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NEWS RELEASE · 10th October 2013
MP Nathan Cullen
First Nations are leading the way in crafting resource development approaches that allow us to keep our values and commitments intact, said Nathan Cullen yesterday. Following a First Nations liquefied natural gas (LNG) summit in Prince George, Cullen said the model being cultivated in the Northwest can be brought around the country to communities facing challenges between economic development and ecological concerns.

“The Conservative government has harmed the investment climate in the Northwest dramatically by undermining environmental protection and the public consultation process, but we have a process of our own here,” said Cullen. “We’re a resource economy – we want development, but it has to respect our terms and it has to respect the environment, our history and our future.

“Our model in the Northwest is anchored in true consultation, and aims at developing a strong social license to operate for business. That happens when proponents come to us with projects that fit with those terms, and they are ready to listen and act on what they hear.

“Social license is earned through those conversations and those commitments; it isn’t an easy slogan for a tired government in Ottawa that is out of touch with our reality.

“The economic opportunities keep growing here and what we’re showing the country right now is that you can have a true culture of consultation, you can say ‘no’ to the projects that go against your values, and you can work together in partnerships on the projects you want.”

Who is going to pay all the bills ?
Comment by Cem on 21st April 2014
If Enbridge doesn't go through to help the economy and pay for all education of those not working, the burden is going to be on the taxpayer. As a taxpayer I am sick and tired of all the free loaders out there not paying their share. It is going to be bleak times with more crime if people aren't working to get ahead to pay for their mortgages. When there is no work, people turn to illegal and deviant ways to make money.