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NEWS RELEASE · 5th November 2013
MP Nathan Cullen
MP Nathan Cullen called the BC-Alberta framework agreement struck this morning regarding Enbridge “political window-dressing” that draws a blind on truth and transparency and deals a bust hand to British Columbia.

“When it comes to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, everything is negotiable for Christy Clark, including principals and promises made leading up to last May’s provincial election,” Cullen said.

“The reality is that none of the five conditions Ms. Clark made such a big deal about 16 months as being necessary for Enbridge to put a pipeline through our province were even remotely addressed in today’s announcement.

“The best we got after overnight negotiations and months of high drama is the ‘possibility of progress’ and a bizarre blessing that somehow allows BC to negotiate directly with Enbridge.

“Today’s agreement does absolutely zero to protect BC’s environment and economy from a bitumen disaster,” Cullen said.

“It’s a shameful political ploy that greases Ms. Clark’s real agenda, which is to pump oil through BC regardless of environmental or economic costs.

“Six months into a new mandate and Premier Clark has turned her back on promises to stand up for BC and demand a higher standard from industry.”

Cullen noted Enbridge’s social licence to operate is clearly tied to safe oil transport, effective spill response, and First Nations consent, conditions on which today’s agreement is silent.

Cullen vowed to continue fighting the Enbridge pipeline and to work toward sustainable resource development that is supported by Skeena-Bulkley Valley communities.
Also Interesting is...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th November 2013
A new report from the B.C. government claims the province's natural gas reserves are more than double the size of previous estimates. This new estimate is based on analysis of the Montney Formation, which spans northeast B.C. south of Fort Nelson into the Fort St. John area and across the border into Alberta.

That was announced with great fanfare. B.C.'s total natural gas reserves are estimated at double what was first thought. We have enough gas for "more than 150 years" they shouted. But not mentioned was that the realistic estimate puts the reserves at about half of the inflated estimate. Back to normal. Ah... but the photo opportunity was more important than the truth.

Maybe that announcement was to counter the objections that exporting the resource to pay off the debt accumulated by the same folks was just transferring the debt problem to future generations? You think?

Interesting that...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th November 2013
...the only voice we hear on this, a provincial issue, is the MP's.
BC resources, not Alberta
Comment by Sandy on 6th November 2013
She also said that she was elected on the platform to strength and develop BC resources. Since when did TAR sands bitumen become a BC resource?