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CONTRIBUTION · 7th November 2013
Klaus Urbantke

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Originally Published September 2, 2013

I suppose you are aware of the strange sounds heard in Terrace on the morning of Aug. 29.

I just want to confirm that I also heard these sounds in North Terrace and they were LOUD. As a matter of fact, I was wearing ear plugs and these weird sounds woke me up (I had the windows open)!

It was not a train or a grader working at the Sportsplex.

Here is a Youtube list of exactly the same sounds from other parts of the globe:

And in Terrace;
How many Grader operators are there?
Comment by MWPR on 7th November 2013
I know of only two qualified grader operators working for the City of Terrace. maybe there are more who can run it but for fucks sake guys, put your name forward and say it was you and do it again!

Or are you going to let that ass of a Mayor hide behind the lies as he continues to deceive the entire Northwest?

Were you on shift early morning August 29th? Do you have a time card? A log book showing you had the grader out?

This is so easy with a City crew of three? What the hell is wrong with all of you?

Disprove or Prove it!

It cannot be that tough!

Or has the whole world of citizens become spineless twits?
re: haarp shutdown
Comment by Amy on 5th September 2013
Haarp facility in Alaska was only temporarily shut down for 4-6 weeks beginning July 15th. So it could have been operational and testing again in mid August.
Comment by Amy on 5th September 2013
(High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is definitely very very plausable.

Comment by Klaus on 4th September 2013
The HAARP facility is presently shut down. See

So much for that theory.

Oh, and here is another video of these weird sounds taken in February 2012 at Douglas Lake, BC (that's between Merritt and Vernon in the Okanagan).

grader blade?
Comment by a grant on 4th September 2013
All supernatural explanations aside,I would be amazed to see a grader blade that actually could come within 4 inches of the ground in this area, or am I confusing them with snowplows?
Grader blade sharpening?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 4th September 2013
If someone from the city was sharpening a grader blade and the sound carried as far as this one did, wouldn't that person be able to say: "yes I did it and the noise was deafening at close range?" So who did it?
Comment by KnowsMoreThenYou on 4th September 2013
These sounds are indeed logical. These are audible side effects from the US Military project known as HARRP. It is a Billion, yes Billion watt transmitter. Its powered by its own natural gas plant, and is by far the most powerful transmitter in the world. Although the project is classified, there is much speculation about its uses. Sometimes the sounds are accompanied by visual effects. If you have access to amateur / ham radio and a spectrum analyzer it is likely there would be some interesting signal anomalies coinciding with the sound. If you have ever been near a ham radio, it can make audio through devices that are not even powered simply due to powerful EMF. That is a much lower power transmission however. HARRP is speculated to have many uses. Some include extending the ionosphere out an additional 80KM, heating earthquake fault lines through magnetic induction from within the earth, interfering with foreign communications, and much more. Most people in Terrace know very little about the world around them, and lesser still about the world in general. Here is a hint, there are technologies and truths so far beyond your understanding that if you just want to laugh this off as a prank, your probably better off then if you ever did learn the truth. For most of you the truth about many things is a liability that would only interfere with your life as you know it presently. Ignorance is bliss. Most of you should forget you heard anything at all anyhow. Safer that way.
Comment by MWPR on 4th September 2013
People used to attribute earthquakes, volcanoes and even the Northern lights to "Gods" or aliens. we surely have moved beyond that. And those who make up tales, such as graders sharpening their blades, have never worked with graders. What fool would even suggest such a thing? These people are the same as those who claimed the nuclear accident was and is not anything to worry about. We should tar and feather them and drum them outta town. Making up stories so they don't have to address the issue? These are the worst type of people.

We now know about Northern Lights, Volcanoes, Tsunamis and Earthquakes. This is due to thoughtful reasoned people, not yes men who claim falsehoods.
Then why won't the City re-create it?
Comment by Travis on 4th September 2013
Where have you been Christian? This has been hear all over the town in many different aeras of Terrace, Hazelton, Vancouver. Why wont the city of Terrace re create this event if they claim they are the source. Scientist from Sask have put their 2 possible answers and guess what, we had 6.1 earthquake just days after.
Easy to prove or disprove grader scenario
Comment by Karen on 4th September 2013
The cities' explanation of a grader blade being sharpened, scrapping on pavement, or whatever the explanation was, would be rather easy to prove. Since the same, or similar sounds, have been heard in many parts of the globe you would think someone would be eager to dispel all the rumors.

By re-enacting and documenting the scenario maybe the city could reassure us all that aliens are not about to invade the planet...or we could leave it up to the scientists:
Not so mysterious
Comment by Christian Wright on 3rd September 2013
Why is it when a logical explanation for anything strange is discovered, people always want it to be supernatural? All of this "sky sounds" around the world is mostly bullshit, most of it just people screwing around with sound effects from not very good Hollywood films such as Red State and War of The Worlds. Then some are explained as boring old heavy machinery and now the conspiracy theory nonsense sets in. Collectively as a species we are still just dumb.