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COMMENTARY · 5th August 2013
Kevin Annett
Let the Spin Begin! How Black becomes White, and Wrong Right - Recent Lessons from the Insane Asylum called Church and State

Anyone can spot a lie, unless he is in need of that lie. Clarence Darrow

It's touching, at first, when the psychopaths in power seem to dabble in sentimentality and profess a sudden concern for their victims. Or maybe it just seems touching to all of those battered and cringing multitudes who so need their masters to show a bit of compassion towards them between all the blows.

As for me - well, personally, I find it merely ridiculous when sordid creeps like Jorge Bergoglio, who calls himself "Pope Francis", start posing as humanitarian reformers with a "concern" for the very people they're mangling.

I get it, of course. Whether in the Vatican or any government or corporation, the damage control spin doctors are always in charge, and the only sure way for rulers to manage any kind of growing discontent and stay in power is to say exactly what their victims need to hear. Playing to the crowd like that almost always works.

But ultimately, this isn't about public relations.

On a simpler, human level, I suspect the whole charade of "reform talk" gushing like a sewer out of Rome these days really has to do with the sort of compensatory atonement behaviour I often witnessed when I worked as an orderly on the psychiatric ward at the University of British Columbia hospital. In fact, the crowd of various delusional personalities I got to know on the Chronics Ward bore a remarkable similarity to rulers like Jorge Bergoglio and other self-proclaimed "heads of state".

Take Kenny, for instance: a nice young guy in his twenties who raped his sister for years, but who used to tell me that he had to assault her so because their royal bloodline had to be perpetuated, since his family were "star people" come to save humanity from itself.

"I've told her I'm sorry, but she still doesn't get it, that we're a superior bloodline" Kenny observed calmly to me in the activities room one night.

"I had to do it, for the salvation of all of us"

Jorge Bergoglio, like Kenny, sincerely believes that he constitutes a divine presence in the world come to save humanity from itself, and is therefore absolved from such menial considerations as honoring the rights and dignity of others. Unfortunately, "Pope" Jorge has no-one to tell him the difference between delusion and reality, since he's in charge of the Vatican Nuthouse, and that particular Delusion has been around for centuries.

Imagine Kenny armed with billions of dollars and running Ward Two West and beyond in order to dispense "salvation" to all the other inmates and the world at large, and you'll see the problem of trying to reform or even undo the intergenerational megalomania known as the Roman Catholic Church.

Affirmed in his delusions and praised by millions of battered people, Jorge Bergoglio gets to do the strangest, most absurd things in his fantasy that he constitutes a "bridge" between the Creator of the Universe and all mankind. We're witnessing precisely such absurdity these days, and not simply an enormous public relations spin, as Bergoglio dons his dissociated persona called Pope Francis to "make things better" for all the children whose torture and rape he is deliberately concealing, and ordering to be concealed.

One of the big problems is that wrong is inherently seen as right in the mind of the dissociated abuser and those who share his self-serving worldview: again, something I learned on the Chronics Ward, and in the spring of 2010, in the streets of Rome outside the Vatican.

An Italian police inspector put it to me this way as he physically barred me from speaking to reporters about the murder of children by the Roman Catholic church:

"The pope is not to be judged by you or me, or anyone. He cannot do wrong"

I then showed the Wop Cop the letter where the pope at the time, Joe Ratzinger, ordered his Bishops to conceal child rape by priests, and I asked him if that, in fact, wasn't the wrong thing for Ratzinger to have done.

"When Il Papa does anything, it becomes right, however wrong".

I kid you not.

Okay, so maybe that's an extreme example of how despots get away with crime. No other ruler is crazy or wealthy enough to openly claim that they're God's representatives on earth, even if they all act like they are.

Nevertheless, years ago, my Anthropology 200 professor taught me that culturally speaking, the less powerful and stable a ruler is, the more grandiose and mythic are his claims to office. Hawaiian kings had no land or wealth at all, but precisely because of that, they claimed that their divine status gave them life and death powers over everyone: if their shadow even fell on a man or woman, that person would get the chop, instantly.

It was the law, you know.

Popes are a lot like that: they rule completely through bluff and lies, along with the fear that psychotic thinking seems to engender. But the Vatican Delusion works incredibly well, and has always been a model for "secular" rulers everywhere. Like Adolf Hitler often said, tell the biggest lie possible if you want people to believe it.

And so I don't think it was an accident that soon after Jorge, as Pope, declared with astounding doublethink that he was "protecting" children in his church from rape by criminalizing the reporting of it, other rulers seized on his example and began spinning their own home grown crimes with the same flourish of insanity.

Here in Canada, where blood-soaked church and state act like they have a monopoly on pious self-exculpation, the feds have recently made a big show of their "disclosure" that Indian children in residential schools were "experimented on" for decades. It's the kind of spin that would make Bergoglio proud, and here's the recipe:

Take the fact that generations of brown children were deliberately starved and tortured to death by Christian Canada as part of a clear Eugenics program to exterminate Indian nations in order to get their land and resources. Then hide or destroy the bodies and physical evidence, and bury the documents for years until the legal coast is clear. Finally, a Big Lie can be spun to explain away the slaughter, in this manner: all those kids weren't actually starved to death - they simply died from a benign "experiment" gone wrong!

Something "experimental" sounds more legitimate and even necessary, after all, than starving children to death outright. And all the evidence I've been publishing on that Canadian Genocide since 1996 clearly shows that boys and girls in the Indian residential schools were being given no food at all as routinely as they were being exposed to other kids dying of tuberculosis. That's how you spread communicable diseases and wipe out half the children: lower the immunity of those little bodies with damp, unheated, underfed conditions. That was the official policy.

Suddenly, that big picture of Genocide has been wiped away in Canada quicker than a papal absolution, simply by labelling the whole slaughter as a matter of "experimentation". And the spin was brilliant, actually, if you judge by the orgasmic response among most Canadians to this "disclosure" that is, in truth, nothing new at all: for the programs responsible for denying food and vitamins to residential school children were first described and released to the Canadian press, by me, in the spring of 2000.

But that's the way the Delusion operates: history gets reinvented, the crowd gets placated, and the criminals stay in control.

Kenny never did get discharged from the Chronics Ward: not while I was there, at least. But somehow, that doesn't make much of a difference to me, or to Kenny; especially since the Nuthouse is everywhere now. And in such a world, one declares that black is black and wrong is wrong at the risk of everything, considering who and what is in charge.

Stay clear.