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P.S.A.'S · 30th July 2013
Concerned Parent
We purchased a pair of Angry Bird sandals from Walmart in Terrace today. My 7 year old son tried the sandals on later at Furlong Bay and complained about something being in the shoe.

Upon further inspection there was a medical needle glued inside the shoe pointed in a direction as to stab a child. THANK GOD our son was not stabbed by the needle.

We have contacted WalMart and have been told that they checked all the shoes for any other needles.

We just want to pass the word around that this has happened in Terrace and for parents to make sure to check new shoes before putting letting their children try them on.

RCMP advised there is nothing they can do as it would be too complicated to track down the culprit. We have properly disposed of the needle and will return the Sandals for refund.
Angry shoes
Comment by Matthew daratha on 1st August 2013
The angry bird shoes are making people angry. This is a horrible discovery, however a great find, glad to hear your child is ok. I hope to some higher power that people read this article.
Comment by pissed off dad on 1st August 2013
If i ever catch one of your scum bags doing something like this I will publicly beat you within a inch of your life...................

get it.....
How to catch the creep who wants to hartm children
Comment by Beatnuck on 31st July 2013
Message to RCMP -- please send needle to lab for forensic testing. Hopefully the DNA profile will score a hit and the culprit will face a very public criminal trial.

Or, Crimestoppers should post a reward, as there's no honour among intravenous drug users. The person's "friends" will turn him or her into police in no time flat in exchange for $20.
Comment by maggie jo Johnson on 31st July 2013
THANK YOU for your post. Eeks. Why anyone would consciously premeditate to harm a child is beyond me. Pretty sad when we have to check SHOES for potential harming devices. Must be some 'angry' people out there.