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NEWS RELEASE · 16th August 2013
The Tahltan Call on all Sacred Headwaters Supporters to Stand Against Fortune Minerals RIGHT NOW!

Fortune Minerals Given 24 hours to leave Sacred Headwaters and their proposed coal mine on Mount Klappan.

Fortune's history in the Klappan shows they likely won't leave, RCMP & a company representative are on their way into the headwaters to meet with Tahltan Elders and community members.

What can you do to help?

FOLKS - We need you RIGHT now more than ever!

Here are FIVE things you can do to support SWCC and the Tahltan in permanently protecting the Sacred Headwaters - birthplace of the Stikine, Skeena and Nass watersheds, 3 of our greatest wild salmon rivers!

1.) Sign the petition that nicely says - GET THE HELL OUT OF THE SACRED HEADWATERS!

2.) Get all your friends to sign the petition! Email and share, share, share on Facebook and Twitter!

3.) Send a message that we can read on your behalf to the Tahltan at their camp in the Sacred Headwaters?

4.) Donate to SWCC to help support the permanent protection of the Sacred Headwaters.

5.) BE THERE! Load up the kids, the dog and some grub and get up to the headwaters to stand in alliance with the Tahltan. We've prepared a suggested gear list and map for your convenience - please have a look at it.

Here's your chance to visit the Sacred Headwaters in person and camp with the Tahltan and the SWCC crew. Swim in the very lake that the Skeena and Stikine come from and witness a Sacred Headwaters sunset for yourself. See you soon!


The mountain you see behind the Tahltan in the photo above is Mt. Klappan and it sits alongside the Spatsizi Wilderness Plateau in the heart of the Sacred Headwaters - known to Fortune Minerals as their "Arctos Anthracite proposal for a mountain crumbling open pit coal mine.

Late last night several members of the Tahltan nation gave a 24 hour eviction notice to Fortune Minerals. The Tahltan Nation collaborated with downstream residents and organizations like SWCC to oppose Shell’s proposed coalbed methane plans while Fortune waited quietly in the background. We didn’t fight Shell for ten years so a coal company could build a huge open pit mine on our sacred mountain! Read the Press Release.

You can read full details from our witnesses who were right there with the elders or watch some raw footage of the eviction and the Tahltan traditional camp at the base of Mt. Klappan. This happens to be the very camp Fortune Minerals wants to use as their rock pit.
Is it Underlying intent
Comment by Wuhyee Wii Medeek on 12th November 2013
It is a known fact that mining company's do not have a solution or an answer to contain selenium, a dangerous bi product of mining.selenium and other nitrates will rise in levels that will be devastating to the salmon birds and all other life that surrounds these water sheds.

When rocks are blasted apart celenium is released and is carried to the river systems by rain and streams and when fish absorb celenium in its body in high levels, it affects the reproductive system of the fish. The salmon fry hatch with their spines bent out of shape and they die. Is The underlying intent hydro electric dams, on shore oil and gas, access to offshore oil and gas in the Hecate straits.

When you remove the renewable resources then you can go after the non renewable resources like oil and gas, coal, hydroelectric dams. The east coast is a prime example, once the cod were overfished and the cod fishery shut down, they built and towed the largest off shorevoul rig in the world on top of the grand banks where the cod used to spawn and have been drilling and pumping oil ever since the cod fishery was shut down, all Short term gain for long term pain.

What guarantee can the coal company give that no selenium or other dangerous nitrates will not make it to these valuable three river systems. They cannot because today's technology can not contain these bi products of mining and rock blasting.