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Erickson Sikorsky S-64 Air Crane parked at Lakelse Air in Terrace
COMMENTARY · 19th July 2013
The recent 'shooting rampage', as it was described by the RCMP, was kept 'hush-hush' until someone involved contacted us directly with the words, "Seems like Lakelse Air is trying to keep this under wraps as very little info and photos are coming out. "

There is a very good reason for them and everyone involved to keep this under wraps as no one is being told they are all engaged in destroying the very land and ground that provides all the clean pure water for all the major rivers.

Follow the highlighted text as links to discover all the intricate details of this tragic situation.

Lakelse Air along with various other associated companies such as Bear Creek, are ignoring the very well known sensitivity of the Klappan region. Many Tahltan elders were arrested blockading the road in to the Sacred Headwaters and more blockaded the Telegraph Creek Band offices to rid themselves of Jerry Asp, a disrespected mining promoter. All of these actions were specifically to protect the ancient sacred grounds of the source of all the waters for the Stikine River, the Nass River and the Skeena River. "THE SACRED HEADWATERS".

Once this primary source is polluted the poisons will flow downstream to kill off all the spawning salmon coming into these river systems with the hundreds of thousands of large and small tributaries. With the death of the salmon from the North Pacific waters we will have essentially destroyed all life in the Pacific North Coast region.

Late last year after almost a decade long struggle, Royal Dutch Shell announced with great fan fare they would not be pursuing their plans to drill and frac in the Klappan Groundhog Coal fields for gas. This announcement was met with great adulation for Shell and a celebration was held where many believed they had saved the rivers and the Klappan.

I wrote back then it was all a trick as Fortune Minerals had just been delivered a report suggesting their Klappan (now named Arctos) Project was a go. The accounting firm Deloitte and Touche had also just secured a foreign investor for the plans to dig up the coal. CN is closely working with them to rebuild the rail grade to get access to the heart of the Klappan.

So when this incident happened and no news came out, even though it was a destructive episode involving gun fire, it is clear why no media was informed.

The news release we forced due to our coverage still does not identify the activity, the companies involved or anything else to provide the public with relevant informative information, except they did say Klappan mountain area.

Even the RCMP are in on the game to destroy the land and water.

There are now two mines actively engaged in destroying the Skeena River directly at the source. Note the helicopter pictured above and below. A Erickson Sikorsky S-64 Air Crane parked at Lakelse Air in Terrace. It is designed to pick up and deliver the mining equipment directly in to locations where there is no road access, of if there is, to avoid being detected and stopped by those blockading roads.

This is why it is all kept hush hush. They know they are doing something very wrong and they do not want you to know.
Fuel Mixture
Comment by ron wilton on 19th July 2013
I have been told that the Sikorsky's are permanently grounded if they get too much lead in the fuel mixture.
And aren't all the owners Catholic?
Comment by wow on 19th July 2013
The same people who attacked you for reporting the truth about their church and poop, the same organization who ran the res schools and demonized all the indian peoples are there to forgive Lakelse Air and the like for destroy the tahltan land and all the rivers. why does it seem like there is no hope - are the catholics still behind all destruction of all life here