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COMMENTARY · 31st October 2013
The Senate scandal did not begin with Mike Duffy. It began on February 8, 2013 when Conservative Government Senate Leader Marjory LeBreton attempted to kick Patrick Brazeau out of the Senate after he and his girlfriend had a personal fight in their home over aboriginal issues. The police were called and Patrick was charged.

Lots of Members of Parliament and Senators have had charges leveled against them for an entire host of contraventions of the law; drunk driving, assault, fraud and more.

When Brazeau stood up against his dismissal the Senate attempted to use his residency as a reason to rid themselves of the Indian. That is when the shit hit the fan.

Although the "residency" issue had been discussed and debated since late 2012 - not until LeBreton attempted to expel Brazeau did any of the senate Scandal make big news exposing the massive corruption within the Conservative Party.

No one knows, or has spilled the beans yet, but Brazeau is no longer the center of attention is he?

He knew everyone in the Senate and everyone in the Conservative Party. Like Duffy ,the PMO (Prime Ministers Office) used him (Brazeau) for their own political purposes. Brazeau was, and is, not one to follow the socially cultured norms of our idiotic white society, bending over and taking it up the backside just so the gang might still like us.

Brazeau was clearly behind the "spilling the beans" to certain media types and out came intimate details of the residency scandal just two weeks later. Now the two media hacks Harper appointed, Pamela Wallens and Mike Duffy, were forced to take center stage.

Originally it began on November 22, 2012 when the Senate set up a committee to look at Brazeaus residency only. In the following weeks Duffy was forced to answer questions to reporters from the Ottawa Citizen. Ever wonder how they got tipped off?

In June, 1990, Elija Harper, the lone sitting Indian in the Manitoba Legislature, did something similar to Conservative Brian Mulroney, the guy Stephen Harper admires. He stood up with an Eagle Feather and said no to the Meech Lake Accord, Mulroneys multi year long negotiated cross country pack that would see a constitutional change including a reformed Senate.

One can just hear the backroom boys of the conservative Party screaming like the bigots in the backrooms of the Terrace elite, those god damn fucking Indians are screwing us again.

And the worst among them will be wishing the genocidal tactics their forerunners used; purposefully spreading small pox, (besides shooting all the Buffalo and setting up the residential schools death camps), would have finished them all off.

Poor Duffy and Wallens. Apparently Brazeau is no longer on center stage. And isn’t it weird how Elijahs last name is the same last name of the guy who has lied so much he will have to step down? After Elijahs kick at the last Conservative Prime Minister the Party fell a disastrous death. Nothing less would be delightful today

The best thing we could ask for is that due to the extensive corruption, (including the stolen election), all of the measures passed by this illegitimate government would be withdrawn. All the “Omnibus” Bills including the gutting of the environmental legislation and the promise to use Canadas Military to protect Chinese Investments in Canada against Canadians attempting to protect Canada. This is the FIPA - Foreign Investment Protection Agreement. And to boot - most of the Land is Indian Land anyways.

Patrick Brazeau, I do not like you, I think you are suffering from a large dose of Misogyny, but I thank you for what you are doing to that asshole we call our Prime Minister.
Senator Brazeau for Prime Minister
Comment by Beatnuck on 4th November 2013
Just kidding!
Senate Scandal
Comment by Kitsumkalum First Nation on 2nd November 2013
Conservitive Party

Settled Free Trade Agreements with:

North America Free Trade Act USA

Israile State

Brazil Country

Japan Country

Mexico Columbia

China Fipa Trade for 15 years

Currently Largest Free Trade Europeen Unioun

The set up with all Free Trade Agreement is Tribunal Court set up for all the multinational corporations involved with Free Trade Agreement (Private Sector) in a Tribunal Court over sees any Soverign Domestic National Supreme courts of Canada.

"Break it down to easy language"

China Company has leverage over Soverign Canadian Company to laws.

USA Company has leverage over Soverign Canadian Comany to laws.


How ever the Senate:

Internal Conservitve Economic Caucaus
Found the Senators Patric Brazue, Mike Duffy, Pamala Waldin fined under "Breech of Trust", well Pamila Waldin by allegations from RCMP.

Who is apart of the Political Conservitive Party as Member of Parliment.

(Info from all media sources).

The Free Trade Deals: Cut political red tape on Country Laws. The Senate is Canada Second Sober Thought. The highest law institution in Canada Legeslation BAR Law legislation. A independent body of Government. Canada freedom of decomocracy lies in then Senate Institution.

The Senators are being persecuted by Internal Conservitive Economice Party. Who found the Deloite Audits and there was a White Wash Audit that found Pamila Waldin (Journalist), Mike Duffy (Journalist) and the Aboriginal Patricak Brazue Congress of Indian Chiefs) all in the Scandal being persecuted by the Prime Minister Office.

The Senate Lawyers:

Pamila Waldin said " Canada is being orchestrated by Banna Republic. That this is third world country dictatorship.

Mike Duffy Lawyer said the same.

Patric Brazue stood with no lawyer, said the RCMP has not even talked or discussed any charges or future charges to him on the Senate Scandal.

For the Canadians reading this message in Terrace BC - Kitimat BC - North West BC.

Like it or not!

The cold reality Canada isn't what you seen when you were growing up in the 1980's. Canada has transformed into a Super Network Corporation in a new world order.

That New World Order is under a New Tribunal Court related to all Free Trade Unions.

This means:

International Private Security (Companies have Private Security)


Canadian RCMP and Canadian Security Forces.

Then you have Treaty First Nations:
whom are little land masses of (Private Sector Lands). Easily Controled by Multi National Corporations. Take a good look at the Tsimshian's they have an Office in CHINA!

So times have changed.

Reality is you all better work hard and save money get the hell out of dodge, cause you have no land to call home Canadian and First Nations.

So remove the Senators abolish the Senate! As Ignorant NDP - Talks now embraced by Conservitives - Liberals.

Canada will be operated by not Canada Defence but a Free Trade Governing body controlling Canada.

Still don't belive?

another indian
Comment by kwilthwye on 31st October 2013
it is always another Indian's fault in Canada. And usually there was a bite with no teeth as action taken. And how many times have Canada's Indians brought to light a story of atrocities of Canada's First Nation and made very little if any effort to uphold the law. Canada has the fiduciary (brought on by themselves) to protect their people on Canada's land.
So thank you senators on your back door efforts to help bring the indian storys to light and be heard. And, yes the best thing yet, Canada must rescind all amendments to the constitution and laws since this heavy handed conservative government took office; yes.