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COMMENTARY · 27th August 2013
VIDEO UPDATE By Helen Caldicott - click on link.


Sorry for the bad news folks but we’d wish the truth was fiction. On page A24 of today’s Vancouver Province, (August 27) hidden on the last page of their news section, only a hint of the tragedy was described as “Japanese Government struggles to control crippled nuclear reactors.”

Two other absolutely ridiculous statements were contained in this brief five paragraph article.

“The Minister said poor maintenance by TEPCO was to blame for continuing problems at the site.”

“[the minister] visited the plant Monday to determine the progress on decommissioning three reactors damaged by an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.”

Well with statements like this from BC’s main media we can be certain everything else is simply nonsense.

“Damaged” What ignorant idiotic garbage was that? These were three Nuclear reactors that exploded and melted down! They continue to melt down. AND how in anyone’s brain can it be referred to as “decommissioning”? We have a Nuclear catastrophe! Decommissioning is turning something off not addressing the worst catastrophic event mankind has ever seen. “Poor Maintenance - Continuing Problems”?

Wow, there are not enough adjectives in which to ridicule the Vancouver Province.

We suppose the Province and Post Media do not think British Columbians can handle the truth.

Here is the truth, like it or not. The leak of radioactive elements from the melted down reactors has completely permeated the entire food chain of the North Pacific. The herring all swim through the very waters off the Fukushima Oceanic wasteland. All the Salmon, Tuna and other sea life feed on these herring. The herring are all bleeding from sores from the diseases acquired from the radiation. We cannot prove the Sockeye didn’t return to our rivers because of this but all empirical evidence points to it as being at the source of the massive losses.

So while we all worry about oil tankers, Enbridge and the poisoning of our major rivers by such uncaring corporations such as Fortune Minerals and Imperial Metals we are already way too late.

The Pacific will shortly be dead as will all reproductive life, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.

But don’t expect the local news to inform you. The government controlled (bought and paid for) press like to keep us all dumbed down and delusional.

Try reading something clear and informative. Follow this link Click Here and follow the links contained within this extremely informative and thorough article.

As we said, we’d rather it was fiction.

For another perspective...
Comment by D. Metz on 2nd September 2013
An interesting article stating that the only fish to avoid are in the area of Fukishima and maybe bluefin tuna.
Although the disaster is bad and needs to be stopped and cleaned up it is not a doomsday machine for the entire Pacific ocean food chain.

And no the writer of the article is not part of the corporate controlled MSM either.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 1st September 2013
The so-called treaty Canada and British Columbia are making with the wee village of Kitsumkalum does not address the issue of fish in any meaningful way. This treaty broke the back of the Tsimshian Nation. Maybe you should call up the chief councillor, Don Roberts, about this matter.
Don has loudly, publicly proclaimed himself to be an expert on the Skeena River. That was the day he nominated himself to join his uncle Alec Bolton in the treaty office as an expert.

So much is going on with our environment, especially our food sources. Thank God for people like David Suzuki, tree huggers, the Tahltan Nation, environmentalists.

I think the sockeye will come back, eventually. I don't know how many eyes or fins they'll have though. One lump or two?
Testing, Data, Herring and more
Comment by MWPR on 1st September 2013
To those who challenged this article and asked for more info and data- we provided it with the link near the end of the writing. We chose to write to set the stage and then provide the link for those interested in learning more. There was no point in rewriting an article already prepared and well researched. As for testing? You obviously didn't follow the link. As for range of herring? You obviously didn't follow the link. Get who to test - Agate? What idiocy is this? We pay tax dollars to government agencies to provide proper independent research. And if you followed the link you would discouver the truth behind this sad tale as well. But like most reactionary commenters on the internet, taking the time to truely understand is secondary to mouthing off.

Here is the direct address to the well researched article. What you do is copy and paste it into a new window. Then you read it. And you also have the opportunity to follow more links if actual learning and education is something you are interested in.
Actually, things have changed a lot
Comment by Beatnuck on 30th August 2013
"I liken it to the Northwest Mounted Police protecting the Hudsons Bay Trading posts - little has changed."

Actually, one of the main functions of the RCMP in the colonial era was to protect the natives from the unscrupulous traders, who often plied the natives with alcohol so they could take economic advantage of them. The American traders were of particularly concern to the Canadian colonial governments.

Unfortunately for native people in Canada, the RCMP no longer fulfill a mandate to protect the natives from outside economic interests.
Data ???
Comment by Dale Manson on 29th August 2013
Try some science ... ask AGATE to run some tests on returning salmon. I am sure we would all like to hear the results.
Comment by Paul Repstock on 29th August 2013
This looks like either more unsubtle fear mongering or ignorant hysteria.
I think MWPR better give it's head a shake to clear out the manure!
The herring don't "all swim through" the current off Fukushima. Think about it, Herring swim slowly in vast schools. They don't have outboards strapped to their tails!
BTW, What has caused the "bleeding herring" in previous years?
Great Article...Good Write up
Comment by Larry on 29th August 2013
It only goes to prove that our "great national leaders" figure bombing some pee on in Syria is far more important (and expensive I might add)...than getting together and stopping this leak in Japan (they themselves don't seem to the ability or know how to do it). The world seems to be going to "hell in a basket" and nobody is driving the cart....
Comment by martin on 28th August 2013
What about the radiation detector on Haida Gwai?
Our perceived leaders refuse to even speak to the issues
Comment by MWPR on 27th August 2013
Beginning with the first indications of the Fukushima being a nuclear accident right through the actual meltdowns and explosions to today with the poisoned food chain, all agencies tasked with protecting and informing the population have completely failed.

As a good friend stated recently, we must remember they are not "governments" they are directors of corporations. And this is a little known truth.

Their direct responsibility is to the profits of the Corporation (call it a Nation if that makes you feel better) not to the people or the employees of the corporation.

Just like today in the Klappan, the RCMP have set up a camp to protect the profits of Fortune Minerals who will provide benefit to the corporation of Canada. The RCMP will not do what the Tahltan want them to do, follow their directives and evict them, but will follow the directives of the Mining company and the courts to get an injunction against the Tahltan.

I liken it to the Northwest Mounted Police protecting the Hudsons Bay Trading posts - little has changed.

We fail ourselves by allowing these corporate criminals (call them governments if it makes you feel better) to destroy our civil, peaceful and loving communities.
Stupid to think it wouldn't happen
Comment by Sandy on 27th August 2013
Here is an article about blue fin tuna, all tested positive for very high levels of radiation, all from Japan. Guess its time to go vegan.