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SPP map
P.S.A.'S · 2nd August 2013
The NSA. the USA's National Security Agency has leaked the new official name of the Nation, which Stephen Harper participated in creating, 'Homeland'.

While defending the charges of spying on every single electronic communications, of every single user by the latest 'whistleblower' Snowden, a map was produced revealing the formerly secret plan.

More details here

The latest Snowden revelations by the Guardian Newspaper is the special access the NSA operatives have called 'XKeyscore'. This provides the NSA access to every email, facebook message and, well, everything anyone, everywhere, does electronically.

Now the NSA, in its attempt to prove their spying was for a good cause, revealed their internal maps. Even the Senator in the USA let the name of the newest Nation roll of her tongue without a stutter.

Welcome to being a citizen of Homeland.

It was part of the SPP plan undertaken during the last decade. Today it is no longer a secret.
An obvious good choice
Comment by MWPR on 2nd August 2013
Homeland Security is what the USA has been calling their efforts to stop terrorist activities, honestly or not so honestly.

Both the Mexican President and the Canadian Prime Minister signed the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) document with the President of the USA.

The SPP is the foundational agreement and the Security of the Homeland is just what this is.

It is what it is. Canada can still use the Corporate name Canada but sovereignty is another issue altogether, there is none. Our Nations have merged. End the pretense.