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COMMENTARY · 3rd July 2013
Merv Ritchie
It is all too familiar a story, the RCMP set up a plot and use it for economic and political gain. In this case it facilitates a win for Christy and new laws to facilitate the crude oil pipeline to Kitimat.

Just like the last election of Harper and various other games of fear and terror, the RCMP and internationalists play the public like puppets.

The RCMP say they knew about this since February and supplied the explosive materials, yet they waited and facilitated the entire scene for a major media show. And to provide Clark a geat free media op for her West Kelowna election bid.

What could be better? Now she also gets to enact new anti terror laws to stop all protests and infiltrate those opposed to Enbridge and LNG terminals and pipelines..

We trust the intelligence of the voters in West Kelowna will see through this blatant miscarriage of truth.

We have wrote how the RCMP were proven to have done the only oil well shack bombing in Alberta in an attempt to frame Weibo Ludwig, staged the inserection and Gustophsen Lake and were the prime reason behind the deaths of their own at Mayerthorpe, Alberta.

Read here these details and more.

Please, don’t let this fake terror plot destroy what little dignity we have left in BC and Canada.

Help wake up the residents of West Kelowna!

The Mainstream media keep playing this up as a serious incident when the RCMP set up a couple who were likely trash talking in a bar, then supplied the plan and the materials, then waited for the prime moment to achieve maximum benefit for economic gain.

What would happen if Christy lost? She would run again? Maybe lose enough times to lose the Liberal majority?

The political elite are pulling every string they have to ensure she wins and the RCMP CSIS and Terror are the best tools in their box, besides the Main media channels, who we all know work for profit, not public interest.
conspiracy theories
Comment by blocky bear on 7th July 2013
coming at you daily... as usual common sense should dictate. Unfortunately there are many that do not have that faculty. For myself, on this latest Christy Clark crappola I endorse Helmut`s comments. d.b.
Comment by Paul Repstock on 5th July 2013
,,,Bryan; You appear to be the one in denial or just a gov shill.
The indictments clearly show a date of March 2, 2013... These people were not planting bombs on July 1, 2013!
Conspiracy theories? Not always.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 5th July 2013
It is easy to find a few discussion on the subject on the internet. Here are some excerpts: ( in quotation marks)

"Conspiracy theories as a general category are not necessarily wrong. In fact as the cases of Watergate and the Iran-Contra affair illustrate, small groups of powerful individuals do occasionally seek to affect the course of history, and with some non-trivial degree of success. "

"A conspiracy theory that has been proven (for example, that President Nixon and his aides plotted to disrupt the course of justice in the Watergate case) is usually called something else—investigative journalism, or just well-researched historical analysis."

Or how about the assertion that Saddam had WMD's and was prepared to use them. That was a conspiracy theory that was promoted to advance a certain action and later found to be false. I would be willing to suggest that there were reporters who didn't believe it at the time.

"There is no sound method for distinguishing warranted conspiracy theories (say, those explaining Watergate) from those which are unwarranted (say, theories about extraterrestrials abducting humans)"

"Because the term conspiracy theory has been used in the media to denote grand conspiracy theories involving hundreds or thousands of people as well as plausible things, such as Nazis themselves started the Reichstag fire, there has been some effort by a few scholars to denote those conspiracy theories that are plausible from those that are irrational-delusional-paranoid ramblings."

I suggest that passage of time and good investigation is the best way to determine what is and what is not a conspiracy. What is plausible but not proven today and considered a conspiracy theory may be one day be just the result of investigative journalism.

Just because I don't concern myself with too much that I can't change today, does not mean that those who do, are misguided.

Natural curiosity is looking for reasons when things don't make sense. Some have a greater curiosity than others.
Merv is on track:
Comment by KITSUMKALUM FIRST NATION on 5th July 2013
The day the news broke out about Terror Plot at the Legislature, allot of questions were raised.

CBC news media had "CSIS" talking about the issue. CSIS the news spokesperson said it wasn't a Terror Plot. He informed the RCMP on other hand informed it was Terror Plot the investigation continues.

Then on further reports such as "CBC National". There report was informing public that RCMP new about the Terror Plot and allowed this to continue, so they can gather
"Intelligence" to learn about the Terror Plot.

How ever, the people who played a role in this friends are "saying there is no way they could have pulled this off".

Many different stories around this subject, and not a very clear.

As for the "Conspiracy Comments"..Well from watching this story unfold?

Who planted the devices "Which were disarmed? If the devices were planted on Canada Day who planted them? Why was it after Canada Day everyone learned about it?

Another strange question?

So many questions not enough answers.

As for Christy Clark. There is allot of people upset with current Liberal Status. The Liberal's pay hikes and scandals continue haunt there 12 year agenda.

So may be its a conspiracy to make "Radio Talk Show Host" non Lawyer Educated Degree Christi Clark play apart in a Conspiracy?

Why Not:

The whole entire North America Continent 21st Generation is a sleep by Emotional Mobile Media Driven Information: Creating a numb society!
conspiracy galore
Comment by Bryan on 3rd July 2013
and NASA never went to the moon, and the Earth is flat.....

It is really to bad that you stopped being a site for local news and information and became

and you wonder why people turned away.

and when someone disagrees with your opinion they are wrong, or worse, ignorant.
False Flag Bombers....
Comment by devoted reader on 3rd July 2013
They arrested them in MARCH - Search Traffic/Criminal run the names.. 198990-1 1 02-Mar-2013 CCC - 465(1)(c) Conspiracy to commit indictable offence Commit KORODY, AMANDA Marie/ NUTTALL, JOHN Stewart Surrey BC 198990-1 2 02-Mar-2013 CCC - 83.19 knowingly facilitate a terrorist activity Commit KORODY, AMANDA Marie/ NUTTALL, JOHN Stewart Surrey BC 198990-1 3 25-Jun-2013 CCC - 83.2 makes/has in his possession explosive substance

Police in Canada have arrested and charged a man and woman with terrorism for attempting to leave pressure cooker bombs at British Columbia’s provincial legislature on Canada Day, when thousands of people were expected to be there.

John Stewart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody were inspired by al-Qaida ideology but were self-radicalized, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Assistant Commissioner James Malizia said Tuesday. He called it a domestic threat without international connections.


They arrested them in MARCH – Search Traffic/Criminal

run the names..

198990-1 1 02-Mar-2013 CCC – 465(1)(c) Conspiracy to commit indictable offence Commit KORODY, AMANDA Marie/ NUTTALL, JOHN Stewart Surrey BC
article here

It turned out, of course, that the bombs had been disabled by the police before they were placed on the grounds.