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COMMENTARY · 9th October 2013
Did anyone read this week’s article in the printed paper by Rob Brown? I can only describe it as; “Mommy they’re in my spot and they’re catching more fish than me.”

Regardless if a person is driving a rental car or not, if they have they’re licence and are fishing legally it means then they are entitled to be there.

So a tip Rob get up a little earlier!

As for making it a fly fishing only river, well I’ll agree if all attached lead leaders to a fly line are also banned.

Being a fly fisher myself I find it hard to believe every fly fisher thinks; “Oh it was a great take”, being very good at flossing my self and witness to many fly caught fin and tail hook ups that were also good takes. LOL

Now I’m not saying fish don’t take a fly, which would be stupid, I have hooked many retrieved line hook ups. What I’m saying is when they are not in the faster water you have a hard time hooking them.

That’s right Rob no flossing in the pools. Show me how steelhead and salmon rise up to take your fly!

Take off the 300 grain and prove it so before you start knocking other legal methods. Clean up your own, enjoy your day, and let people enjoy theirs too! Happy fishing.
Right Whale, Wrong Reason?
Comment by Edwin Headwind on 23rd December 2013
In recent weeks the ocean-going humans from the Victoria area have reported "highly unusual animal activity in the waters off Victoria - there are record numbers of Orcas, Humpbacks, Dolphins, seals, porpoises, Steller sea lions, and a confirmed sighting of a Right Whale [the first in 62 years there]."

The experts are not assuming it to be a good thing - "Problems in the ocean could be leading them here" they say.

There are many possible problems, but Could it be Fukushima radiation? And if it is, would we be told?

Terrace has shown an interest in the Fukushima radiation by doing it's own diligence in collecting samples for testing [are you still doing that?] so you might be interested to hear that there a little known Federal Govt report was issued in December 2012, a year ago, saying "A plume of Radionuclide Transport from Fukushima in the Eastern North Pacific ocean hit Canada 6 months ago" [i.e. ~July 2012]

As the leaks into ocean waters from Fukushima have been continuous since March 2011, that "plume of radiation" hitting our shores will also be ongoing for at least a few more years].

The leading edge of the initial plume hit our shores much sooner than expected, just 18 months after the incident [Tsunami, etc], so the big release of radioactive water into the ocean at Fukushima that occured this past summer could be hitting our shores next December [2014].

May I humbly suggest that it might be a good idea for Terrace to continue that independant radiation testing you were doing [as reported in this newspaper in 2011].

You know we cannot depend on the Feds to tell the truth, especially now that PM Harper has gutted science budgets and won't allow Govt scientists to make public statements freely [the PMO has to approve every word].

The planet is being bombarded with insults, we must try to help our Mother and be on guard for her. Knowing is better than trusting the untruistworthy to tell us.
just the facts
Comment by skeenafisher on 22nd October 2013
The column I read did not bad mouth anyone's chosen method of fishing. It simply pointed out that gear fishing is a more effective method of catching steelhead, and as such puts a greater strain on the fish when they are repeatedly hooked especially late in the season when they are the most vulnerable.

Some people seem to love to attack Rob for expressing his opinions, but in my mind they are spot on in most cases. If it wasnt for Rob and many of his friends speaking up to try and protect some of the amazing places and fish we are so lucky to have here we would have lost a lot more than we allready have.

It is another fact that the river in question is overcrowded wether or not you get up early in the morning or drive a rental car
Regarding the Rob Brown post
Comment by gary on 12th October 2013
The river in question I myself have flossed many fish and also been witness to many fin hooked steelhead, floating line. Long leader and weighted fly equals the same thing. Since the standard did not publish the many letters that were sent it’s a one sided point of view. Being local and my truck was in the shop I myself was one of the rental cars on that weekend so I’m an alien fishing in BC?

Point is on that system you need to be up early to get a good place to fish. You don’t cry about it in your column. Let people enjoy their method of fishing without bad mouthing it and be happy we have such great fishing to enjoy.
Comment by skeenafisher on 10th October 2013
I am not sure what this piece is trying to say?, The rivers are not actually too crowded? Rob Brown flosses his fish? All flyfishers floss their fish?

To me it reads as a poorly written attack on Rob Brown. The river that Rob wrote about in some of his recent articles has become to crowded to be enjoyed with any kind of an expierience that involves solitude, and the fact is, a lot of the anglers contributing to the crowds are non resident aliens. These alien anglers are getting the privledge of fishing one of the best steelhead rivers in the world for next to nothing in fees or limits on when and where they can fish.

As for the suggestion that Rob is flossing his fish, that is a fairly ignorant statement. I think if you were to inspect Robs fishing tackle you would find he frequently fishes a floating line and often, a floating fly, pretty hard to floss fish with that gear. At any rate I don't think many fish are flossed on the river in question. The Skeena is a different story when it comes to flossing and too many anglers,(guides included), are flossing fish and pretending they are "sportsmen" and catching these magnificent gamefish fairly.

As for the satement about it being harder to hook fish if you don't fish the fast water, you're right it is harder. But if the conditions allow, it is possible and dare I say, even sporting.