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NEWS RELEASE · 30th July 2013
Canadian Cancer Society
The Canadian Cancer Society’s Tanning is Out ambassadors team up with the Riverboat Days Society to block harmful tanning habits and score points for sun safety.

Watch for the Burnadettes – a sun-loving couple with a lesson to learn about enjoying the sun safely.

All are invited to capture the event and help spread the word about practicing safe fun in the sun.

What: Society volunteers are out in the community sharing important sun safety tips so Riverboat Day-goers can protect themselves and still have fun in the sun safely.

Big beach umbrellas will be featured during Beach Blast Volleyball to provide shady areas for the public. Society ambassadors will offer sunscreen and information about sun safety and skin cancer prevention

Who: Canadian Cancer Society Tanning is Out Ambassadors - The Burnadettes (Scarlett and Burnie)

Where: Riverboat days – roaming the crowds at Beach Blast Volleyball, the Legion Parade and the Riverside Music Festival

When: Saturday, August 3rd, 12:00pm-3:00pm (actors – the Burnadettes – available for filming any time)
But there is no profit in health
Comment by MWPR on 2nd August 2013
Just like the direct link between having an abortion and getting breast cancer, at a rate as high as 50%, the truth is just too difficult to promote. Many refuse to even read the evidence as their own psychological health depends on fallacy. Having sex and having children is apparently a sure fire method of reducing both prostrate cancer and breast cancer. Though letting this secret out of the bag is not politically correct.

Yes, sunlight is healthy and produces the necessary vitamin D. And so is hemp. A product all can grow on their own, freely, in their back yard. Even a drug clearly shown to reduce tumour size, besides hemp oil, a cheap readily available cancer cure - DCA - is not widely encouraged as no company can secure a patent on to profit from it.

Almost every item made from crude oil - synthetics and plastics, cause cancer and all these products can be made from hemp. A biodegradable, sustainable absolutely free product with unlimited potential was made illegal so an unsustainable, deadly destructive pollutant could be promoted to achieve huge profits.

These Riverboat Days Ambassadors are to be commended for their good efforts and compassion. They also can be forgiven for their lack of knowledge as real knowledge is not profitable. One cannot abuse and rip off intelligent people as easily as they can profit from those who trust the mainstream media coming to them via; TV, radio, all news channels and newspapers.

The dumbing down of our entire society began generations ago. Now most people are rarely ever exposed to reasoned or critical thinkers. It is all reactionary emotional responses to fabricated stimuli. Thinking takes effort. Sitting in front of the TV and letting others tell you what to think is way easier. And if you play along you too can join in the acceptable conversations.

If you play properly you can get paid lots of money to spend it on the products that cause cancer.
cancer prevention
Comment by mbw on 2nd August 2013
I do not support the Canadian Cancer Society because I don't see them making prevention the priority.

CCS needs to focus on what causes cancer instead of treating it (big business for Big Pharma).

Little attention is given to environmental causes and carcinogenic chemicals in our daily house hold products including sun screen and the perfume "Promise" made by cancer-giant Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Sun light in moderation is not the enemy; in fact many studies point to the vitamin D that ones body makes when in the sun, prevents cancer.
Cancer reality
Comment by Beatnuck on 31st July 2013
Okay, I'm not against the Canadian Cancer Society "Tanning is Out Ambassadors." I would just like to point out one small detail about the causes of cancer. In a pie-chart in my daughter's Grade 10 science text book, ultraviolet radiation is responsible for one per cent of all cancers while ALCOHOL is responsible for three per cent of all cancers. In other words, alcohol causes THREE TIMES AS MANY CANCERS as ultraviolet radiation.

So, while I'm not against the Canadian Cancer Society warning people about the dangers of ultraviolet radiation, I am extremely displeased that the same society is not telling the truth about alcohol. Stop your average joe on the street and ask him which causes more cancer, and I'll guarantee that 90 per cent of the population will say sunlight! Where are the "Drinking is Out Ambassadors" explaining to people that alcohol causes three times as many cases of cancer as sunlight?

So, I guess we shouldn't be too surprised this summer when we spot young people enjoying the weather with a tube of sunblock in one hand and a beer in the other!