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COMMENTARY · 14th July 2013
The head of the local Terrace Catholic Church came by my home as we were finished packing and ready to drive off. We spent a good deal of time debating with each other.

I must confess I was rather harsh in my last writing regarding the actions of Father Terry and the Catholic Church. Not that I still don’t feel the same way, but I could have used less acrimonious language. The preacher man claimed he had nothing to do with the calls to our advertisers and stated he had no idea what the Terrace Daily had published though he had earlier stated someone had sent him the article.

This wasn’t the only contradiction he issued during our debate and also begs the question, ‘Why did he come see me?’

He arrived on his bicycle wearing a helmet with his collar undone. I saw him riding up the street from the direction of the Church as I was coming out of the home towards our packed bus. As I was climbing in I heard him call me. I came back out, saw his collar and outstretched hand for a greeting. I shook his hand as I stated, ‘Well you must be Father Terry, I’ve been wanting to talk to you.’

He correctly stated we had never met before and he asked why I had not spoken with him prior to attacking him. I stated we were the ones who were attacked by having all our advertisers threatened if they continued to advertise with us; almost all of our revenue taken away; our very livelihood attacked. But I did acknowledge I could have entered his Church building and found him personally, which I didn’t. He suggested as a reporter I should investigate further, ask the advertisers more questions on who called them and why they pulled their ads.

After he denied having anything to do with the calls to the local businesses he stated he could not tell his parishioners what to do. He went on a rather long explanation on how; like there are good Buddhists and others who commit crimes, like there are good Muslims and others who fly planes into buildings, there are also good Christians and not so good. He spoke of two brothers who, though he speaks to them of the same principles, they do not get along and act differently.

I patiently listened feeling like I was at a sermon.

I then described the hardship he, and if not himself as he claimed, then some of his congregation caused not just on us but on those who value the service and work provided by the Terrace Daily. I suggested that he had a duty to address this injustice and admonish those responsible. He again stated he could not tell his flock what to do. I became more animated and forceful.

‘Of course you cannot tell them what to do but these people come and sit to listen to you for moral guidance at least once a week. They listen to you week after week.’ I asked, ‘Is it not your job, your role, to make our community a more inclusive, welcoming, compassionate environment where families can live without fear of reprisals? Is this not one of your primary jobs representing God?’

He hesitantly acknowledged it was.

I continued to describe my role as a provocateur, one whose role I believed is to offer every political, religious and radical point of view, regardless of my own take, a forum. And how it was my role to use every method possible to encourage public participation; that which was now essentially taken away.

He reached out to shake my hand again stating he came in friendship and peace and wanted to leave the same way. I didn’t take his hand immediately. I asked him if he was going to consider the difficulties our family is facing and if he would address his assembly. He said he would.

I took his hand and held it while I admonished the actions of, if not him, his church going members. I thanked him for coming to speak with me personally but expressed my complete displeasure at the unjust actions.

In the following days I took Terry’s advise and did go to advertisers to ask further questions. Some got phone calls only and could not be certain who called, others stated it wasn’t Father Terry but a member of the Knights of Columbus.

The extensive list of comments on our initial story regarding this affair reveals some did not read the story, just the comments. The story was more about the manner in which media of all types are manipulated and restricted by outside forces which demand the only information provided to you, the public, is ‘approved’ information. Turns out the most influential group of all is the Catholics and their ‘Boys Club’. The Chamber of Commerce is powerful as well; just as are other groups, but combine faith and God with a group of bullies and I defy anyone to find a greater force.

This may be why the public has not been widely informed about the role of the Catholics in the Second World War horrors and the hiding of the SS members in Argentina, the new Popes Country, or his atrocious record on human rights and dignity. Today the media promotes his current actions as that of a great man, a man of unyielding compassion, when his past is far different.

To those who believe we lost advertisers due to our work, rest assured, we have emails advising of desired new ads and changes in the coming days and weeks prior to this adventure. Suddenly we were advised to cancel everything. To be completely fair, it is true, one advertiser had been talking about the reduction of redirects to their site from ours and was taking time to reconsider, but this was just one and they stated the call from the Catholics tipped the scale for them. Other advertisers loved the controversy and the thinking outside of the box, the opportunity for all to have a medium to express their angst. Our audience continued to grow and this is what is important to reasoned advertisers, how many people see their ad.

This is why it is very expensive to advertise in the National Enquirer, even though much of it is nonsense, people read it. That is what matters to an advertiser, the audience.

The Jesuits, the Knights of Columbus, Catholics and fake Catholics (Anglicans) are directly responsible for the most horrendous crimes and genocide the planet has ever endured. The Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast of BC were just the latest direct tragedy directly attributable to this group. It is the foundation of our coverage. The desire to destroy our revenue stream is their attempt to ensure you, the readers and public, do not hear the raw straight goods. They wish to have it all sugar coated like a truth and reconciliation commission without truth. It was the Jesuits and the Catholic Missionaries such as Rev. Sheepshanks and Dr. Helmken who facilitated and perpetrated the genocide on all BC Indian peoples. It was these church run schools who put healthy children into the beds of the sick children to help spread disease and kill them off. It was these church parishioners who used ever method at their disposal to ensure every last remnant of their ancient culture was destroyed completely.

Today they act as if it is a measure of charity how they help a few families escape their tragic existence. Some Indian families attend the churches in droves in an attempt to fit in and escape being an Indigenous person, having lost their own personal sense of pride in who they truly are. They even look down upon their own kind believing they, now being accepted into the Church, are somehow better than their own people who are not assimilated into the God culture. A much greater acknowledgement and a much greater retribution must be delivered than a hollow apology and a few shekels.

It was the same in Nazi Germany, the Jewish people pretended to be anything but Jews. They attended the Catholic Churches and became Christians just to escape the horrors they faced as being Jews. The German state was supported and run by Catholic men who today are referred to as Knights of Columbus in our present society.

To recap for our readers;
• Adolf Hitler (Roman Catholic) : There is so much to be said about the Fuëhrer's Catholicism there is an entire web page devoted to it at CatholicArrogance.Org/Catholic/Hitlersfaith.html.

• Fritz Thyssen (Roman Catholic) , the most important single financial and industrial supporter of Adolf Hitler from 1924 through 1939. In 1941 he had a part in writing a book about his financing of the Nazis called, "I paid Hitler". In 1940, he had written an important article in the Swiss Arbeiterzeitung entitled, "Pius XII, As Nuncio, Brought Hitler to Power." Thyssen's American banking partners, George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush, who had been helping to finance Hitler's rise to power since 1924 continued to do so for another three years, until the U.S. government closed them down for "supporting the enemy" in 1942. (See www.JesusNoRepublican.Org/about/bushfamily.html )

• Heinrich Himmler (Roman Catholic) was born October 7, 1900, as the son of a secondary school instructor and strict Roman Catholic. This mass murderer was brought up like young Hitler, as a devout Roman Catholic, and was careful to attend mass regularly.
"A man often seen as the very personification of evil. Heinrich Himmler was not only head of Hitler's SS police, but was also in charge of the death camps in the East. It was Heinrich Himmler who essentially laid the detailed plans for the Holocaust. From
"Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer of the SS, Gestapo and German police forces, seemed to be the one most impregnated by clericalism amongst the Catholic members of Hitler's entourage. His father had been director of a Catholic school in Munich, then tutor of Prince Ruprecht of Bavaria. His brother, a Benedictine monk, lived at the monastery of Maria Laach, one of the Pan-German high places.

• Reinhard Heydrich (Roman Catholic) was one of Hitler's most ruthless Nazis and second in importance only to Heinrich Himmler in the Nazi SS organization and the principle planner of the Final Solution. There was even talk of his one day succeeding Adolf Hitler.

• "Heinrich Müller (Roman Catholic) was Reinhard Heydrich's right hand man, and carried on with his boss's diabolical work after Heydrich was assassinated.

• "Reinhard Gehlen (Roman Catholic) was Hitler's Chief of Intelligence. Gehlen was a devoutly Roman Catholic member of the Knights of Malta, a Vatican military order.

• Franz Von Papen (Roman Catholic) had headed the powerful Catholic "Center Party" and been a close friend of Pope Pius XII from the time that he had been the Papal Nuncio to Germany. Were it not for Papen, President Von Hindenburg might never have been persuaded to make Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany. He beame Hitler's first Vice-Chancellor and the Catholic statesman who negotiated the infamous Cordordat of 1933 on behalf of the Nazi government. He declared, "The third Reich is the first power which not only recognizes, but puts into practice the principles of the papacy."

• Klaus Barbie (Roman Catholic) , called the "Butcher of Lyon" because of his role as chief of the Nazi Gestapo in Lyon, France during the worst period of the Holocaust, 1942-1944. As a young man he was so pious that he planned to studytheology. During his trial he was still pious enough to proclaim "When I stand before the throne of God I shall be judged innocent".

• Julius Streicher (Roman Catholic) was the Rush Limbaugh of Nazi Germany, whose gross anti-semitic mass-produced Der Stürmer influenced the German masses almost as much as his good friends Hitler and Goebbels. He was the product of a very devout Bavarian Catholic family. He was the ninth child of a Roman Catholic primary school teacher, and became a school teacher himself in Nuremberg.

• Rudolf Hoess (or Höss ) (Roman Catholic) was one of history's greatest mass murderers, the architect and SS Commandant of the largest killing center ever created, the death camp Auschwitz, whose name has come to symbolize humanity's ultimate descent into evil. Responsible for exterminating 2,5 million people in World War II, he was a mild-mannered, happily married Catholic who enjoyed normal family life with his five children

Welcome to Northwest BC.

Like James Tait before me, I come from Scottish ancestry. Tait fought for the indigenous peoples during the first two decades of the twentieth century. He wrote the declarations of sovereignty for many of the Nations from the Tahltan at Telegraph Creek to Spences Bridge. Tait recognized the harm the British/Canadian invaders with their churches caused. It was what happened to our people in Scotland.

Today, after always resisting the British and their sick twisted Church dogmas, the Scottish still retain their ancient clans and house groups. All across the globe the Bagpipes are recognized for what they are, a symbol of the Scottish right.

We have Church going Indigenous peoples of the Northwest who wish to suppress the clans and house group structures along with the drumming, singing, regalia and dances of their own. This is the effect the Catholic style dogma has on those they encourage to join in. They call their ancestry demonic or heathen. The only thing approaching what the Christians or even Jesus might refer to as evil, is the manner in which the Catholics and their ilk behave, while demoralizing others.

The Terrace Daily was simple a vehicle to express these issues.

One must ask themselves how much ego a person would have to possess to claim to speak on behalf of God; standing at a pulpit week after week for years pretending to be a voice for the Great Spirit, the great creator, the force of love. And then to consider oneself a member of a club called the ‘Knights’ like the Knights Templer. And as for Columbus? Wasn’t he the start of the genocide of the Mayans? It must provide a huge egotistical boost, almost as if one were serving a destiny. Generally these individuals would end up in psychiatric wards if they weren’t supported by other like minded psychopaths; the cult of the Catholic Church.

The Terrace Daily is in a sense done, but only as a news service strictly for Terrace. We will however continue to provide the same cutting edge exposes` regarding the issues of interest to the local and regional population.

After seven years of 24 - 7 - 365 reporting on all issues without securing the revenue required for hiring more reporters and staff (let alone even owning a reliable vehicle) it was time to make a change anyways.

As we wrote earlier to a friend, we must thank the Catholics for the impetus. I was asked if I felt like I was now facing Hell. I stated;

‘The only people suffering any type of hellish discomfort are the Knights of Columbus and Father Terry. I on the other hand couldn’t be happier. On the road, touring the Province, visiting old friends and family, jeeze, we couldn’t have planned this better.’

I could add some details about how our site is now being restricted by a local service provider and how we are now being delivered extravagant bills in an attempt to punish us more for our coverage of local corruption by the most influential in the Northwest, but that story is for another day.

In the meantime, we are doing well, having fun, supporting those the Catholic and Anglican Churches attempted to exterminate, and gearing up for an entirely new fun fest of ridiculing those who need to be exposed.

Get ready for it, put your feet up and enjoy cause this will be a riot!

If one wishes to read the angst from the Terrace Catholic boys club (the Knights of Pedophilia) read the comments to this article "WE" WILL NEVER HAVE A NEW POPE. The comments, mine included, reveal a depth of trouble in biggotville. Remember Terrace is still used as an example for legal trials as an example of an intolerant community, something the City still fails to address or acknowledge. One must wonder how much of this is due to these men of ill repute.

Consciences condemn
Comment by Wii T'a Lii on 14th July 2013
When we stand before the throne of Miyanm (our heavenly Father), and everyone shall, our consciences will condemn us because God’s Law are written in our hearts, and are operating there, with which our consciences (our sense of right and wrong) will also bear witness. Our moral decisions (our arguments of reason, our condemning, or approving thoughts imagine that) will accuse, or perhaps, defend and excuse us.
On that day, when, as the Gospel proclaims, God by Jesus Christ will judge all men in regard to the things which irascible fools think they are concealing today (their hidden thoughts). Our consciences are recording every single thought, and every single act, for that day of reckoning!
You, and I will be in the first resurrection. They will be in the third resurrection! We are in great company. They hated Him, with a passion!
Raffle tickets
Comment by Terry on 14th July 2013
I shall never buy another one as long as I live . They can shove their tickets as far up where the sun don't shine . I feel ashamed that I ever bought some in the first place . Vote with your dollars . It's the only vote that counts .