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CONTRIBUTION · 4th August 2013
Don Camsell
Skeena Sockeye Disaster
The water is too hot.
The water is too cold
Too much fresh water outflow.
The Alaskan’s are catching all of our fish.
There is a dramatic increase in predators,
The Japanese Tsunami ruined the Pacific feeding grounds.
The Fukshima nuclear explosion turned the entire North Pacific into radioactive soup.
The seine boats devastate the returning stocks.
The gill nets are too long.
The Nisga’a don’t play by the rules.
The “sporties” catch too much.
The food fishery is a sham; too much selling is going on.
The Tyee test fishery is wrong.
Four years ago the escapement was very poor.
There is over fishing of the wild sockeye population.
Fish farm contamination.
There is habitat deterioration in and around Babine Lake due to mine tailings.
The DFO refuse to implement a Wild Salmon Policy that has been on the books since 2005.
The DFO is run by a bunch of guys in Ottawa who don’t know what they are doing.
The power line construction, clear cutting and mining exploration have ruined spawning grounds.
The fish counting fences have altered returning routes.
Global warming and greenhouse gasses are catching up to us.
The truth is no one knows for sure the reason for such low returns this year, it is probably a combination of some of the above. What we do know is that the Skeena river sockeye run is at a 50 year low with just over 200,000 fish returning when over a million are required to sustain the fishery.
It seemed to some of us that a total closure for everyone should be put in place immediately, and it has! - almost-
The Gitxsan Watershed Authority (GWA) has decided to close down the Native food fishing activity as of Aug 5. “As of midnight August 5 all fisheries for sockeye are closed to the Babine fence”
This action closely follows the closure of the Pacific waters for commercial, sport and food fishing industries.
We now need to have all recreation and food fishing of all Skeena River waters stopped immediately.
The GWA, specifically Charlie Muldon, Chris Barnes and Rodney Harris has demonstrated some real leadership with this strong stand on closure. There will no doubt be serious consequences and real hardship for many people as some folks will run short of this valuable resource however the alternative to closure is the potential of long term devastation of an entire species of fish.
Congratulations Charlie, Chris, and Rodney, your courage with this very difficult decision is appreciated.
Your grandchildren thank you.
Now let’s get all recreational fishing stopped.
DRC 2 August 2013

Rich tourists
Comment by Anonymous on 5th August 2013
Should be banned from fishing too!!!!!
Shame on First Nations too!
Comment by Janice Robinson on 5th August 2013
Humans have a lot in common with locusts.