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REPORTING · 17th July 2013
Late last week a helicopter pilot from Lakelse Air was possibly infected by the ancient Spirits of the Tahltan and Gitxsan. He picked up a shotgun and as he proclaimed this was the ‘end of the world’ began shooting at his helicopter and then engaged in a gun battle with others working to disrupt the Klappan, the source of the water for all the northwest rivers; the source of all life.

Although no one we contacted from Lakelse Air wished to discuss the incident, or wished to go on record, the details were confirmed.

And it was a gun battle, as described by one anonymous source calling it a shootout at the OK Fortune Mine.

Fortune Minerals has renamed their proposed Coal Mine at the Klappan, the Sacred Headwaters of the Stikine, Nass and Skeena Rivers from the Klappan Project to the Arctos Project as they realized the sensitivity of the Klappan region and the associated name would spark more attention and resistance.

All three major rivers have the Klappan Mountain, the site of the incident, as the primary source of their waters.

The pilot reportedly did two specific things. He started the helicopter in a situation called a hot start, with the cowling covers still in place and fried a very expensive turbine as he shot at the helicopter repeatedly. He then turned his gun towards the crews on the ground.

They then gathered their guns and began shooting back.

It was a scene out of a western movie as bullets were flying.

The last report we received described how the pilot then went towards the bunkhouse rooms and when he tripped a junior apprentice engineer was able to get the gun away and others then tackled him. They wrapped him in Duct tape to secure him.

Calls to Lakelse Air staff confirmed there was an incident but they refused to discuss the details. A call to the owner has yet been responded to.

The Klappan is the most Sacred of territories to the Indigenous peoples of Northwest BC, the Sacred Circle.

The Tahltan and the Gitxsan have been steadfast in their combined opposition to any activity disturbing the region.

One man going nuts is just a canary in the mineshaft. Either the only people who would dare to destroy the peaceful pure waters and environment of the Sacred Circle are crazy or those who participate will go crazy, as did the Officer from Winnipeg, Manitoba who shot John Joseph Harper. Either way, the Mine and the individuals involved are making every effort to ensure this story does not see the light of day.
thats all interesting reading...
Comment by Amy on 23rd July 2013
but why are people still trying to mine 'the Klappan'?

What a waste of energy!

Settle down
Comment by me up here on 18th July 2013
I live in the area and never would have known - even though Merv has to put a "spin" on things - he at least provides information to us that don't have local anything but gossip, smoke signals and the moccassin telegraph.
Keep up the reporting - good and bad - just sometimes cut the conspiratory theories (sometimes) if it wasn't for sources like your's we'd all be in the dark for except what the political and BIG business controlled media want us to be fed!!
Merv was proven right...again
Comment by Anonymous on 18th July 2013
All you dummies were so quick to attack Merv and lo and behold look at that he was accurate and so were the sources he talked to and reported to him and a press release to boot verifying its all true.
crazy talk
Comment by ed on 18th July 2013
Even Nasa screening failed to uncover a mental deficiency in one of their astronauts, remember the woman Lisa Nowak who drove across the U.S.A. in a diaper to murder someone.
Finally a main stream media follows up - Duh
Comment by MWPR on 18th July 2013
From the Vancouver Province - Hmmmm - would you ever know without for us?

A 37-year-old helicopter pilot from Ontario allegedly went on a shooting rampage in an isolated mining camp in northern B.C.

The man and his colleagues were at a remote mining camp in the Klappan Mountain area, about 100 kilometres southeast of Dease Lake, last Friday when the man began acting irrationally.

According to Mounties, witnesses report seeing him ride an ATV up and down the camp air strip while shooting a shotgun several times at the helicopter. The man also allegedly tried to set the chopper on fire.

Police said the other people in the camp were able to disarm the man and restrain him.

They called Dease Lake RCMP at around 1:30 a.m. However, the location was so remote police had to wait until first light before they could fly into camp.

The man was taken into custody without incident and underwent a medical assessment.

He is believed to have suffered a “severe emotional breakdown.”

The chopper, owned by the man’s employer, was extensively damaged. No one was injured.

The man has been released from custody but is scheduled to appear in court in Dease Lake Aug. 27 to face mischief charge. Police are also considering firearm-related charges against him.
Good Work Merv
Comment by Anonymous on 18th July 2013
You still got it after all these years. Still able to rile up these people and get them talking.

They only single you out since they wanted to keep this story quiet.

Besides if this person was suffering from a mental health disorder they should have been screened before this could even occur to begin with.

But no we will just pass the buck and make him sympathetic so we look less asleep at the wheel.

Thank you Lakelse Air Management
Comment by MWPR on 18th July 2013
But no one would answer our questions on record or return the calls - so whose fault is it that we can only report information delivered by third parties? How were we to "verify" without your input?

Glad to see the story provoke the correct response which was to have the incident directly investigated properly by the RCMP - And why such secrecy? And further why a full week late?

Further, why would numerous people report independently there was a gun fight and only you claim there was not?

We imagine the release will be sanitized and sent only to compliant media outlets.
The truth
Comment by Lakelse Air Management on 18th July 2013
I would like to set the record straight. There was no gunfight on the Klappan site and there was no pilot that got duct taped?
Obviously someone gave some misleading information and instead of the daily verifying the facts about the incident they have gone on to provide misinformation to the public.
This is a very sad situation and it is only made worse by misleading news reports such as this.
The RCMP will be providing a press release this afternoon.
And this is why.....
Comment by Cynthia Wunderlich (Nelson) on 18th July 2013
So many people justify and make excuses for their convoluted perception of what makes humans go to their dark place..

This article, in no way, denigrated this mans state of mind...all mental health issues are viewed with compassion and did this article ridicule or mock or pass judgement? There was a gun battle. That is a fact.

Obviously when this happens anywhere it is always reported on, and obviously there will be mental health issues. To judge the Terrace Daily for reporting on this and sharing their point of view on the issue is akin to judging the reports on incidents in the RCMP news releases, they even specify race! Where is your outcry then?

If this was a first nations person the military would be called in, and it would be a national threat, maybe even labelled as a terrorist..does that seem too far fetched for you?

The indigenous of the northwest are all too familiar with despondence and depression...have you seen the suicide rate of the youth in the northwest lately?

It happened and nothing can change that, whether you want to believe that it was a sign from "god" or the "ancestors" is up to you. If you don’t like the way events are reported on this site, then why do you come back…there are many news sites that can feed your dulled down view of the travesties in our world…go there.

There have been reports all over the world of people losing it when they are part of, or participating in the destruction of sacred lands. Do your research.

Prayers to the creator for all people involved…May he/she have mercy on us all.

And once again it makes me think...are all mining/gas/oil employees armed and at the ready? and if so why? and are we allowed to carry firearms on our own territories when we go to work so we can be ready?
And this is why....
Comment by maggie jo Johnson on 18th July 2013
And this is why stories like this feed the judgemental stigma surrounding mental health issues where people end up secretly suffering/keeping to themselves without treatment, as they know for a fact that there are people out there (like has been clearly displayed here) who judge and mock them for their mental health issues. This is a truly shameful style of 'reporting'. I hope the suffering individual in this story never reads this. Like he's not suffering enough.
Stellar Job, Daily.
Comment by An educated professional on 18th July 2013
Way to Go, Terrace Daily. You have again managed to make a mockery of someone with a severe mental health disorder. You should be so proud of your ignorance and lack of respect for things you have no education about. For the record, Bipolar Disorder has nothing to do with bad mojo any other ambiguous source. It is a medical illness with specific medical treatment. When people are psychotic and in a manic phase, they have no idea that they are acting or thinking differently; therefore, they don't always see the signs. Would you be mocking this person if the source of his psychosis was a malignant brain tumour? Instead of using the daily as a copout for journalism, maybe use that time and space to educate yourself and others about mental illness.
Comment by sadly on 18th July 2013
Really was it the pilot or the individual he/she works for?
NOT so - Ok Fortune Mine.
Comment by Tahltan on 17th July 2013
Why would anyone other then a security guard would have weapons in an Exploration Camp owned by Fortune Mineral? And they should NOT be allowed to continue with their permitting application due to POORLY managed camp with NO respect to the mining act that governs such work application. This type of behavior would have gone against every Health and Safety policy because not only did this man go uncontrollable mad, he also severely traumatized several co-workers that had been flying with him on a daily bases and this must have been very disturbing to witness such a horrible event.. Lakelse Air should screen their employee's better because he would have had warning signs prior to his diagnosis and if he didn't have any then one must question the theory of our TAHLTAN ancestors brewing up some of our strong Indian medicine that can make a person go crazy...And every Dr. will label it as Bipolar...but my deepest sympathy to the pilot and his family...Medu
The inbox
Comment by Anonymous on 17th July 2013
So this guy who inboxed the daily admits the guy was distraught, that the guy in question has been diagnosed as being bipolar meaning the article has validity and yet wants to bitch about it being reported.

Oh yeah buddy small town papers are to blame for what is likely one of your buddies or family being an idiot.

Too bad the a hole wasnt wearing a hoodie and holding a bag of skittles...then he could have gotten on CNN rather than just the small town paper.
And from our inbox
Comment by MWPR on 17th July 2013
Nice article about the pilot in the Klappan.
You fuckheads have no clue what your talking about do you???
There is a very distraught individual that didnt harm anyone nor did he shoot at anyone for fuck sakes. He has since been diagnosed with biploar disorder. Piece of shit small town paper trying to sensationalize someone else's problems.
Yu guys should get a life and leave the reporting to someone with a little more brains and dignity!!!
Are all mine employees armed?...
Comment by concerned... on 17th July 2013
I don't understand why so many people had weapons? do they all have permits? are they registered?