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CONTRIBUTION · 14th June 2013
Dave B
If our Premier "in waiting" does get her way with the 5 criteria for "her" blessing on the Enbridge pipeline one thing (if this disaster ever happens) is she/they need a very rude awakening as to the "financial benefits" that BC will "enjoy" and who wears the terrible results of a guaranteed failure in the system and response.

The north wears all the risks, the devastation for ever (not just a few years or one generation but FOREVER).

All "benefits" (if there are any) from this mis-conceived veture should be returned to those that bear the consequences!

We are being lead into a lull of/by the government that should be listening to us and doing what is best for all of us, BS - - we're being fed a PR scam that "they" are addressing "our concerns" - they're looking out for their financial backers but give the "Princess in Waiting" the benefit of the doubt - just get off our collective asses and scream loud and clear when the final result comes in - or better yet - let those in Kelowna that you know about it's our corner of the world that's at risk!

We've already seen the "Families First" concept go down the tubes way back, charge elderly for wheel chairs when their tax dollars over many years supported the Victoria mafia and now work upon tearing further apart an education system "they support" although a private school is more in line with "some" peoples best interest.

Even though they were given a 4 year mandate to con inue doing what they are very well versed in -helping themselves and who's connected with them they are still accountable to us - the citizens of this Province