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NEWS RELEASE · 18th July 2013
RCMP called into isolated fly-in mining camp to arrest man for damages to helicopter

The Dease Lake RCMP flew in at first daylight to a mining camp last Friday, to arrest a mining operation employee, after the man allegedly went on a sudden rampage damaging a company helicopter.

On Friday July 12, 2013 at around 01:30 am, the Dease Lake RCMP received a report from an isolated mining camp that an employee (helicopter pilot) had shot up and attempted to set a helicopter afire at the camp. The report received indicated that the man had without any previous signs of distress, began acting irrationally that night. The man, armed with a shotgun and safety flares rode an ATV up and down the camp air strip and damaged a helicopter owned by his employer. Witnesses reported observing the man discharge the shotgun several times at the helicopter. The man was also seen attempting to set it afire and eventually causing extensive damage to the machine by the end of what was described as a severe emotional break-down.

The Dease Lake RCMP had been advised that the situation had been de-escalated for the time being and staff were anxiously awaiting their arrival as soon as possible. Given the isolated location of the camp in the Klappan Mountain area, approximately 103 km southeast of Dease Lake, local RCMP had to await daybreak to fly in to arrest the 37 yr old Ontario man.

The man was taken into custody without incident that morning and was transported by the RCMP to the Dease Lake RCMP detachment for a full assessment of any medical needs by a medical practitioner. The man was released from police custody via a PTA compelling his appearance on August 27, 2013 in Dease Lake with a proposed charge of Mischief. The investigation is ongoing with further consideration of firearm related charges being contemplated.

“We are certainly thankful that no one was injured during this incident and thankful that others at the camp had the mindfulness to seize an opportunity and safely disarm the man.” Stated Cpl Dan Moskaluk

The man remains in the care of the medical practitioners.
Below is the text of the misguided news reports spread wide
Comment by MWPR on 19th July 2013
They didn't even get the byline correct even though it was correctly provided by the RCMP

DEAS LAKE, B.C. - The RCMP say a 37-year-old man is expected to appear in a B.C. court in August facing accusations of shooting up a helicopter at a remote mining camp.

Police say the incident took place July 12 in the Klappan Mountain area, which is about 100 kilometres southeast of Deas Lake, B.C.

Police say the Ontario resident was armed with a shotgun and safety flares and rode an ATV up and down the camp airstrip.

They say witnesses indicated he fired the weapon several times at the helicopter and tried to set it on fire.

Police are describing the incident as a "severe emotional breakdown."

They say the suspect was disarmed by people at the camp before his arrest and is expected to appear in a Deas Lake court Aug. 27 on a charge of mischief.

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All main stream repeated exact same errors
Comment by MWPR on 19th July 2013
A simple google search will now discover numerous reports on this incident except they are almost all identical. They took the word of the RCMP and did no work at all, not a stitch of investigation, not even to discover how to spell Dease Lake as someone, the first re-writer of the news release, called (typed) it Deas Lake.

Hence the more than bad, possibly criminally bad, example of the widespread media, including Macleans, Yahoo, Global, CTV and all the rest accepting and repeating verbatim that which is provided by all the conspirators.

The destruction of the Klappan and all the past protests of this very activity in the region, never crossed their minds to mention???? What ever happened to responsible informative media?

A man losing it, after delivering a new helicopter, watching the very things he know will destroy such a remarkable place, nothing more could be instructive.

Many more will suffer the same mental breakdowns as they come to realize how much and how many they are complicit in killing.