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COMMENTARY · 17th July 2013
It just doesn’t get any better than this! We have always wondered how people can willingly go along with some of the most socially and environmentally destructive activities without saying a peep. We have even suggested, or rather wondered out loud, what the corporate and banking world had on Stephen Harper. Well at least we now know what they had on the local Fort McMurray elected member of the Alberta Legislative Assembly; he liked sex so much he was willing to pay for it from Prostitutes. Mike Allen called for services and made a deal with local police operatives who set a trap for these unwitting, ignorant types.

Just like the former Mayor of Fort St John when he was away on City Business, he had other things in mind. Allen has now resigned from the Alberta Caucus and his various positions, except his actual seat so he can still vote in favour of Tarsands issues. The Premier, Allison Redford, doesn’t want to talk about it.

American Republicans, those who proclaim to be holier than Thou, those who claim to speak for morality and justice are among the highest number of people caught up in the scandals they claim to despise; those they want to protect society from. Most are good Catholics or Baptists or even more righteous like Stephen Harpers church. They all seem to forget how God stated mankind was given dominion over the earth to ‘use’ ‘not abuse’ the blessings and bountiful harvest, plant and animal.

These conservatives and those who vote for them have also been identified as possessing the lowest IQ.

And for the above reasons, and with this recent exposure of the Conservative elected representative for the region most identified as the most destructive, poisonous region on planet earth being exposed as a seriously compromised fool, we all have been delivered a clear gift of insight.

Our world is being run by compromised people who lack the intelligence to make good decisions for the benefit of humanity.

And it all begs the question, how many are drug addicted or sexual deviants who go along with the destruction and corruption so they won't be exposed. This must not have been Mikes first foray into the dark side.

Does anyone recall Gordon Campbell's drunken trip on Hawaii to rendezvous with his mistress who had his child while Premier? Oh yeah, the mainstream media mostly ignored that and now he is an Ambassador to Britain. Compromised Corruption of all elected.

Once again, I laugh while I cry.
Vic toews
Comment by Terry on 17th July 2013
The ex public safety minister fathered a child with his 17 year old baby sitter her self a child . This was the harper appointed minister reeling against child pornogrphy proclaiming you're either with us ( the cons) or you're with the pornographers . All the while being a child molester . Last time I looked you're not an adult till 19 .