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NEWS RELEASE · 15th November 2013
Terrace Nisga'a Society
Yesterday the Nisga'a Lisims Government (NLG) served Terrace Nisga'a Society (TNS) with a lawsuit alleging that TNS owes certain funds to NLG. In the documents NLG has made a number of unproven allegations that TNS takes very seriously. TNS has no choice but to respond to those allegations in court.

In addition to commencing a lawsuit, NLG on November 13 issued a press release containing a number of definitive statements of fact that TNS says are false. In particular, TNS is shocked and disappointed by NLG's allegation that TNS has been "misusing" funds and not providing programs and services.

In fact, TNS feels the opposite is true. TNS has not received any funding from NLG for this fiscal year, despite the decision by Wilp Si'ayuukhl Nisga'a to approve funding for TNS as the Nisga'a Urban Local for Terrace under the Nisga'a Constitution. Even without that funding, TNS has provided and will continue to provide programs and services to Nisga'a citizens living in the Terrace area until it is no longer able to do so.

TNS feels that the new lawsuit filed by NLG is the latest in a number of steps taken by NLG to deny TNS its status as Nisga'a Urban Local for Terrace under the Nisga'a Constitution that Nisga'a citizens in Terrace and elsewhere worked so hard to achieve.

NLG's actions have required TNS to take steps to protect its status under the Nisga'a Constitution and TNS is scheduled to present its case in court in December. By seeking an injunction against TNS, TNS feels that NLG is trying to prevent TNS from having its rightful day in court.

The Board of TNS is extremely upset that it has been forced to devote limited resources to defending itself against NLG. TNS has tried to engage in dialogue with NLG and to resolve the dispute based on values expressed in the Ayuuk, but in the end has been left with no choice but to protect the rights of Nisga'a citizens in the Terrace Urban Local Area in court and will continue to stand up to NLG until it is no longer able.

In the meantime, Nisga'a citizens living in the Terrace Urban Local Area continue to be welcome to receive programs and services from TNS in an open and transparent manner, as they always have been.

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Open and transparent
Comment by Nisga'a Citizen on 31st March 2014
If they are so open and transparent why is it that the Bus was sold down south for a very low price and other assets are being sold off like furniture and other items where is this money going, TNS has not had any communication with the Nisga'a people in terrace since last summer we need to know where the money is going