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COMMENTARY · 5th August 2013
Update - End note added
“Don’t just clean it, Cometize it!” sang out the woman on TV; “You’ll wonder where the yellow went” was another old commercial jingle, but my favourite was the recent dishwasher commercial which told us, “Now you really don’t have to pre-rinse your dishes!” This is still a lie just as they basically blatantly admitted when they developed this ad “I guess we were lying to you when we told you last time you didn’t have to pre-rinse your dishes.”

This story is about the BC Governments plans to encourage LNG plants and pipelines along with all the great mining opportunities, but we’ll get to that a bit later.

In 1978 I was working for a Janitorial supply company in Burnaby, BC. I was just a kid, about 18 years old. The three senior sales people were having an outburst of emotional laughter with celebratory cheer one day and I stood by and watched to discover what it was all about.

They had lots of stories, some extremely stunning and I always paid attention when these guys were guffawing.

One was a new high pressure canister to unplug plumbing drains. One salesmen was demonstrating the effectiveness and when he released the pressure into a drain at a multi sink and urinal washroom the shit literally hit the fans as the pressure pushed all the fluids and material out of everything. The mess apparently took him and others hours to clean up.

But this latest tale was one where supposed educators, those who run our schools, those who are apparently there to teach our children critical thinking skills, were the butt of the joke.

The sales was for a large contract to supply the school board with paper towels. In an effort to demonstrate how much better our paper towels were than the ones they were using, the salesman put a sample of each side by side on the counter. The other two guys were chuckling cause they knew already this guy was up to something.

“So I put a drop of water on each towel and the circle of water absorbed spread bigger on our stuff. I said, ‘see this paper towel absorbs the water over a bigger area,’ and they all agreed with me. And they were all teachers!”

The laughter when on and on as they told more stories and elaborated on how stupid people were, even teachers. Of course, when one thinks about it the drop of water was absorbed much better on the paper product the School Board was already using as it took less space to absorb it.

A second encounter was with an accountant who was supposed to be helping me when I ran my power generation business in Vancouver. I was selling solar panels and power inverters and the best, most lucrative market was the sailboats and large cruise boats.

I would take my time to explain the effectiveness of the products and had a poor sales record. Allan Parker on the other hand told me if I really wanted to sell these things just hire some big busted babes in bikinis and have them walk the docks going from boat to boat. I was disgusted with him. But he was right and I was completely wrong. It would not matter if the system worked or not, the sales was all that mattered.

My latest failed adventure was this one, the Terrace Daily News. We spent seven years educating and telling the truth. Every sales effort was met with a challenge. Most businesses did not want the public to know the details and the subterfuge in politics and the administration of the City. One actually stated “you’re too political,” which was nothing more than stating "you write political opinions I don’t think others should hear."

And that brings us to Christy Clark and her LNG pie in the sky plans.

Today, all across the globe, the LNG market is all but dead. There are some yes, but to get the a sales price to be competitive we would have to convince a buyer to pay more than they would have to pay anyone else anywhere else. Almost 4 times the price. The North American Price is $4 per million BTU’s and the new sellers actually expect the Asians to pay $16/mBTU. Well they’re not going to, and they won’t, cause they are not that stupid.

And there is the difference between us and them - to be crude. We have an entire population who voted in a new Liberal Government with a woman who might just as well have been wearing a bikini on a cruise ship board walk selling power inverters and solar panels in 1988.

The truth was not the issue.

She lied and deceived so many times we lost count. 100,000 jobs in the LNG sector she stated. Prosperity galore as she smiled and waved. Mr Dix, the dick, was just like me arguing with Allen, telling the truth. The truth has never, and never will, be profitable. Only massive stupidity is massively profitable.

Anyone remember the Bre-X stock scam? Well even the gold samples displayed were obviously from a river, not a hard rock mine as claimed. All those investors never questioned or used their brains, just bought up the line, “You don’t even have to pre-rinse your dishes!”

In Terrace a few years back we had a presentation by a Vancouver Stock Exchange trading company, Pristine Power, who wanted an endorsement from the Terrace City Council for their project. They were going to burn the ‘decadent wood’ (waste wood) and turn it into electricity.

They approached the Terrace Economic Development Authority TEDA who presented their case to the Council. The Council supported this venture, which then allowed them to put out a Press Release stating they had the support of Terrace City council. Likely their share price rose a bit, then their broker dumped all the shares they could thereby raking in a few hundred thou if not more.

And it was all bullshit.

The letter presented by TEDA to Council on behalf of the company stated the project would improve the air quality. No one questioned this and the TEDA Chair who spoke in favour of the development didn’t even read it thoroughly.

I mean really.

In a town with not a stitch of industrial activity ask yourself, how would burning massive quantities of wood improve air quality?

Chrissy, the blonde brain dead example of all that is wrong with BC, even claimed the BC budget was balanced. The only thing required, it is now obvious, is massive stupidity.

Of course she will provide every opportunity for the pipeline companies, oil and gas, to access BC territory. It matters not a wit whether they proceed or not, the only thing that matters is "Press Releases" for the publically traded companies and the speed at which the brokerage firms can trade the shares held by the insiders.

And don’t get me started on insider trading because every trade is done by insiders. The brokerage firms decide whose shares sell and whose they buy. “Oh sorry, your shares didn’t sell”, I was told by the brokerage firm for a new "Coal Mine" I worked on building a bridge for near Campbell River. But I just asked them to sell them, not at any specific price and tens of thousands of shares had sold that day.

A news release had just been issued and I knew now was my time to get out cause, like all else, bullshit ruled the day. Only the shares held by the insiders are traded for the max profits. Everyone else looses.

The big money is in the big banks and the stock market plays. Everything else is child’s play.

Massive profits is not making a six digit salary, it is the seven and eight digit salaries. And these are the figures made by those who run our governments, men like Nigel Wright, the guy who was the Prime Minister until the cheque he wrote to the fat Senator was exposed.

He was the guy who directed and instructed Harper on everything he did. Note how the PM’s office is now in a bit of disarray since the Prime Minister Director General, Nigel, was removed? And where does he play and make the massive profits? The stock Market. He knows where the stupid people are, at the voting booth.

The stock market is the realm where those with no brains can make that kinda money too. Millions of dollars are made and lost every day. Smart people can do very well because there are so few of them. The dumb people willing pour everything they own, all their savings, all the investment funds, every asset for future survival, into the stock market - and they lose it all almost every time.

But tomorrow they will hear, "but this time you really don’t have to pre-rinse your dishes", and it will happen all over again.

A recent story in The Wall Street Journal covers some of these pipeline issues revealing the poor chance of any of it proceeding due to the facts of the markets. One thing they avoid is the same thing every newspaper obfuscates around. The BC Government does not own or have rights to the Territory. Chevron was told so in no uncertain terms. It is not a surprise to those of us who pay attention and study the details, (attempting to avoid being freaking stupid,) why Chevron announced they were going to put off their decision to build their LNG pipeline to Kitimat for another year.

Good price or not, it isn’t happening!

The land belongs to the Indigenous peoples who the British and Canadian Governments had a direct hand in the attempt to exterminate by Germ warfare and genocidal tactics. Truth, no one wants to discuss in polite company. Only stupidity is allowed.


An important addition to the stupidity side of this essay is the gold mines. There is nothing more ignorant and brainless. The only real market for the shit is for Vanity “Oh, look at me! I have a big gold chain, big gold rings, oh, look at me!”

And what is more stupid than that when to get the stuff we have to destroy massive eco systems, essentially killing off all life sustaining environments so selfish idiots can show off how completely clueless they are.

A big lie
Comment by John Taylor on 6th August 2013
So Chevron backs off from their LNG pipeline plans. Gee! Those guys are not stupid. The public will buy "the big lie", but the 'oil men' won't. They are in it for the money. If they back out there is a good ($) reason.

Never mind. When the dilbit crude starts flowing in the Enbridge pipeline, probably 2016 or 17 they'll be happy again. When Kinder Morgan twins the line to Vancouver (same time frame), the bar will open, free drinks for all!

Who ever told you life was fair? It was just "a big lie".
The epitime of ignorance (stupidity)
Comment by MWPR on 5th August 2013
The Fukushima and every other nuclear plant. And a very few people profited massively.
The empress (CClarke) has no clothes
Comment by Anonymous on 5th August 2013
But she's stolen the Crown Jewels - hydro, ferries etc

Any chance these pipelines are about water and not oil? Don't need environmental protection if it's water they are selling behind our backs. To me this woke pipeline issue is a smoke screen. Listen to Harper's new action plan that says that aerial surveillance will be increase greatly. Does he mean drones from USA???