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COMMENTARY · 16th August 2013
Beware all pilots. Participating in activities threatening to the Indigenous peoples and their lands is psychologically dangerous!

Last month a pilot who was described by the company as a hard working regular stable guy suddenly lost it and began shooting at his helicopter and others described him as engaging in a gun battle.

“He’s an amazing pilot, I’ve known him for a long time," James Carr told one media source, "Nobody saw this coming. He’s one of my very good friends so it makes it even harder. This is something that came out of left field.”

RCMP Cst Brian Blair is reported to have stated,
"There was parts of it that was logical but there was the disconnect between what happened and his logic, [...] It was really an odd situation, because he seems very articulate and very intelligent very hard working, very responsible, but what he was talking about wasn't tied in to what happened."

Today we have new reports from the Tahltan people who are doing everything in their power to save the three major rivers of the northwest, the Stikine, the Skeena and the Nass of yet another pilot who lost his mind.

The pilot working for Lakelse Air and Bear Creek Contracting, owned and operated by a local Terrace man, Ian Munson, veered off course with a heavy load hanging from his A-Star Chopper and flew directly over the “Beauty Camp” of the Tahltan. This action is not just irresponsible, dangerous and even crazy; it is illegal and subject to investigation by the Transportation and Safety Board.

Last month Lakelse Air and the RCMP refused to release any information regarding the shoot out at the Klappan when the other Lakelse Air Pilot ‘lost it’. The Terrace Daily finally reported on it without receiving a response from Lakelse Air other than one employee stating “An incident did occur”. After we covered it, linked above, the RCMP finally issued a news release. Today, again. we were met only with answering machines.

The picture above is a direct shot filmed from the Beauty camp, a location far out of the way of the Klappan exploration operations. Inset are pictures of two A-Star Choppers direct from Lakelse Air's website. The upper chopper is likely the one filmed as it has a higher lift capacity. The pilot would have had to expend considerable effort, and fuel, diverting to fly this load directly over those intending to stop the operations.

This is another action of a pilot losing his common sense.

The entire operation at the Klappan Fortune Minerals Arctos site including the entire operations of Lakelse Air must be ordered to shut down immediately with a full investigation as to what is occurring.

If it is not the ancient ancestors, which most will not understand, then it is the instructions and the attitude of the management of Bear Creek, Lakelse Air with Ian Munson. Something has to be determined to be at the root cause of this absolute idiocy and it must stop now before someone dies.
Concerned Citizen/Shox
Comment by James B Ippel on 26th August 2013
Any reliable information I have is that "NO ONE" shot back.
To Concerned: I did not make my living off of "your territory." Where in the hell does "your Territory" enter into the picture? Cut the crap buddy. Nor am I on a one track mind. Nor am I "bias" as you so eloquently state.
If you take the time to read my previous post, which pointed out that the workers in camp waited till the "pilot" ran out of ammunition before subduing him.
To Shox--Don't even talk to me about the family of Ian Bush. I don't know who Sammy Yatim is. Please enlighten me. Bush lied to the Police, and paid the price.
Call me what you want, I don't give a shit. Just remember, I also am permitted to post an opinion, and I always have my name displayed, "
RCMP don't shoot people for no apparent reason.....
Comment by Shox on 24th August 2013
James Ippil,

tell that to the family of Sammy Yatim or to the family of Ian Bush.

you might want to get your facts straight before posting garbage.
James...all of the reports
Comment by concerned citizen on 22nd August 2013
stated that the workers shot back...and I don't expect you to believe that the traditional elders would be shot if they even held a gun...haven't you read any of the news lately? You are bias and one probably made your living off of our territory...and this is how you show your appreciation...join the club...maybe you can be their leader!
concerned citizen
Comment by James B Ippel on 22nd August 2013
The mine workers were not armed. They waited until the offender ran out of ammunition, and then subdued him.
There were not two pilots involved or misdiagnosed as you suggest. The second pilot involved in the Afhganistan is still flying for a major helicopter company with no ill effects. The pilot involved in this incident unfortunately had flashbacks.
As we all know, Medicine is not "perfect"
Your reference to a" tradition elder" is off base. You, I, and everyone else knows that this comment is pure unadulterated bullshit. The RCMP don't go around shooting people for no apparent reason. You might want to get your facts straight before posting garbage.
Maybe the Tahltans and other FN need a NO FLY ZONE
Comment by concerned citizen on 22nd August 2013
I wonder if the unceded land owners can implement a no fly zone in their territories? That way these unwanted corporations can't cowardly sneak in when the roads are blocked by the people that own them?
So that makes it two pilots....
Comment by concerned citizen on 22nd August 2013
If both of these pilots were misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all, then how many more are there? And no one is answering why the mine workers were armed in the first place, in the first incident. Are they allowed to bring guns to work? or does the company give them out when they are hired?
If a traditional elder brought a gun onto their own territory in this protected area they would be shot by rcmp first and asked questions later...
Were all the guns confiscated after the first shooting? or were they allowed to keep them to protect the destruction of the area?
I hope the transportation safety peoples are brought in to investigate this dangerous operation.
Comment by James B Ippel on 21st August 2013
Do you know the background of this particular pilot? Do you know he was a pilot prior to entering and flying for the Armed Forces for 12 years, and doing several tours of duty in Afganistan? Do you know he was not flying in a combat mission, but rather transporting food and medical supplies for our troops? Do you know that he was shot at even flying in non combat situations--no one on the helicopters he was piloting or co piloting was armed, hence had no way of protecting themselves. People he was flying with were shot and injured, some seriously.
After release from the Military this pilot was debriefed and given a clean bill of health. Sad to say, PTSS reared its ugly head. This had nothing to do with the" Spirits" occupying the Sacred Headwaters and sending this poor man on a path of destruction, as has been implied by you. This man suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and unfortunately was not detected by the Doctors who gave him a clean bill of health.
Sadly, even though we expect miracles from our Doctors, even they are fallible.
Thanks for the reminder
Comment by Local on 19th August 2013
I have been witness to the arrogance of "said boater" on the Skeena in more recent times. Its amazing when you connect the dots, I guess apples really don't fall far from their trees. Very unfortunate to read such stories and hear how people think they can just make it go away, and read their arrogant responses - hiding behind lawyers and money. Why not do some good with your wealth? Thank you for reporting on all this. I truly hope the Klappan will be protected.
Much more on facebook
Comment by MWPR on 17th August 2013
As we get threatened by those who do wrong, and as the Catholics band together to financially punish us for exposing their cultish crimes, it is not trite to point out this groups Catholic connections, the same cult which destroyed all the indigenous culture over the past 150 years here. Just like the KoC - Jimmy Jones would be proud of their blind devotion.

Their sense of entitlement was expressed by their brutish arrogance on the Pitman/Stikine Rivers a few years back. The attitude has not changed apparently.

Read the expose' IDIOTS ON THE PITMAN RIVER - TERRACITES EMBARRASS THE NW by copying this link into your browser.

And don't forget to follow the link to read the comments posted by those who witnessed this bunch. Remember the pilot who had a gun, the RCMP were questioning about? Well, just read how they behaved firing dozens of rounds wildly in the bush, from their boat, around other hunters.

Then ask yourself where the attitude comes from.
We would welcome a law suit - fill your boots
Comment by MWPR on 17th August 2013
We will accept all notices and statements of claim by email and will acknowledge receipt of such via email. Just as a courtesy to save you a portion of the vast sums you might spend to prove us correct.

news at

We offered the same to Bruce Lantz, former Mayor of Fort St John. He went away quickly and quietly, just as you will.

First things first though, the TSB
Are you serious?
Comment by Lakelse Air on 17th August 2013
If you continue to slander us we will see you in court. Our aircraft have state of the art satellite tracking systems that are accurate to the foot. I can assure you that we can prove that our aircraft never went anywhere near that camp. When you have to stand u in a court of law and defend yourself I hope you are an expert in these matters. Good luck!

This message was deleted by the author and we reposted it.
Charges forthcoming?
Comment by Janice Robinson on 17th August 2013
If the allegations are true, then we will know that those helicopter pilots have de-humanized the Tahltans at Camp Beauty.

If true, that brazen, out-of-the-way flyover, with a swinging load was a demonstration of what they're able (maybe willing) to do to stop their efforts. (I've worked in camps, and am fully cognizant of safety procedures around incoming/outgoing helicopters). It was a blatant threat of potentially deadly violence.

That's what the Tahltan are dealing with. This treachery has been going on for hundreds of years! Weapons change (money, guns, booze, cocaine, boats, lies.......helicopters). In out-of-the-way places, quietly. Rarely reported in the mainstream media. Often, with the cooperation of deluded Indians. Did you know the mainstream media has known, for years, of the rampant abuse, neglect and possibly murders occurring in Homes for the Elderly? Will it ever end? How? The good thing is:

NOW IT'S IN YOUR FACE! Thanks to technology and daring, truthful journalism.
The incident was caught on phone cam too
Comment by Eye Witness Account on 17th August 2013
"As we set about our camp chores helicopters buzzed right overhead multiple times. It was obvious they were flying out of their way to check out our camp as the direct route to Mount Klappan would not take them over our camps. After three flights overhead in quick succession a camera was set up on a tripod to film the helicopter travelling right above camp. "