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CONTRIBUTION · 1st August 2013
Vancouver Observer
First Nation group furious at Province's move to cut trees down for Enbridge pipeline path

If the permits for the Nak'azdli First Nations territories are approved, they would allow Enbridge to undertake short-term occupation of the lands, construction of temporary access trails and removal of timber from the trails and occupation sites.

"The purpose of the program is to gather geotechnical data required to inform the design of the proposed pipeline," responded Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operation public officer Brennan Clarke in an email, relaying comments made on behalf of the ministry.


While the Province hasn't explicitly given permission to Enbridge, a recent letter implies that Enbridge could be allowed to proceed if the First Nations involved don't make their way through the documents and respond by a certain date.


The letter, dated July 23, demanded a response by 3 p.m., July 26. It noted in the first paragraph that the Province did reject the Northern Gateway proposal. Then it went on to say that "given the uncertainty of the outcome of the federal review and decision making process, the Province is of the view that it is appropriate to limit the scope of consultation to the impacts of the Temporary use Permits."

Read the full report by Jenny Uechi of the Vancouver Observer by Clicking Here.

And Enbridge Continues Their Clandestine, Manipulative, Insidious Methods, Even Black Press Allows a Report

By Jerome Turner - Smithers Interior News

More than 100 people attended a Town of Smithers special meeting July 25 to hear Enbridge representatives give a presentation on the $5.5 billion Northern Gateway project.

But Enbridge representatives Janet Holder and Michele Perret brought no new information.

“We don’t have a formal presentation today,” Holder, Enbridge executive vice president of western access, said.

“We thought that it would be most useful, since the formal regulatory process has ended, to be available to answer questions.”

The National Energy Board’s joint review panel just finished listening to 18 months of oral testimony from B.C. and Alberta residents after receiving thousands of written submissions, both of which were reportedly 95 per cent in opposition to the proposed project.

Smithers’ Mayor Taylor Bachrach was one of more than 100 people living in the area who presented to the JRP during one of three days the panel was held here and didn’t hold back when speaking about the process.

“After hearing our residents articulate their passion for this place then have to read your lawyer, in your closing arguments, characterize the communities’ presentations as ‘misconceptions, misunderstandings, myths and disinformation’ I feel was a very telling and a very insulting statement about how your company feels about social license,” Bachrach said.

“It was incredibly disrespectful. I’ve never felt more angry than when I read that.”

“… is Enbridge willing to proceed with this project given the current level of opposition in this region?” Bachrach asked following his statement.

“I don’t think we can answer that question,” Holder said.

“There are a lot of yes’ as well as a lot of nos. We need to understand all parts of the puzzle before we can answer that. We’re not answering those questions today.”

Namoks, John Ridsdale, head of the Tsayu clan, was asked by the other Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs to speak for the collective.

“I’m not here to ask questions,” Namkos began, adding the Wet’suwet’en own, control and protect 22,000 square kilometres of unceded territory.

“We’ve never changed our stance and [Enbridge] treats us like an inconvenience. They treat us like we don’t have a voice. Our voice is stronger than the voice of Canada, stronger than the voice of B.C. and older than Canada. Our answer from day one was no and our answer today is no.”

Namoks then explained the root of the First Nations’ opposition to the pipeline.

“We look after the land for all of you,” he said.

“When we were grandchildren our grandparents promised they would take care of the land for us. Now it is us who make that promise to our grandchildren and all grandchildren. Respect our answer because we are protecting the land, air and water for all people.”

Holder and Perret responded by welcoming all First Nations’ to the negotiating table.

Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen was in the gallery and asked two questions, one about whether Enbridge contends diluted bitumen floats in fresh water and the other about the politicization of the upcoming decision from the federal government.

“When you engaged with the federal government initially it was going to be the JRP that would make the final call, based on evidence and testimony,” Cullen said.

“That was changed midway through the process by the Prime Minister and now the decision will be made in Cabinet by him and his cabinet. The fact of the matter is it is [British Columbia] who take the risks not you. ”

The Joint Review Panel recommendations will be delivered to government before Christmas, Holder said.

The public will be able to view the document before the end of December, according to the Canadian Environment Assessment Agency.

“I know that I’m not alone in longing for the day when I hear the announcement that this project is no more,” Bachrach said before adjourning the meeting.
Comment by richard on 3rd August 2013
you think so,good luck. another D.P. albertan know it all. we`ll wait and see. alberta`s gas or oil wells are a ticking time bomb.thousands of wells across canada.. one hell of a fire ball when you all go. i won`t miss ya. nor feel sorry. i`ll be laughin and told you so. no help here,as alberta made there bed,lie in it. i notice three drills,drilling along the back road from kitimat to terrace.o-tech drilling. any one no about this. drilling along the kitimat river, hope they don`t contamnate our water. does anyone know this is going on. drill for what. does the d.o.k no of this. i guess ,what you don`t no won`t hurt,till its to late to fight this. onion lake is been logged off in the back.trees are only 40 yrs old.creaming the forests for export. is B.C. that desperate it has to rape the second growth forest.cheaper costs mills left here,so export it to china and the U.S.A. west frazer still own them tree farm licences,exporting b.c`s raw loggs. thank s to pat bell forest minister. funning how Mackenzie has there mill,after pat bell was crying to campbel,they reopened it. liberals are all snakes in grass,as bussiness profit from a liberal goverment,tax beaks for bussiness owners. the wealthest in the province,yet when is it enough. more like screw your neighbor,bc`s new game plan.
Just don't quit.
Comment by John Taylor on 2nd August 2013
This pipeline is a 'done deal'. Harper, C. Clark and the money folks ain't gonna quit.

Temporary occupation by a business? Occupation is occupation. Occupation without invitation is B&E or in this case, invasion!

This is just the start. They ain't gonna quit! Are you?

tran-mission line
Comment by richard on 2nd August 2013
same here. cut and expossed of ,like gabage. kill millions of dollars in raw trees to make Billions for mining companies .
that look
Comment by richard on 1st August 2013
tells the story. liberals selling off the farm. (B.C) time to take it back. inflation is bad enough. poor decision daily. selling out our raw minerals for pennys on the dollar. hydro smart meters increases. use less power and pay more,what a sweet deal.,natural gas,commodity and rider increases ,step one,two.... another company scam,gasoline prices so fucked up,with the goverment taxasion system sucks , and oil . all prifittibg by swindling the goverment and the b.c.u.c......... all over paid,to screw the working people,and bring in foreign workers in because we canadains can`t build a country fast enougn ,only to deastroy are self. plain fools. i hope we were tought better than this in school. simply rules to follow. how can this goverment be so stupit. stupit to think money ain`t going out the back door to all involed. your either the in crowd or your not. thats a fact. next your going to get a water meter,with restriction.
this goverment has got to go. hey,hey. time to go,hey,hey.