Development Organizations, were the second highest identifiable group of abusers.

This began a turn in the reporting style of the Terrace Daily to cover the issues regarding the corruption and abuse of the Indian peoples of the region. Soon readers began expressing concern about how we were only covering “Indian Issues”.

In January 2010 we began to gain an understanding of the local Nations and what they endured writing an article called ”The Sacred Circle”.

The name the Sacred Circle came up due to Terrace Mayor Pernarowski encountering Premier Campbell in a chance meeting. Campbell suggested the region needed a name more identifiable/marketable than the term the Northwest. We originally used the term as a joke, knowing full well the local Business Community would be horrified considering their opposition to the term ‘The Sacred Headwaters’, but we at least attempted to provide some direction to market the region. It was a matter raised by Roger Brooks at the Skeena Summit in late 2009, an outsider who wasn’t a bigot like the hierarchy of Terrace Business elite.

The most remarkable thing was the discovery of the image of a male face formed by the three major rivers of the region, the Skeena, Nass and Stikine. It was a feature Brooks and his associated marketing Guru’s would have seized on to market this region to the world. But as it wasn’t selected by the bigoted business elite and as we, the Terrace Daily, had already identified the region as the Sacred Circle, the huge opportunity to expose the world to our unique environment and the ancient indigenous culture was all but squandered.

Yet the RCMP continued to beat up and traumatize the local indigenous people and after a series of events not covered by the local media we exposed it. After our news reports, news releases and a humorous writing to draw more attention to their crimes as well as Mayor Pernarowski’s use of his political office to threaten a man using the Top RCMP official in Terrace, the Terrace RCMP took action against us, suddenly refusing to consider us a ‘credible news organization’.

Then the Terrace RCMP used their position to promote a media organization who kept their collectives mouths shut on the RCMP abuses stating they have a good relationship with Astral Media in Terrace. What an embarrassment for journalists and reporters world wide.

Throughout 2011 and 2012 we covered the Enbridge Northern Gateway hearings extensively and recognized the intense sincerity of the Indian peoples and the extreme insincerity of all those engaged in economic development at the expense of these peoples and their lands. We suddenly realized the role of the RCMP was not public safety or the protection of our society but was primarily for the protection of corporate and economic interests. If a situation was not an economic threat the RCMP might ignore it or take their time dealing with it, but as soon as there was to be any threat to anything economic, they came out in force.

It did not matter what was happening in any Band Council or Reserve Community unless it involved a treaty society or economic development organization. We discovered through all our research the hardship imposed on the Indian peoples has been at the root of British Columbia. The attempted extermination by germ warfare in 1862 through the forced incarceration of the Indian peoples in death camps called Residential Schools and today with the intrusive actions of the new Canadian Government run by what is essentially a mad man; a package of legislation to complete the final solution, just like Hitler planned for the Jewish peoples, caused us to assist in the writing of “We Have Never Been Idle and We Know What We Want”

Earlier we wrote about the manipulative tactics of the Canadian and British Columbian Governments with their complicit/compliant successful Residential School graduates in betraying the strongest Indian Nation in the Northwest, the Tsimshian Peoples with How the Tsimshian get Flim Flam Shim Shammed.

We finally gave up to covering Terrace City Council as it was one of the most fruitless exercises. Very few people cared. Of all the articles and news stories ever published, accounts regarding the Terrace City Council received the least number of reads. We stopped live streaming events as the time involved was too much for no rewards.

Where we failed most profoundly was working to get sales revenue. No matter what we tried and how we approached commercial advertisers, every success was met with a barrage of contacts to the advertiser from others asking why they support the Terrace Daily (with their ad revenue) or they would be offered better rates if they simply pulled their ad from us.

But nothing was even close to what happened after we published a series on the resignation of the old Pope and selection of the new one. As we had covered the abuses of the Catholic Church extensively over the past years we were someone shocked when call after call came in from our advertisers to pull their ads.

Even after the extensive hacking and viruses we suffered over the years we were able to overcome, but the loss of 90 percent of our meagre income was almost too much to handle. Today we are left dangling in the open air.

We can not be sure if Father Terry’s impact caused the latest catastrophe to our family but within a few weeks of the advertisers pulling their ads, we were delivered an eviction notice from our home after being assured we would have the home until our boy graduated, 4 years from now.

There is no group of thugs who cause more hardship across the globe. This is the organization whose influence, with social engineering and economic might, wield a power greater than any government and has an effect harsher and crueler than Hitler’s Germany, in fact almost every last one of Hitler’s men were Roman Catholic. This is what we exposed for all to see and it may be this, which had Father Terry go militant and intimidate as many as he could to pull their support.

Recently we were told he actually complained about some homeless people sleeping in the church grounds. This may be a Catholic attitude but it certainly is not very Christian.

We spoke about this hardship our own family was now suffering with another Catholic Priest who expressed some shock stating this is a free speech issue and people should always be allowed to hear all sides of all issues regardless. It seems Father Terry doesn’t hold the same point of view. The evil that Jesus fought against will continue to be fought by us. One might be able to see the Catholic Church today as a representative body of the very institution Jesus is detailed to have fought against, and was crucified by, over 2000 years ago.

The Terrace Daily is all but gone. We have however transferred all the data from the website to a new server and website address under completely new ownership.

Truth has never really been profitable even if it is appreciated by the readership.

Like the front page story, picture and headline, which the BC Liberals purchased during the run up to the Provincial Election in an attempt to trick the readers into thinking it was news, mid Junes issue of the Terrace Standard featured a bold wrap around front page proclaiming “BREAKING NEWS” in an attempt to also trick readers as this too was nothing but an ad. News and public be damned it seems, revenue for the Victoria based owners is much more important than performing the duty of providing an actual news service.

We will no longer attempt to be the breaking news of Terrace, that which we brought to a sadly lacking town; the 'Town of News at Least a Week Late". Today the masses are more focused on Facebook for their breaking news anyways.

Yesterday (2007 to 2010) we were the community Facebook. Now, under a new name and ownership, we will be bringing news that interests us and news we believe is of relevance to your world.

Consider us the Blews - Blog /News - but it will be

MWPR - a report by

Mervyn William Peter Ritchie

with articles representing

Mirth Wisdom Provocation and Reason

based primarily on the study of

Media Wars Politics and Religion

Stay Online and Stay Tuned In.

Do Not Fall For the Propaganda Disseminated By The Other Media - Even CBC stands for Cash Buys Coverage.

Real reporters are broke and most are homeless - - - because they care about you and me and society. Mainstream Media only care about abusing you and collecting their share of the corporate wealth - Beware!

And Father Terry - You will Rot in Hell For Betraying Truth And Facilitating Hardship Of Truth. And Hell Won't Be Some Fire And Brimstone, It Will Be Your Own Spirit Torture.

Enjoy Your Time In Paradise While It Lasts.

Father Simon Thinks Freedom Of Speech Is A Good Thing - Maybe You Should Take A Moment Away From Smirking With Righteousness - And Get A Grip On Humanity.

We might not have a home and we may have no more income but we are going no where except more provocative.

And More? - More Certain - More Resolved - More Determined to Rout You Out. Terrace Has Suffered Under Your Bigoted Intolerance Long Enough!

The group of Sodomizing and Buggering Catholics will be our first target. Father Terry - You should be very ashamed!

Oh Yeah, Happy Canada Day Everyone - And May It Be Your Last
Comment by Anonymous on 17th July 2013
Its not cowardice its being smart. Right wing trash like you have already been proven to be low in IQ and that can also mean prone to violence.

Wanna beat me up Jimmy? Your so fat and a slob your a cheese burger away from a coronary.

Stick to Sun News Network for your news source.

You know that network thats not race baiting at all what with their main personality Ezra Levant attacking the roma people on air but Merv is the racist apparently.

Also I wouldnt brag about your hat size pal since that hat your wearing is a beanie.

you should twirl the propellers more to generate even a tiny amount of energy towards that poor starving brain of yours.
Comment by James B Ippel on 17th July 2013
I would like to answer you, but your failure to publish your real name brings me to the conclusion you are a coward.
I will not stoop so low as to insult you as you have insulted me.
I assure you that my IQ is higher than my hat size.

Have a nice day.
Comment by barb krause on 17th July 2013
I find it quite laughable, people coming and making remarks under the name "ANONYMOUS", ranting and calling names, and getting on Merv's back about his remarks. Unfortunately people don't like the truth brought to the surface. They like to pretend a lot of these events didn't happen. History proves over and over again the horrific abuses the First Nations went through, and it was reported yesterday, we were used as guinea pigs, all this should be brought to people's attention. As far as I am concerned RACISM, against First Nations still exists, and I think it irritates lots of people that finally the First Nations are getting a break with training and being included in decisions of our lands. Lots seem to forget, the factthat this (CANADA) was inhabited by First Nations, No where else in the world can u go, and simply take over. Mind u the Caucasians have in numerous countries,. And they think they can come in and make us better people, at the same time being very racist, . Good lord Anonymous, share your name, Or hold your mouth(pen)
Comment by Anonymous on 11th July 2013
So you know Father Terry do you? Well then pardon my words but holy sh*t case closed. James has solved the mystery of this whole debacle because James Ippel is such a great judge of character...Oh wait no he isnt.

Ippel you are nothing but a stereotypical low iQ & low rent hillbilly who boils down this sites issues into a neat little package of focusing too much on first nations issues and the sacred circle.

So you started disliking the content of this site once it focused on what did you say...Indians?

So if Merv stops talking about the indians and focuses on the "White" facts you will come back with open arms.

What a lowlife creep you are. Your bigotry shines through for all to see.

Martin...You are not fair and balanced
Comment by Anonymous on 11th July 2013
I am going to assume right now you are just the writer for a catholic newsletter here to gloat over this sites demise.

I highly doubt any actual so called fair and balanced reporter would come to a site to brag about his next article and how strange that a small print paper would focus on the demise of the Terrace Daily at all unless it is in fact a catholic publicati0n wanting to rub salt in the wounds.

How very christian indeed if my assumption about you is correct.

Just because you spoke to Father Terry doesnt mean a thing. How do you know if he is telling the entire story or even the truth? Are you claiming that just because a man is part of the church he is incapable of withholding the truth? Try telling that to the numerous children over the years who have been abused by members of the catholic faith and see what answer they give you.

If you are truly fair and balanced I would hope that you are interviewing more people than just Father Terry.

I think a good start would be to gather a list of advertisers for this site and ask them whom it was that contacted them to withdraw support.

I am sure many have call displays and can provide a phone number of whom called and when I would hope.

If it was Father Terry who called or someone on his behalf or someone claiming to be doing so on his behalf it might be oh I dont know a better story then to just get one mans side and say yep hes blameless.

You cant be serious and say there is not some catholic connection whatsoever when the majority of ads were pulled within days of Mervs editorial on the catholic church.

Also the fact you leave no full name and dont even provide the name of your publication leads me to believe maybe your a troll and if so I will enjoy trolling you right back.
To Martin and James
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 11th July 2013
As someone who felt the influence of exhortations from the pulpit in the 90's over the issue of health services for children under the care of the state and as someone who heard about those exhortations from others, I am not so sure about your contentions that this is all in Merv's imagination. I'll wait until I hear a sound rebuttal that addresses the more subtle methods available to deliver displeasure or or any other instructions to parishioners.
This is sad, I hate those bastards even more now!
Comment by Chris B on 10th July 2013
Although I no longer live in Kitimat, I always have time to check out the Daily so I can read the real news. I totally feel for you Merv, and if I was in a better position, I'd do what ever I could to help. Life in this country sux if you go against the grain. I love this paper, and I love the northwest having lived there for many years. Its such a shame and sham of what the likes of Roger Rabbit, Last call Gordon, and Christy the Milf have done to our province on behalf of their big biz buddies. While living in the north, I watched our sawmills close one by one, and the export of raw logs increase to incredible amounts. They even disassembled some mills to reassemble in other countries, to process our logs, and then sell them back to us.......
I hope by some miracle someone who can afford it bucks the trend and helps out. We so need you and this news outlet Merv.
I live in the big city now, and its even worse here. You should see the crap that passes as news papers here, its really bad. In fact its so bad that they deliver it right to your house for free, full of flyer's and junk mail that most do not want or read. The stories in it , if they are news, are so biased...... its just ugly Merv, it irks me just thinking about them.
I'm not giving up on you, so please try not to give up what you do for us. If I ever get the chance to do what you do, the Terrace Daily will be my template to the tee.
God Bless,
Chris B.
Thank you Martin
Comment by James B Ippel on 9th July 2013
I know Father Terry (and no, I am not Roman Catholic) and cannot think of him doing anything like he is being accused of by Merv.
As a Priest he may have some influence over his church members, but when it comes to business, the advertisers will go to where they get the best bang for their buck.
Obviously they have been turned off by the "rants" posted by Merv in the not so recent past. He was an excellent reporter, and factual, until he got on this "Sacred Circle" theme, and everything seemed to go downhill from there.
I would like to see him get back online with factual reporting, not putting down certain institutions, races, or religions. Right now he has attached himself (or so it seems) to the Indians, and blames all wrongs on the Whites. Does he include himself in this, or is he the innocent bystander?
I wish you well in the future Merv, but please, if you get back into this gig, remain Neutral, and post the news in that manner, instead of your vitriolic personnel opinions.
fair & balanced
Comment by martin on 7th July 2013
As a writer for a small, independent, print paper, I engage in fair and balanced reporting. In writing my August column "Terrace Daily Demise" I interviewed Terence Brock (aka Father Terry), and he told me that he:
Did not contact TDO advertisers;
Did not have his associates contact TDO advertisers;
Had nothing against Merv or the TDO;
Had never read the TDO;
Was unaware of the TDO's Vatican commentary from March of this year.
Independent Media:
Comment by KITSUMKALUM FIRST NATION on 5th July 2013
Independent Media:

The Independent Media is a good channel for people who can read, challenge and debate.

This creates discussion and creates a conclusion of our community health.

Currently with Terrace Daily still in operation. The readers are still need this source of information, and adventure journalist approach to communicate what is really going on.

CBC - CTV - Global Media - Terrace Standard - Astral Media are all linked to Government of Canada CRTC "Communications". The Government steers information and control's the media.

Geo Political Masters of "Global Media", they control the Governments Media. That is a fact, this is what some "Radio Talk Show such as Alex Jones are trying to get there message across.

If you have noticed by an example:

When you watch the Media such as "Canadian Broadcasting Television on a subject or content: Then switch over to CTV the same subject is being presented (Same Story).

Almost every media channel is in nsync all the same "Content".

Terrace Daily provided an alternate content from independent "Researching", the content on the Terrace Daily was very entertaining and provoked the " Perception about Terrace BC North West Corruption" or Culture Entitlement Society.

That is fact:

When it came to Stories such as " Enbridge and other Corporations such as BC Hydro - LNG Pipe Lines - Tankers. The town of Terrace BC had no clue what was going on. Terrace Daily Journalism was there, Merve Ritchie took the heat, persecutions from everyone didn't hold back, he was providing a service to the community with a Intelligent View:

Corruption is real its a disease there is no conspiracy about that. It is real as land you walk on, the air you breath.

Yes we need positive stories or unique stories: Right now society needs to wake up! Cause we are living in a very Communist Country Behaviour anyone speaks out is shut down.

So Keep going Merv:

Your work is not unnoticed and there is conspiracy: Look at Alex Jones radio 50 Million Viewers a day.

Why because he is independent media.
first post
Comment by Benny on 4th July 2013
This is my first post here after being a long time reader.
I'll start by saying that I have no idea who Father Terry is and I'm not a fan of the Catholic church.
To me it seems very farfetched that this whole mess was caused by one person. Maybe he had a part in it but come on sheeple do you really think that 1 person in town has that much influence over the business community? I certainly don't.
It seems to me that a couple years ago Merv changed. The cheese slipped off the cracker. Changed meds or something?
Since then I bet that a good number of readers just stopped in here to read the new conspiracy theories and the drama du jour.
It's been pretty obvious to me that the site has changed a lot in the last couple years and quite frankly I'm surprised the advertisers stuck around as long as they did.
Merv I hope you can get back to the way things used to be. Or at least somewhat.
Comment by Terry on 4th July 2013
Search ... Define extortion . That's what it's called .
I am so very disappointed
Comment by CC on 3rd July 2013
Dear Merv and Cynthia. I simply cannot believe what I have just read. People do you really think that you have served any good? Sure you acted with anger and revenge and it must have felt good. It must have made your day to think you have the power to shut down such a force of power that benefits all of Terrace/N.W. BC and now what do you have? You have nothing. You are going to be like all the other lemmings out there believing (with half an ear) the spoon fed news that is dished out to the masses. It is the ability of people to join together to fight wrong and to fight for what you believe in that gives people, a community the power to make change. Who do you think has stood up for Terrace all this time? Who has informed you? You may not agree with all that has been written but I will tell you coming from a huge city and being fed the same news that all the other major dailies dish out - yeah, good luck to each and every one of you. Because you're going to need it. Merve I have not always agreed with you but I have so highly respected and enjoyed your writing and how you have given of yourself to inform people and to make a change. As for Father Terry, my my, I will only say one thing: we all answer to God. All I do in my life comes from acting out of and living an example of love as Jesus taught. I am just an ordinary person trying the best I can and cannot grasp how someone of Father Terry's role and power can do such a thing. Father Terry aren't you suppose to pray for and guide those who in your mind might be wrong? I do believe that is what your job, your calling is all about. I will pray for you Father Terry so that perhaps you can see how you have allowed the devil to influence your anger and to use the power that you have to hurt a family. Having said all this I will be praying for you and forgive you Father Terry. I forgive all those who have acted in anger. And Merv I will pray for you and your family. I look forward to your new endeavors and I say, "Well done Merve, a job well done indeed." Hugs to you and your loved ones. CC.
The “I am better than you” Syndrome….
Comment by Cynthia on 3rd July 2013
I would like to express my gratitude towards Mr. Terry, whom I have never met. He has taught me a valuable lesson. Someone that you don’t even know can effect your life. For the record Merv and I are not homeless or destitute…and Paul..I won’t even respond to your comment about our rent being paid.

This, like everything else will be a blessing in disguise. Packing our belongings in storage and travelling on our own greyhound bus to places like the Unist’ot’en camp and Save the Salish Sea, among other great destinations where people are fighting for their homeland, water and food sources will make a great summer.

It all comes down to an abuse of power and authority which is an everyday event these days. Just because someone talks about the corruption and misrepresentation does not mean they can be justifiably attacked. I do not always agree with Merv and his methods but I respect his right to have his own opinion, just like everyone else I meet…if I don’t agree with someone, I don’t attack their family and their everyday life, I simply remove myself from the conversation or meeting. I don’t immediately seek vengeance on someone because they said something I didn’t like.

If the church wants to have so much control in politics and media they should pay taxes. This would help with the deficit and other areas of government where money is needed. How much millions do they reap in every year to support themselves and their followers? I use to have a stepdad that paid his church %15 of his income every year. Do churches really ask their members a portion of their annual salary? and people pay it because they think they are going to be saved at the pearly gates? Now, I am not an expert in how much a soul is worth these days but for some people in need that is a lot of money.

I use to have a Christian priest when I was 16 guiding me and I listened with an open mind and heart until one day I told him I let the Jehovah witnesses in my house for a conversation, well this priest came unglued on me,,,started hollering and verbally abusing me, calling me names for having an open mind. That is when I became a believer in the creator and common sense. Treat all people with love, respect and compassion. And that doesn’t cost anything? And it is very rewarding.

I believe most Christians are good law abiding, compassionate people, just like every other group there are a few bad apples that ruin it for everyone involved. Unfortunately the pursuit of power over others is too much of a lure. I have experienced too much oppression within first nations communities under the guise of “God” to just ignore the abuse. Just because they say “God Bless You” or “I will pray for you” automatically projects the impression that they are better than you and they can do no wrong because god is in their corner….Is it just me or is that just a bit crazy? If you don’t believe what I believe that is fine with me…Doesn't make me better or less than you. Humans are all different, Individuality should be praised not attacked. Why would we all want to be robots?

I am sincerely sorry that this has gotten out of control…the venom that was brought about is just plain old ugly and uncalled for. I wish father terry didn’t call the advertisers, but if he wants to wield his mighty sword of power then so be it. It doesn’t change the fact that the whole Christian organization is clouded in controversy. As long as there is thirst for power over people nothing will change…

So father Terry I thank you again….it is going to be a great summer on the road…change is good. I hope you feel good about your actions and that the revenge was worth it. Oh ya and I will pray for you…..

18 million dollars
Comment by Terry on 3rd July 2013
Is being paid to the victims of the Catholics in Quebec . In the news today. Does this cleanse the victims? Does this cleanse the pedephiles ? Keep your children safe and away from the churches . We did .
Lynda Rocha
Comment by Anonymous on 3rd July 2013
How nice of you to post the hate crime code of canada in great detail and claim Merv is using hate speech.

You fail to mention what Father Terry did can also fall under the category of hate as well for Merv's partner is first nations and this news site extensively covers first nations issues.

Does this mean catholics believe there issues are of more importance than first nations?

You also failed to mention in your comment that
You are the chair person for Kitimats St Anthonys Catholic schools School Council.

Hey wait wasnt Father Terry the priest for that church parish at one point?

Hey Other Anonymous
Comment by Anonymous on 3rd July 2013
Great detective work Genius. Oh wait no it isnt.

I am not Merv you rube.

And talk about about psychotic behavior if your staying up till 4 in the morning to look for edits in a story.

Now why are you so angry?

Well you did mention first nations in regards to Merv and his partner and family.

let me use your awesome detective and deduction skills.

Are you a first nations person who voted on that treaty Merv reported on awhile ago.

Maybe your butthurt over how he tried to warn you not to give up your rights again for some false promises and magic beans.

Thats it isnt it? Cause you mention a ruse and how Merv thinks the first nations cant defend themselves.

You arent mad at Merv for a lie. You are mad for the truth that is revealed.

Sorry sparky. You and the catholics dont get to corner the market anymore on being offended.
Hey Student
Comment by Anonymous on 3rd July 2013
Well duh you are a catholic student.

So who sent you the link to this post and told you to comment?

Its highly unlikely you are a regular visitor to this site so fess up.
Serious Denial
Comment by barb krause on 3rd July 2013
Reading some of the comments made against Merv. I have to believe their are some in serious denial, about the abuses of the churches, not just the Catholic Church, Each and everyone of them, has abused a whole lot of ppl, I do believe there are gd Catholics and others out there, but u have to recognize, this abuse did exist. And it prolly still exists in some form or another. We cannot excape that fact, or try and bury the past injustices done not only to aboriginals but Caucasians in Nova Scotia and other places.
In reply to anonymous.
Comment by Student on 3rd July 2013
I am a member of the Catholic Church, and I know well enough not fuel an argument or confrontation. I simply have my opinion; whether that be wrong or right in your eyes is up to you. You did the same and obviously resorted to rude and distasteful words. I appreciate your opinion and input.
Merv is anonymous - his split is showing through
Comment by the other anonymous on 3rd July 2013
Merv your speech and typing pattern is showing through on the "anonymous" postings. You are lacking advertisers due to your preoccupation on making phallic anal comments in relation to young children (the last paragraphs of your "article" are an example), continual insults towards survivors of residential schools, and even outright insults directed specifically at your advertisers. You have incited hatred, racism, violence and taken advantage of your position of "authority" in the First Nations community via your partner and her family. I am not surprised if they all have washed their hands of you in embarrassment and shame. You seem to think it is okay to sit on your personal soap box and have a drink or two and hit the keyboard...not a good idea. I think you need to take a break and have needed to for a long time. You have become arrogant and mean....all to support some ruse that you seem to think that the first nations man or woman is unable to represent themselves....that they need you to do it? As you make rude anal referenced and sexual comments over and over again claiming to be acting in "defense" of the 10 year olds you supposedly stand up for??? You post an inflammatory story, then post various reader comments, then create a storm...then you re-word your "stories" and eliminate comments all in a sad and very obvious attempt to make yourself look like some kind of Victim when people freak out on you? You think we haven't noticed those 4am posts and changes? It also appears that you are the "Anonymous" poster because people type in a pattern just like they talk in a rhythm and walk in a certain way....I think they call all the above mentioned behaviors in the as pathological and even sociopathic? I think you need some serious help. You have no concern for anyone but yourself and the sick part is you do what you do under the guise of the exact opposite by stating you are doing it for those who cannot help arrogant, how utterly abusive and how absolutely narcissistic and deceptive! This town its readers and advertisers have seen though your thin veneer, finally! Yes, everyone I would say this is yet another ruse and Merv is again asking you for money to support his personal "cause" Don't fall for it...but then again I would be surprised if he actually posts this because contrary to what he says,he does not post comments that expose his behaviors because he hasn't in the past where this one is concerned. I really hope you get some help Merv. Your predicament is entirely of your own making quite blaming the world for your problems.
Criminal Code
Comment by Lynda Rocha on 3rd July 2013
I was disturbed reading this article, blog or commentary depending on what you would like to call it...and even more disturbed reading the comments. Regardless of our personal views on matters, there is a way to communicate those views in a way that is respectful to everyone. No one in the comments touched on the way the article finished...with a threat. What has our society come to that the only way for a writer to get a reaction from readers is to degrade themselves to this type of writing. I feel sorry for him as he does not get it either as he continues to write this way.

The Criminal Code of Canada says a hate crime is committed to intimidate, harm or terrify not only a person, but an entire group of people to which the victim belongs. The victims are targeted for who they are, not because of anything they have done.

A hate crime is one in which hate is the motive and can involve intimidation, harassment, physical force or threat of physical force against a person, a group or a property
Two Nova Scotia men were convicted under Canada's hate crime laws in relation to a cross-burning incident on the lawn of an interracial couple in Windsor, N.S. The photo is from the RCMP.Two Nova Scotia men were convicted under Canada's hate crime laws in relation to a cross-burning incident on the lawn of an interracial couple in Windsor, N.S. The photo is from the RCMP. (CBC)
In Canada it is also a crime to incite hatred. Sections 318 and 319 are the relevant sections of the Criminal Code.

Under Section 318, it is a criminal act to "advocate or promote genocide" — to call for, support, encourage or argue for the killing of members of a group based on colour, race, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

Section 319 deals with publicly stirring up or inciting hatred against an identifiable group based on colour, race, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

It is illegal to communicate hatred in a public place by telephone, broadcast or through other audio or visual means. The same section protects people from being charged with a hate crime if their statements are truthful or the expression of a religious opinion.

The mischief section, 430, covers hate-motivated mischief and religious property in subsection 4.1.

It provides for harsher sentences than mischief involving other property. Bill C-451, introduced in the last parliament, would have added schools, community centres, daycares and other property to 4.1. However, the bill died with the election call.

The section of the code on sentencing (718.2) encourages judges to consider whether the crime was motivated by hate of the victim's race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation or any other similar factor.

Under section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act it is a "discriminatory practice" to send hate messages via telecommunications equipment,
Vindictive or defending the church?
Comment by Karen on 3rd July 2013
I am greatly saddened by the decision that has been forced on Merv and Cindy to close The Daily. Many, including me, did not always agree with some or much of what was written but free speech should always be met with an open mind and a desire for the reader to search for their own truths - and that goes for any writings - rather than blindly accepting another's interpretation.

I really wish Father Terry had handled his end of the disagreements in a manner more fitting to his stature. It would have been far more preferable to read an intelligent response to Merv's take on some very sensitive issues, so the reader could derive their own interpretation, rather than this attack on one's means of living.

Merv has a tendency to hit many reader's funny bone, and he may not always be the most couth with his handling of our responses, but he always allows us to express our views without undue sensor.

Interfering in the advertising revenue of the Terrace Daily has harmed not only Merv and Cindy but all those who enjoyed some lively debate on important topics, a chance to experience differing views and the incentive to remain involved in issues affecting us all.

Vindictiveness can never be construed as Christian quality.

The Christian Way
Comment by Brian Vanderlip on 3rd July 2013
After all the vitriolic exchanges, Merv's 'slightly' heavy handed pen makes if difficult for soft-shelled folk to support him... and yet we are sorely lacking in this country for folk exactly like Merv who are brave enough to refuse candy-coating the news. If Father Terry read his own Bible with any honest heart, he would move out of his own house now and offer the key to Merv. Then and only then might I become curious enough to enter his church. Christians of the Christ figure are very rare.... all the rest wear the clothes of denomination and bully others.
Hey Student
Comment by Anonymous on 3rd July 2013
You must be a pretty bad student, especially reading comprehension as you would have noticed this is a blog now and not a news source....What part of mwpr in the address bar was too hard for you to understand?

Humiliate a respectable man? Tell me what kind of respectable man uses his title of father to deprive a man of his right to free speech in a democratic society. Oh yes real respectable.

The coward didnt even have the guts to talk face to face with Merv like a man and address what was said and instead went to advertisers like the bully he in fact is.

Let me take a guess. Your a catholic school student.

Take some helpful advice. Invest in a butt plug when attending any catholic run institution.
Maggie Jo
Comment by Anonymius on 3rd July 2013
Maggie, Alex Jones just called & he wants you to lay off the conspiracy theories since thats his domain.

Also I have a serious question. Are you mentally ill or just extremely stupid?

Judging from the fact your name is Maggie Jo I safely assume your folks met at a family reunion.
Cyber bullying
Comment by Student on 2nd July 2013
When does news stop becoming news and start becoming an attack on somebody. This isn't a news worthy post. This is a complaint that belongs on a blog. I hope that your song does not follow in your foot steps and take lessons from somebody who can so easily attack an publicly humiliate a respectable man. From a young adults perspective I believe news should be shocking and it should be fact or credible theories. Bringing personal beliefs or morals into a professional workspace is childish and inappropriate.

I hope you find peace with yourself and the choice you made because ultimately it is you who has to live with the reprecutions of your words.
Comment by maggie jo Johnson on 2nd July 2013
I'm beginning to think this might be a mere publicity stunt to stir up the Community in efforts to gain much needed fundraising (as was previously pleaded for to no avail in efforts to keep TD alive).

Unfortunately, it is at the cost of the reputation of a man of excellent character.


2+2 = 4.

3+3 = 6.

This plus that ='s hmmmmmmmmm.....

Hats off to Merv. He's quite the sly one, heh? I predict TD will NOT shut down after all....and he'll suddenly get a ton of extra financial support as a result of this article.

Quite a very clever trick. No?
Is the London Times wrong too?...
Comment by not a christian.. on 2nd July 2013
Catholic Cult Members
Comment by Anonymous on 2nd July 2013
Does the truth hurt you catholics?

Are you really mad at Merv because he offended you or because everything he said was factual and the truth.

Your priests and bishops keep getting charged and arrested for bringing unspeakable harm to societies most vunerable, Our children.

They did so under the guise of being a figure of trust, love & caring and then committing the greatest of betrayals.

Merv is correct. Any catholic who stands by and says nothing and makes excuses for these crimes is a sub human troll worthy of scorn over and over.

The catholic church is responsible for the greatests crimes ever perpetrated on humanity and yet the human species still produces enough idiots and weaklings so fearful of death that they turn to the imaginary and use it like a crutch for their mental handicap just like an alcoholic or drug addict.

The very book the old testament is nothing but a long and detailed account of an angry and vengeful god who kills the very people he claims to love and kill them in the millions and even drowns all life on the planet at one point.

Christianity and Religion Have Caused More Deaths Than Anything Else in History.

But yep Merv is the bad guy for posting truth.

Comment by Anonymous on 2nd July 2013
alleged abuses of the Bishops and Priests of the Catholic Clergy...

Hey retard have you been living under a rock.
Yes you have since these abuses are not alleged they are fact.

How many bishops and priests have been arrested now for molestation? I f**cking lost count.

Oh wait they paid out millions in compensation so its okay right.

They must have hired some of Michael Jacksons former PR and legal team to make that bullshit sell.

Comment again Dick I cant wait.
Pope Francis Says Catholic Church's Credibility at Stake Due
Comment by Anon on 2nd July 2013

That is the title of the article on the

Merv your a good guy, and deserve better!
Comment by Anon on 2nd July 2013

Your a great guy and deserve better! The people of Terrace clearly are not interested in Truth. The fact is that most are running for the rent each month, and those who do well certainly never benefit from the truth. We all know this to be true. Perhaps there are other ways someone as talented as you can champion your cause?
Intolerance breeeds intolerance
Comment by Beatnuck on 2nd July 2013
In a stunningly offensive act of intolerance, the Terrace Daily wrote untrue, far-fetched nonsense about the new Pope and alleged abuses of the Bishops and Priests of the Catholic Clergy, and then wondered why all their advertisers pulled out.

Not to worry, Kevin Annett will save the day. He will crush the evil-doers and shine the truth for all to see. He is the most powerful man on earth. Some would say he is the Messiah.
Comment by Anonymous on 2nd July 2013
What an utter imbecile you are.

Oh no I posted my e-mail with my comment and now the scary people will come and get me for my opinion.

Will the catholics come after me or will you Roy? still wanna play army man I see. Here let me give you a one finger salute for your service.

Guy Fawkes is the symbol for Anonymous in this day and age and know all too well what he stood for and what he means nowadays.

As for your participation on this site and how you stopped you are such a pathetic hypocrite as you constantly return to gloat live a depraved loser.

Go back to Alberta with all the other rednecks and take your lousy wood works with you.

I am sick and tired of you albertans coming to this region and dropping the average IQ of the majority in this region by a point or 2 every year. Texas wannabes who want to come here and pollute our environment and minds.
Yes, Go Global!
Comment by anon on 2nd July 2013
Do it Merv
Go global
Comment by Terry on 2nd July 2013
Go to crowdfunding . Crowdsourcing . Not everyone would approve of a catholic priest destroying freedom of speech . Write bill maher . A great headline would be . Catholic priest destroys local newspaper and bankrupts journalist and family making them homeless . You could make him famous and should . It's already spreading on Facebook . Bill maher and his show real time would love your story . He just loves to shine a light on the cockroaches in our society . It is no wonder that the fastest growing sector of religion is atheism .
Final Comment
Comment by Sylvia on 2nd July 2013
Hi Merv:

All I can say is, your heart is in the right place and you are blessed to help others, not hinder others, it is rare to find such qualities in another human being.

All your relevant posts dealing with Enbridge and the other greedy corporations, you helped in more ways than one, you exposed First Nations governance style, you exposed many things that we are so fortunate to have read.

Once again, wherever you and your spouse go, you are both going to enjoy life, no doubt about it, keep the faith, one day, we will look back and say, so that is what he talked and care about.

Have a good one.
If Anyone can help, what we really need is a home
Comment by Merv and Cindy on 2nd July 2013
We do not plan to leave the area or stop reporting on the issues that affect all peoples of all political spectrums. However, without a place to reset up the offices (we had 8 desks set up with numerous filing systems and computers), we will continue to face some difficulties.

Ideally we need a small acreage, even bare land with a water source that we can build on (Merv was previously a general contractor and home builder in the Shuswap), a place where we will not have to go through this again.

As we have put every dime into the Terrace Daily to continue we do not have a lot of money and as our monthly income has been greatly reduced, we would do better with a lease to purchase arrangement. Moving again is not an option we wish to consider.

As for the acrimony expressed, it is what is expected from a polarized society, such as our main media have perpetrated by have two sides always claiming the other is the devil incarnate ie. Liberals/NDP in BC.

Our commentaries are specifically designed to provoke. It is common knowledge; if you do not get people emotionally engaged they do not remember or learn. Either make them laugh, cry or get angry. We use all these methods to provoke the general community to become more engaged in the local affairs, again, something so sadly lacking these days. This is evident by the council chambers being virtually empty when they debate our collective future.

For over six years we brought details of City Council and the Regional District to our readers attention, covering the more disturbing activities. It wasn't profitable, but then the truth seldom is.

Thanks to all for the good words, and to those who offer critiques, we appreciate that too, we learn from all perspectives (we are emotionally engaged here). And a special thanks to all those advertisers who supported the Terrace Daily since January 2007. - And those who supported the various publication incarnations we assisted in promoting, The Northwest This Week, The Regional Report, The Terrace Daily and The Funnies Extra along with the various 'coffee times circulars.

As we finishing moving everything into storage the postings here may be scarce. But we will be continuing to cover the issues.

The story we want to write today, but too busy, is the Cairo, Egypt situation. Why is no one asking who pays for the Military, the generals who are claiming they will intervene? Who is paying for the fuel for the helicopters to fly around in circles. These choppers are not cheap to fly. Which country/Bank is telling the generals they will get more money to take over Egypt?

The Terrace Daily is the only site...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 2nd July 2013
...where comments slamming the writer/editor are allowed to be posted regularly without editing. That alone makes it very unique. It often made me wonder why Merv allowed such vicious comments directed at himself but he didn't hide his reaction either. On local issues it was always refreshing to have someone "call it like they see it". You didn't have to agree; you just had to think.
Para Bull By Anno Moose
Comment by Roy Harding on 2nd July 2013
I think you've missed the target here.

Speaking for myself only - I have never claimed to be a Christian - and don't make that claim now. I long ago decided that religion (of ANY stripe or colour) held no answers or interest for me.

Read my original comments below - I stopped participating on this site LONG before Merv's perceived persecution by a local priest.

And while we're at it - for "Anonymous" - it's not too smart to have your email address available for all and sundry if you wish to truly remain anonymous. I'd be interested to know if you even have an inkling of who Guy Fawkes actually was, and what he did?
From the inbox - Terrace Daily
Comment by Mike on 2nd July 2013
Truly a pathetic shame that people would be influenced at all by something as mediocre as the church. With cracks in their press releases over the years to cover up scandals and lies, so large one could drop the grid of Terrace through these cracks. For a local Father to speak out to protect a church to harm a local business in such a manner does not embody what the Catholic Church is to represent. Do the words freedom of speech mean nothing Such acts are the opposite of what original scripture reads and speaks volume of the credibility of Father Terry. I don’t read or care for small town news all that much; but good luck on your future endeavors.
Cheers, Mike
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 2nd July 2013

The Daily was the closest thing the tax payers of this area had for accountability.

While I think there was a bias and a bias not due to the content but the way it was worded. By example If you're wrong there was a level of defamation that can happen and that's irreversible. The anonymous comments provided lots of speculation and some of which wasn't factual and there's no doubt to the rumors there. Lots of people were pretty pissed off.

Having said that, if you want accountability it needs to be both ways. I am honestly surprised the Daily was never taken to court... Maybe there's a fear of truth holding some people back or maybe some people are simply wayy too pissed nor care to proceed in a civil suit. I think it's a lack of caring as explained by voter turnout? Defamation and damages can be tough to prove and as you've mentioned your pockets aren't very deep.

You likely need a break. Terrace is and always has been a VERY opinionated town. You either get use to it and not care, or do what others do, they move.

For all the right things you've done, I think we're closer to accountability than we ever were and for that I thank you.
Don't let anyone bully you!
Comment by MS on 2nd July 2013
Sorry to hear this. If you shut down you're letting the one's who bullied you win! My husband & I read Terrace Daily daily. You're the only one we can count on for news. Please reconsider. If not, we'll miss you very much!
Comment by Anno Moose on 2nd July 2013
"And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."
- King James Bible - Matthew 25, Verse 40

If Father Terry has truly taken away Merv's ability to sustain his family, he certainly has nothing to fear on this mortal coil for everyone rushes to his rescue.

However, as the parable above points out, Terry may be worried as he has now he has taken away God's income as well...

I wonder how many of the people adding insult to injury by rubbing it in or attacking a man who has just lost everything will claim to be Christian.

Just saying...

Maybe you should check out the parable of the good Samaritan...
Comment by A Fellow Human Being on 2nd July 2013
All i have learned about religion is that it is created so we can psychologically and socially function. We human beings created religion in order to psychologically and socially function. The bible written by the poets of the day is an old book that can't possibly relate to this actual present day on the earth. All grown up minds know this to be TRUE. What i have found out about religion is it is based on terrorism: if you dont do this ... you are going to hell, this makes no angelic or common sense to me. The ministry of angels make sense when we care and love one another on this planet we breathe and stand on and the more angels that point this out when we are not loving one another or the earth, the better our lives will be. You be the judge on who art the angel and who be the ... there is no devils or evil, it just is .... merely bad human behaviour. We must survive as human beings, not as gods or angels as we are merely human beings first and foremost. Foregiveness is only deserved and given when the bully admits to the victim they have hurt the victim otherwise the bully will continue to be a bully because he / she thinks he / she is allowed to bully.
All relationships are based on power, and power is energy, so power can dissappear as fast as it was created. Unless that power can sustain its energy and that is dependent on how strong the fear mongering is in a person's mind, it has nothing to do with love.
Comment by Paul van der Meer on 1st July 2013
How many followers believe this commentary as fact because Merv says it is so. No journalism here, just his usual rant against the world because he has been done wrong by. Reading between the lines (because that is where the truth probably exists), I believe Merv lost his advertisers due to his own controversies, self created. And those who support his journalism obviously did not step up when he begged for financial support a few months ago. As a result, he probably was unable to pay rent, so was evicted. Nothing illegal or immoral there. But to target Father Terry with nothing to back that up, other than "I heard" and "Someone said" and to then make threats that encite further threats simply shows Merv's real character. Merv, you were the creator of your own demise, step up and admit it, and apologize to those you have accused, for your own mistakes. And please learn from them. I wish you well in the future.
Comment by Anonymous on 1st July 2013

I would never talk to the likes of you. You sicken me.
Comment by Marylin Davies on 1st July 2013
Merv, I want to go on record to say that you have always treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy as a councillor and as a member of the community. did we always agree? Of course not! We met shortly after you came to town and you asked me to write a tribute to Councillor Richard McDaniel. I said "yes, if you don't change my words". You were true to your word.
I will not be joining the harrangue of sudden experts 5elling you what you did wrong. I simple want to say, , I believe in speaking about people as I know them. God luck and may the sun be always at your back.
Rise again Merv , rise again .
Comment by Terry on 1st July 2013
Like the Stan Rogers song goes . the Mary Ellen carter rise again . And to that catholic douchbag . I cannot speak its name for it makes me sick . Silence is not golden . Give Stan a listen he will help your mind to fight again Merv .
I wonder...
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 1st July 2013
...if Father Terry ever dreamed how successful his little vendetta would be - if he really meant to shut down the Daily's and take the livelihood from that many people?

I always thought that the basic freedoms were fought and paid for during the World Wars - freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom to live and go to school, to earn a living and raise a family in this great country of ours. We are reminded of that every November 11th! But maybe some of us need to be reminded more often!

And it is a disgrace when these freedoms are taken away. We all know Merv has been ranting about people who have been exploited and had their rights and freedoms taken in many ways, and his repayment is to have his own rights and freedom to express himself and to have a home and earn a living taken. Is this right? But as a previous poster also pointed out, he has also printed lots of valuable information which the mainstream media chooses to ignore.

I am truly sorry that this has happened and I will miss the reports Merv brings us about various goings on that the MSM doesn't report! I wish it could be changed, but I am doubtful. All the best to Merv and Cynthia. We'll miss you!
Comment by mbw on 1st July 2013
Would anonymous please reveal them self?
Please and thank you very much. Then we can talk.
What a bummer!
Comment by Bob Wiley of The Mud Report on 1st July 2013
Too bad, loved to read your articles, agree with them or not. While you're on your summer tour check out Powell River. Lottsa great folks here with lottsa strong opinions, you'd fit right in.

Drop me a line at the Mud Report if you're heading this way, got a big front yard at the hideout in Black Point south of town, you could camp in for awhile and check out the place. Powell River could use a 'real' daily news source that says what it thinks.

In any event thanks for all your effort and Happy Trails.

Bob Wiley and Pancho the wonder dog

Dont Feel Bad Merv
Comment by Anonymous on 1st July 2013
This is a blessing in disguise and I say that even though I am an atheist.

The world is a far more different and frankly alot more stupid than when you first started and that really shows in the comments here.

You dont need to deal any longer with these dummies who are now part of the Facebook culture of endless dramatics and endless emotion and being offended.

When it comes to the world around us people always get what they deserve whether its from the leaders they elect, the media they consume, and the religion they follow.

The bad guys won. The world has laid down and waved the white flag of defeat and now the next generation will suffer cause of it.

You Merv were one of the last few to stand against this and warn us. Now there is almost no one left.

This generation of seniors has failed the world with greed, ignorance and evil.

It will be up to a new generation to rise up and fix what is ruined after these seniors age and mother nature discards them like the feces they are.

Rest now and dont look back. You did what you could.

& Father Terry you have failed as a man and as a priest.

You hurt a man and his family, You played a part in taking away a service that for many years did so much good and helped the community of Terrace in so many ways and for helping to take it away you
show me you are no man of god, You sir are satan himself.

You wrote a letter not too long ago where you talked about visiting the Enbridge office in Kitimat and how you picked up a container and found it was leaking.

I assume you are against the Enbridge pipeline then because of the potential of an oil spill and the devastation that could cause in this region.

Well Father Jackass, there has been only one man and one news source that has been on top of the Enbridge story and brought all the news and coverage they could and documented the issue and did more to help locals understand the threat it poses and because of one critical article towards the church you lashed out and put the nail in the coffin for this news media and the good work it had done.

You helped rob people of information they need and for this you are no man of god, You sir are a jackass and did the devils work.

Hand in your collar. You arent fit to be a priest any longer.
So sorry to hear Merv
Comment by Stacey on 1st July 2013
Really sorry to hear this, though we don't always agree, I have always appreciated your addition to getting and keeping the people of our community informed.

Your site forced the standard to go online and update regularly instead of letting us suffer with week old news.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I know the hours were long and rarely appreciated.
Not unexpected
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 1st July 2013
Sad to say this Merv but it's all about your delivery. Many of your rants were a tad over the top even if your intentions were dead on. I for one stated this to you in the past. I felt it was only a matter of time that your own bite was gonna get you in your own ass. Sad to see your contributions silenced, however, I feel if you could have softened your tone a bit you still would have been here to keep 'em on their toes. Live and learn in all walks of life Merv.
law of the universe
Comment by mbw on 1st July 2013
I echo the words of Maggie Jo, Olaf and Roy.

Merv, attacking others is not journalism. I suspect the law of the universe - what you give out comes back three times over - has caught up with you.

I am a non-practicing Catholic and I have been profoundly offended by your attacks against this faith, and at specific individuals. Fr. Terry is not the enemy, nor are the good and kind Catholics who live in our lovely community.

I wish you well, and I pray that there will be lessons learned from this that will open your heart and mind to others who may not behave or think like you.

All the best and take good care,
I am not surprised
Comment by Maureen on 1st July 2013
So done in by capitalism after all. At the end of the day the demands for advertising - -and ethics finally won out. You can blame everyone and everything for this demise but really if you sow hatred, intolerance and venom people will eventually leave you. I just hope you can find some peace in this life, and some measure of happiness.
I am not surprised
Comment by Maureen on 1st July 2013
So done in by capitalism after all. At the end of the day the demands for advertising - -and ethics finally won out. You can blame everyone and everything for this demise but really if you sow hatred, intolerance and venom people will eventually leave you. I just hope you can find some peace in this life, and some measure of happiness.
Just a thought.
Comment by Helmut on 1st July 2013
The relationship between cause and effect is always more clearly noticed by the person who experiences the effect. It is hardly ever noticed by a passive observer or one who may be the cause.

The real reason???
Comment by maggie jo Johnson on 1st July 2013
Could the REAL reason you are shutting down be from when you challenged readers to dare to report you to the Hate Speech Tribunal a # of months ago?
Why do you let them win?
Comment by Sylvia on 1st July 2013
Like David and Goliath, you are David you Goliath are all the corrupt leaders, some so called Christians who hide behind their cloaks, we are no longer in the dark.

All I can say is, you did an awesome job, join WikiLeaks, people like to hear the truth but when it comes time to own up, the sheep hide and say they know nothing about it.

I know that you are one of the most honest and down to earth persons in the Terrace area, you will not stop, whereever you may go, you will always write the truth, some people need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Thanks for all the posts that you allowed on this site when I was a watchdog for our government, it meant alot to me, Terrace Standard would not touch my articles as they had no balls. I guess we are going to miss you and I give you all of my blessings in life, have a wonderful summer and peace be with you.

Friends forever.
You Fought The Good Fight
Comment by Roy Harding on 1st July 2013
... but Merv - you started to lose it a couple of years ago.

Where once I could come to this site and read a different, non-corporate view of what was going on, a couple of years ago you gave in to the temptation to be a shrill Casandra.

You stopped simply reporting the news that others wouldn't, and began making vitriolic and biased attacks on institutions and persons with whom you disagree. This particular "goodbye" article is a case in point.

Your site became such a vipers nest of reactionism and vitriol that I pulled my ad and stopped commenting on its pages. I DID, however, continue to contribute $10.00 a month to it, as I felt that you were at least attempting to provide an alternative source of news - a source which occasionally gave an insightful alternative view as compared with the mainstream press. I'd be interested to know how many of your regular commentators were also subscribers - I doubt that many supported you financially - as you said in the article "the masses have turned to Facebook", and that, of course, is "free".

Unfortunately - you continued the downward spiral, and eventually the site became nothing more than a meeting place for conspiracy theorists.

Today I stopped my monthly contribution - just as you stopped the pretence of being a "news" source.

Should you eventually decide to start an online presence such as you had in 2007 - 2010, I'd be ready to financially support you once again.

In the meantime - you fought the good fight, I'm sure it was exhausting, and I wish you and your family well.
Comment by maggie jo Johnson on 1st July 2013 often tend to rant before you think. Your article is clearly littered with perceived you attempt to find a scapegoat to explain to readers why Terrace Daily is shutting down. Fr Terry does not need to 'explain' himself to you...nor do advertisers need to be bullied into an explanation why they no longer support your cause. They are big boys and girls and can make up their own minds who they wish to support or not. You're blaming the demise of Terrace Daily on Fr Terry?! And you're challenging Fr Terry over to explain himself to you as if you're God?! Good grief. After this article he'll need a Security Guard for his own safety! If he suddenly goes 'missing'...I can guarantee you will be the first suspect of interest with what you have posted this date.

I have known Fr Terry before he even became a priest and in all these years he has never pressured me to do anything to complement his views. I have not always agreed with him, but he is a man of respect and integrity and I am very proud to know him.

While I do wish you peace and prosperity in your future endeavors, I am tiring of how you group all Catholics together like they are all going to hell. I am tiring of reading how you group all RCMP together like they are all going to hell. Your hate speech is offensive, and in all honesty is a crime in itself according to our Canadian Laws.

Oh. And Happy Birthday, Canada.
Sorry to hear this.
Comment by Helmut on 1st July 2013
On the brighter side, I guess burning at the stake is no longer considered an option by your detractors. Or even trial by fire is not in vogue any more. Since force and intimidation has always been considered by the "self righteous" as an option, they only get to apply it in subtle ways.

Best wishes Merv and Cynthia!
Comment by Barbara A. Emery on 1st July 2013
Merv. Sorry to see you leave. I always read your column and have enjoyed it. Enjoy your time away and maybe you will return at a later date.
merv and cynthia
Comment by barb krause on 1st July 2013
I will certainly be sad to see u two go, where and who else will have the balls to speak up and tell the truth. A lot of us do not have all the info, And certainly not with just one onewspaper a week in Terrace, which tells us very little. You have exposed a lot of crap that went on and is ongoing with in the white, and aboriginal community. Mind u it doesn't hinder them one iota. What can I say some have NO shame. Will miss u2. But enjoy your break it is well deserved.
Sad but not surprised
Comment by Olaf Borgersteen on 1st July 2013
Hi Merv,

Long time lurker/reader. I am sad to see you go but I can't say I am surprised. You are very opinionated and that is a good thing, but you are also very biased. You are a racist who distorts reality all the time. You have nothing good to say about whites, and nothing bad to say about indians. In your mind whites are the root of all evil and indians are perfect, it must suck carrying around that much hate towards yourself and others. Sure there is racism in the NW, it comes from both sides and if you use past behaviour to justify racism everyone can and will stay racist forever. All you do is magnify one side of it while completely ignoring the other and pretending you're being fair and balanced.

If you actually listened to practicing Catholics and the teachings of the bible instead of carrying around anger and hate you would focus on forgiveness and understanding, something you do not show for Catholics. The Catholic Church has a lot to answer for and progress is slow. You shouldn't be surprised when you attack and insult any organized religion that their members will not want to support you. The fact you were able to eke out a living here before attacking an entire faith system should tell you something; those who practiced this faith were your biggest supporters until you summarily defecated all over them.

I liked some of your articles Merv but the reason your support has eroded isn't a conspiracy, it's your own prejudice and bigotry which is ugly and scares people away.
Comment by Terry on 1st July 2013
Leave a list of the businesses that helped this religious terry person to silence the truth . I would like to vote with my dollar . I shall never by another KoC raffle ticket or any other catholic anything for the rest of my life . They are scum .
"Perhaps this is not such a good day to die" Chief Dan Geor
Comment by ron wilton on 1st July 2013
This is a bad day for Terrace.

This is another bad day for British Columbia.

This is an especially bad day for real journalism.

A true voice from the wilderness that was heard far and wide silenced by the forces of ignorance, greed, corruption and envy.

Under the present regimes, this is a very bad day for Canada.

The time to make things right is now.
Cross Posted
Comment by Gary Edwards on 1st July 2013
Merv, I have cross posted this at How Bad Is The Record with my own personal take.
I'm sorry to see the Terrace Daily go. Hopefully you can at least carry on as a Blogger.
Take care and keep us posted my friend.
Very Sad News
Comment by C. Arnold on 1st July 2013
This is very sad news indeed. I appreciate the role you've played over all these years here in Terrace Merv. It really was something that was missing.

Shame of Father Terry and his Church and those advertisers who were so quickly and easily manipulated.

I appreciated your interest and passion for our community and willingness to talk to everyone. I remember after I posted a story about being terribly ripped off by a ruthless roofing company a few years ago and suffering major damage to our home as a result, you actually came to my house, climbed up on my roof and gave some advice and even offered to help fix it!

It's very sad news indeed. All the best for your family.
And If You Don't Think It's true - Come By The House
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 1st July 2013
We are still packing, lots of stuff for sale, desks, chairs furniture, computer cables, tables, TV's, books etc etc - Yup - we're done we're gone.

Everything is going into storage and we are leaving for the summer.

Seven years of solitary effort has to be enough eh?

We love Terrace, just some of the people who run the place are putrid.

Wanna buy something, funny enough, we live just half a block from the catholic institution of destitution, 4815 Hamer.

We should be gone by the end of today.

And if you want to know more, I'm known for talking my face off!

And Yeah Terry - You Can Come And Explain Yourself Too! Get ready for an Earful.