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P.S.A.'S · 7th October 2013
It is about fucking time a National newspaper chain is finally reporting on what we have been stating for years.

Mounties raped, abused B.C. aboriginal girls, rights watchdog alleges in report


OTTAWA — A new report by a respected international human rights watchdog has accused RCMP officers of abusing aboriginal women and girls in northern British Columbia.

New York-based Human Rights Watch uncovered one allegation of rape and others of assault by Mounties against aboriginals in rural B.C. communities.

The alleged incidents were uncovered as part of a broader investigation into charges of systemic neglect of missing and murdered aboriginal women along B.C.’s Highway 16, nicknamed the “Highway of Tears.”


“After years of hearing stories and doing our best to try and get some accountability, we felt we owed it to the girls to take the next steps, to try and get some kind of investigation and bring these allegations and abuses to light,” said Annabel Webb, the founder of the Vancouver group Justice for Girls, which works with poor, troubled teens.


The most serious allegation involved a woman who told researchers that she was raped and threatened with death by four RCMP officers after she was abused in a remote location.

Other allegations include: young girls being pepper sprayed and shocked with a Taser; a 12-year-old girl being attacked by a police dog; a 17-year-old girl being repeatedly punched by an officer; women strip-searched by male officers; and women injured by excessive force during their arrests.

“In 5 of the 10 towns Human Rights Watch visited in the north, we heard allegations of rape or sexual assault by police officers,” the report states.

“Human Rights Watch was struck by the level of fear on the part of women we met to talk about sexual abuse inflicted by police officers.”

Rhoad said about a dozen young women cancelled interviews with researchers because they were too scared of repercussions from police officers working in their small communities.

Well Then

No Fucking Surprise there eh? Welcome to Terrace.

Christ man - we wrote about it all years ago - Here

How about Jenny Helgen and Judge Ramsey? Oh how soon we forget while we drive around comfortably, dressed so fine, in our fancy cars.

and then there was Celynn

Celynn was 13 years old when she was attacked by Ramsay. Her father stated; "My daughter told me by name about several police officers who abused her or were regular dates paying for sex,"

Written and published many years ago - I was angry then and I am angry still. When will we stand up against this?

When do we get to tar and feather the RCMP?
Stand up People ....
Comment by Dale Manson on 31st October 2013
It's time to deal with this corruption ....
Totally agree
Comment by Jules on 28th October 2013
The RCMP members are a bunch of thugs outfitted in military battle gear and legally entitled to carry weapons and use them without impunity.

I would never question anyone accusing that bunch of thugs of rape, assault and making false accusations as we've witnessed the truth in those accusations too many times to doubt it.

I also totally believe they're racists towards all Natives and will do them harm at every opportunity and will target the young women (and men) if given the chance.
I wonder if anyone cares what the actual article is?
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 21st October 2013
Instead of focusing on merv can we focus on the concerns, safety and abuses that the article actually talks about.
Oh - and in case you missed it
Comment by MWPR on 14th October 2013
This was a story by the National Post. The link is right there. Click where it says "Source". Maybe some are not computer literate enough to follow the links. So use the mouse, run it over the word "Source" and press on the left button on the mouse. We even provided their title - it wasn't ours!

Mounties raped, abused B.C. aboriginal girls, rights watchdog alleges in report

All we did (MWPR) was provide the introduction. And further links to all the investigative work over a span of 7 years.

One might not like the truth but there it is.

As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Or in this case,

You can lead a man to knowledge but you can't make him think.
Throwing Mud?
Comment by MWPR on 13th October 2013
They are swimming in it and now the rest of the world knows it. It is not all of them but their is a code blue shut your mouth symptom of the force. Some confide in me their disgust with their superiors. Notice how one has been missing in action?

Open your eyes and smell the effluent.

And listen to the Indian elders - the women who are living today from the terror they experienced as youngsters.

History is repeating itself.

But of course shooting the messenger is much easier than facing reality.

As one great man once said

"It is not what we don't know that gets us into trouble, it is what we know for sure that just aint so!"
time for a time out
Comment by Shakin My Head on 13th October 2013
Oh whoa there, boy ... it's either time for the funny farm or time to shut down this page, MPWR or whatever this site is now called.

I sure hope you don't ever need the services of our police officers and if you do, you better pray none of them hold the kinds of grudges you are dragging around.

You've got time to sling mud at the cops many noticed you had no time to be of assistance when the rest of this community pulled together to help find the missing mushroom pickers.
Wing and a nut
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 10th October 2013
Merv time you took a pill or two. You are becoming a bit irrational in your quest for......God knows what!
Comment by bryan on 9th October 2013
what are terrarists? Is this some play on words that I'm not getting?
rude, wrong, uneducated fools
Comment by jenny kenny on 9th October 2013
I can't believe this is allowed as free speech. almost qualifies as hate crime, propaganda, verbal, or in this case, written diarrhea. It's sad that somewhere in Terrace I will have to drive beside you, see you in the grocery store, or see you at the library. Oh wait, that couldn't be possible.
Comment by James B Ippel on 8th October 2013

Where in the hell do you get your misguided information. One thing I will give you credit for, you have a vivid "IMAGINATION."
And don't forget - well you were never really told -
Comment by MWPR on 7th October 2013
A stack of Terrace RCMP officers went to Toronto to beat up people during the G8 and G20 peaceful protests. At least 5. We paid for them to go. Peaceful until the police arrived. We tried for years to get their names but were denied on every attempt.

The Terrace RCMP got even further training on how to abuse people there - oh wait maybe they were the instructors.
Here is my belief - the RCMP are behind our missing women
Comment by MWPR on 7th October 2013
I state firmly and without reservation, after my intensive seven years of life covering every issue in the Northwest, living with and involving myself in every manner of life in Terrace, I believe it is the RCMP members themselves who have killed numerous aboriginal women.

The highway of tears is solely the responsibility of the RCMP. They did it and that is why it has not been solved.

They pick them up, threaten them, and if they think they will be exposed for their rapes they will kill the woman.

Can I prove it? - fuck no.

Do I believe it?

Absolutely and with no doubt.