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CONTRIBUTION · 14th October 2013
Human Rights Watch
Canada: Violence Against Indigenous Women Demands Inquiry

Aug 9, 2013

The visit to Canada on the week of August 5, 2013, by representatives of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is a major step toward accountability for the murders and disappearances of indigenous women in British Columbia, Human Rights Watch said today. The landmark visit and mounting international attention to violence against indigenous women and girls in Canada should send another signal to the Canadian government about the critical need to convene a national commission of inquiry.

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Canada: Safety of Indigenous Women Under UN Scrutiny

Apr 30, 2013

The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted today the report on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Canada’s human rights record, which included a large set of questions, recommendations, and comments from countries across the world about violence against indigenous women and girls. The attention should spur Canada to take decisive action to address the hundreds of murders and disappearances of indigenous women and girls over the last four decades, Human Rights Watch said today.

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Canada: RCMP Closes Ranks on Abuse

Feb 19, 2013

Reported comments by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Commissioner Bob Paulson show the need for an independent civilian mechanism to investigate police abuses, Human Rights Watch said today.

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Canada: Harper’s Comments Ignore Victims’ Fear of Reprisal

Feb 14, 2013

Comments by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMCP) on February 14, 2013, fail to address the core issue of a lack of security that prevents indigenous women and girls from filing complaints of police abuse, Human Rights Watch said today.

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Canada: Abusive Policing, Neglect Along ‘Highway of Tears’

Feb 13, 2013

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in northern British Columbia has failed to protect indigenous women and girls from violence, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Women and girls Human Rights Watch interviewed also described abusive treatment by police officers, including excessive use of force, and physical and sexual assault.

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Canada: Investigate Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women

Dec 17, 2012

Canada’s federal government should establish a national commission of inquiry into the country’s hundreds of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. This recommendation follows today’s release by the British Columbian government of the final report from the provincial Missing Women’s Commission of Inquiry.

Press release

Read The Summary Of The Report - "THOSE WHO TAKE US AWAY" -

Abuse From Both Side's
Comment by Anti Abuse! on 16th October 2013
Woman Hear Me Roar?

Hear allot about woman being the victims which is true. That need protection? We discuss the victims of up bringing.

Well allot of men who were boys abused by full grown woman 190 lbs, woman that can really harm a normal size man. Take there frustration out on boys not men and make them mean to society were talking all the above abuses. These are First Nation Woman!

No one talks about that!

Then those young boys grow up to be men. Some change, some don't and continue to live in the reality of dysfunction and most of all end up in Jail or Victims of Suicide, or dive into alcohol - drugs to mend the pain of there up bringing! Destroying other families were the wives find a safe haven to continue with drugs, alcohol abuse the mental dysfunction cycle continues! Creating a friction of thorny family relationship.

Woman are just as powerful as men. No one seems to shine a light on this subject! They can be equally powerful to destroy young men's lives from kids to teenagers all they up to there adults creating a horrific out come. That is why healing on both genders is important.

Proper education to next generation on human behaviour for men and woman. That was lost in Indian Residential School to the nature of man and woman. Not following the moral laws of God "Moses". In this modern age over time laws of wisdom moral eroded and life became a commodity not a luxury.

There is three Kinds Of Behaviour of woman in 21st Century:

1. The Twisted Kind a woman that plays mind games with other men.

2. The Horrific Kind abuses all men from up bringing all the abuses! Continue called a Horror!

3. The Golden Woman of love kindness, loyalty respect. Straight forward and exercises good will. Changes the society around them creates goodness. One kind of woman who can educated other woman to be a leader in that moral. You call that a mother a godess. Teaches how to keep others alive.

The Men

# 1 The non loyal angry dysfunctional man.

# 2. The reign man who only cares about money and purchase horror woman for as bought commodity.

# 3. The Golden men who care, love and respect there families - wives. Thinks on every move he makes to keep his kids and family safe for they grow up into the moral society around them by a strong good father.

Point is we need an education on both gender society on good woman - good men! Listen on how to be good!

Cause along time ago, Traditional Groups would breed out evil in there blood lines.
By marry good moral society! Trade Love - Commerce a economy of faith goodness.

Thank you,

Anti Abuse!
indigenous woman are constantly targeted....
Comment by Cynthia on 15th October 2013
Not only do first nation women have to watch out for abuse from authority figures. Abusive men and their need for control and power over another is very real and previlent. They usually use money to keep their control. Most of these women are not financially stable and that makes for easy prey. The women often have to give up their dignity and pride in exchange for feeding and providing shelter for their children. Many have substance abusive addictions that they use to hide the shame from an abusive upbringing. Pressure from family members to not expose the family's dirty secrets keeps them silent and most internalise the pain and shame. So all of these factors keep them victims and men can smell the desperation and vulnerability, hence, the easy prey. Only telling the truth and standing up for themselves will ever set them free. There are not enough services that can help these women. The communities where they come from discard them and don't think they are worth spending the money for any real help. Often some of the families that want the secrets hidden are in control of the purse strings....just like the abusive men. I pray for all of them and know exactly how they feel. Maybe if more women start telling the truth publicly real change might happen.
As Men it is our duty
Comment by MWPR on 14th October 2013
To stand up for our women - to protect them and expose all those who abuse them.

The Indigenous women were the foundation of life in the Northwest, the Highway of Tears region, which have a demonstrable, carbon dated successful society, inhabiting the same lands for over 10,000 years. Our western society has methodically attempted to destroy the people who can demonstrate how to live sustainably. They did it in the northwest longer than any known civilization on Earth. And it was a purely Matriarchal Matrilineal culture. The women were and are the keystone to our future.

It is our duty.