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NEWS RELEASE · 19th September 2013
Tahltan Central Council
Tahltan challenge Government's appointment of Klappan mediator

UBCIC supports Thaltan

Tahltan Central Council has reacted angrily today to the Province's announcement by press release that it has, without consultation, appointed a mediator to push through the development of an open pit coal mine on Mount Klappan.

The announcement was made Tuesday (September 17) in a press release issue on the provincial government website. The press release states that the purpose of the mediator is to "allow the [open pit coal mine] Arctos project to proceed".

The news comes just a week after a joint Tahltan and Province working group was set up to look at the long-term future of the area, which is also known as the Sacred Headwaters.

"I am incensed," said Tahltan Central Council president Annita McPhee. "This is the most shocking, appalling and upsetting step I have seen from the Province in my years on the Tahltan Central Council." She added: "In one ill-advised, poorly worded and insulting press release, the Province has pre-judged that the Fortune Minerals' Arctos project should proceed, even though it hasn't yet gone through their own assessment process. "We had no prior knowledge that the Province was about to appoint a mediator: this decision was made without consultation or agreement on what this person's mandate might be. It backtracks on the working group which we set up last week."

When the announcement was made, Tahltan leaders immediately contacted senior Government officials asking for it to be retracted to allow the difficult situation to be discussed and a suitable outcome agreed.

While officials did meet with Ms. McPhee on the evening of September 18th, the release had not been retracted. "I simply don't understand why the Government thinks the way to defuse a situation of this complexity is through unilateralism.

The pathway to resolving this is by building trust, not cultivating mistrust."

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Who called and
Comment by NAM on 20th September 2013
Who called the RCMP to be at the Talhtan blockade and why did they call?

Was it the Tahltan or the Fortune Minerals?

How many RCMP are there at the blockade camp?

How long will the RCMP presence be at the blockade?

How much does it cost the BC taxpayer to have one RCMP at the blockade?

How much does it cost the BC taxpayer to support: fuel, water, food, etc a camp for a day?

How many incidents have been recorded so far?

Comment by kwilhye on 20th September 2013
British Columbia, Canada and Fortune Minerals and Shell and their lawyers have many world educated personnel on their payroll, Board of Directors, CEO's, consultants.

As part of each resume I assume and we all know that to assume is not good. But I assume because all of these high profile high paying positions to make the tough or maybe not so tough in their mines because it is all money.

Question, how many of these peoples mentioned in paragraph one, have taken and past a Canadian First Nations course.

If they have then each would know way the Tahltan and all other First Nations stand for there traditional lands and all it means. With out the lands to offer food clothing etc there is nothing. And each has a responsibly to keep in good condition for the next and next and next... generation.

These peoples mentioned in paragraph one will know this if each has taken the FN courses?

Or is their plan to plead ignorance (to Late) ask your lawyer. and continue - "we have a good working relationship with (said nation) " Question what does this mean. with who is this good working relationship with? some non-first nation work for the nation or some retired politician working for the first nation for their best interest? when say their best interest who do you mean. the first nation who is paying their hefty wage, day rate or their old friends in paragraph one?

done deal
Comment by richard on 19th September 2013
chinese corps already paid the goverment... goverment is just trying to swindle it out of first nations. remember that plane that had that mineral detection strapped to her belly. Well that info was given to these corporation's for future mining...they know whats here ....just a matter of conning first nations for extraction of coal, gold and the mineral belt flowing threw the north west..paid for with your tax dollars. That was Campbells great plan. He just gave it away,c osting the tax payers over 100 million....yet they want foreign workers now to extract your resources for you, as if there aren`t enough qualifed workers here. where did all the $$$$$$$$$ go.... ask the liberal goverment of BC. We are so in debt, yet we borrow off chiness corps, can`t pay the loans so just take it. more and more resources are payers are on the hook. goverment are liars. BC, over the last decade should have bailed ourselves out by now, instead billions.. in outstanding debt. how`s it possible? where's Campbell now, ambassador to England....he left the country with millions and his cronies took over. No wonder the province is broke...we`ll pay, but no one to watch the government...plain jane, stupidity at it`s finest... now crusty clark and feds rape bc of the resorces. done deal. just like the loggin pratices,raw loggs to china as they have been BC raping every stitch of timber and sending to china. Wake up Canadians. Don`t have to be the smartest canyon in the box to figure it out.