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CONTRIBUTION · 29th August 2013
My husband and I recently bought a house in Jack Pine, after renting for years we were finally able to purchase. My two daughters have been going to school in town since the beginning and now with one in Skeena Middle school and the younger one going into grade 6, she wanted to finish the elementary grade with the kids she grew up with at Cassie Hall. So now having to deal with bus routes to get my kids to and from school I was quite surprised to find out that they want to charge me $20 a month to bus my child from Jack Pine to Cassie Hall even tho there is a bus that goes from there to Jack Cook every day anyway. I sat down with my daughter last night and tried to explain to her why she may not be able to go to the school that she wants and why she can't be with the friends she grew up with in school, and as the tears came to her eyes, I realized that I would have to find a way to pay this extra expense. I'm wondering how this type of thing can happen. I know all about budget cuts, but charging families for their kids to get to school on a SCHOOL BUS is getting to the point of ridiculous. I'm thinking if the School Board took some pay cuts our children could get to and from school with out the parents trying to figure out how to budget another bill that is added to the already low income they recieve.
I'm not sure how i'm going to fit expense into my budget but I guess if I want my daughter to go to the school of her choice, I'll find a way!
I understand
Comment by MD on 18th October 2013
i have three kids in three different schools, elementry, middle and caledonia. I applied for school bus pick up, but was denied due to being within city limits. (i looked at the city limit line, we fall right on the line. ) my husband knows for a fact there is pick up across the street, along the highway. i am currently in a battle myself with the city for my kids to be picked up by a bus that drives by close to where we live. my landlord is willing to help us, as he said he was picked up by the school bus at this location his entire school years. for now they expect my seven year old to walk two city blocks to the nearest city transit, where there are no side walks or street lights. I offered to pay extra if they can catch the school bus, but that was not an option. I am not going to give up this battle, no way my kids are going to be left in the cold! fill up these empty school buses with kids willing to get their education!
again...wind farm
Comment by Hmmmm on 12th September 2013
saying it again; put a windfarm in the empty Thornhill School Grounds. Generate funds from the surplus electriciy and the school district would have surplus cash with a no defecit budget or petty issues such as this
The Right School
Comment by Rich on 6th September 2013
If you read the note sent home from the school board it tells you that if your child chooses to go to a school outside thier catchment area you will have to pay for that privilege. If you go to the school designated for the area you choose to live in busing is included
Comment by J on 6th September 2013
First ... World... Problems...
A new position must be paid for
Comment by Dylan Freethy on 5th September 2013
You must remember that a new school board position was made for former secretary Carol Leclerc and in this time of budget cutbacks this new position has to be funded from somewhere. It's 20 dollars now but when will it end, what about next year's budget shortfall.
Not so bad
Comment by KH on 5th September 2013
$20 a month isn't really that bad considering that most kids these days have their own cell phones which generate higher bills than this! Yes, everything adds up in the long run, but could this expense be taken out of the children's allowances perhaps? Maybe extra chores to earn the ride to school? We shouldn't be complaining about such a small fee to pay per month when we live in a part of a world where we are fortunate enough to have education available!
Comment by JL on 4th September 2013
I think we're not getting the full story - is there free busing provided to children to take them to a closer school? or do all families pay?
I'm not sure as a taxpayer I should have to support the added cost of busing children to a different school just because you made a personal choice to live in a different district.
Using your child to try to guilt the rest of us into feeling sorry for you is inappropriate. If you can afford to buy a home there and the added cost of getting yourself into town then I don't think $20/mnth should be unaffordable - besides which you should have researched this before you moved.
It may seem like you're singled out to pay but if every family wanted to choose the school their children attend and expect free busing we would have a huge problem.
It is nothing more ...than a form of double taxation
Comment by Larry on 4th September 2013
By allowing school boards (elected) to "double dip" by charging the parents of children for books, extra circular activies, busing, etc. amounts to north more that a double tax system. The province has basically said...."this is all the $$ you get....what more then tax the the children" and then have the guts to sell it to the public as the lost of a better education. CRAP...NORTHING BUT CRAP>
Comment by Mary on 30th August 2013
My sister had to pay $50 per month for her child in Alberta for years to use the school bus to go to her school. And that wasn't the school of her choice either! That was just the regular school she attended. If the child was not attending school on a certain day she had better make sure she called in well in advance in the morning to let the school bus driver knew or there was a penalty. So perhaps it has trickled down from Alberta for extra costs. Doesn't seem fair though. Hoping something will be worked out for your daughter