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COMMENTARY · 14th July 2013
It is only by the grace of God the residents of Terrace have not been burnt, either through the center of Town or on both sides of the Skeena River. It is also merely by the grace of God that the extremely poisonous and explosive substance transported hasn't spilled and caused permanent nerve and brain damage to the majority of the residents.

Maybe the recent tragedy in Lac Megantic will provide some impetus to the impotent leadership in Northwest BC.

We warned of this eventuality in March 2012

The CN Rail line between Terrace and Kitimat is atrocious and carries condensate for the Tarsands. This product is the nerve gas which caused all the health issues after the Michigan (Kalamazoo) oil spill of Tarsands Dilbit. Dilbit is short for Diluted Bitumen.

As one former CN employee stated; “Can you imagine hauling this poison crossing wooden bridges that cross creeks and swamps on the Kitimat sub? Every time I crossed them in the last years of my career I felt them rise and fall into the clay I would try my best to think of something else so I wouldn't shit my pants. Imagine wooden bridges in 2012 in Canada, honorary member of the third world.”

The Diluent, also known as Condensate, is a by-product of wet Natural Gas Wells such as the one the militants seized in Algeria. It is commonly called ‘White Gas but is known for containing a variety of substances including; hydrogen sulfide, methanol, ethynol, cyclohexane, naphthene, benzene, toluene, xylenes, ethylbenzene, to name but a few substances.

When mixed, heated and pressurized, as would be required for any transport of the Tarsands bitumen product, either rail or pipe, the resulting new composition of elements, especially if atomized as in a pipeline leak or explosion, such as Lac Megantic, is a complete unknown factor. Except that it will not be good.

In either case, the product is already sitting in the center of Terrace, being transported almost daily, on a rail bed of death now.

Maybe our mayors will wait for the day they can express shock and dismay stating; ‘Jeeze, I had no idea, we must investigate why half of Terrace is brain dead, suffering from extreme nerve damage due to the toxic elements we have always had in Terrace.’

And CBC will drone on with mindless numbing talking heads asking pointless questions.

Astral Media, Black Press and CFNR will pretend they knew nothing too. They wouldn’t want to upset their revenue stream in exposing the inadequacies of all those business elite in their pocketbooks. The reporters will try but the management gets the veto, especially the sales people who depend on the bland, putrifying, pablum style coverage.

See more pictures and our coverage here and more here. Don’t forget to read the comments, especially from the other media types who expressed dismay at our coverage. They know where their bread is buttered.

And yes, it was a Lac Megantic wake up call. Bet our town stays Mega Asleep.
Comment by Larry on 18th July 2013
I have just heard from a very reliable source that there will no longer be any condensate moving via rail (or any other mode of transportation) from Kitimat, BC The contact has expired and will not be renewed.
What a mess....
Comment by Larry on 14th July 2013
Great article....the mayors of Terrace and Kitimat along with their respective councils should read this article and take action NOW. The rail line between Kitimat and Terrace is a joke and the product they are carrying scares the H..l out of me.

ps...the regional district shud also get off their backsides and take action too.