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COMMENTARY · 29th December 2013
Astoundingly the Main Stream Media (MSM) continue to portray the newest Catholic Chairman of the board, Also Known As (AKA) ‘The Pope’, as a man for the poor, a caring compassionate ‘Pope’. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A dispassionate man of betrayal when he was the head Catholic Honcho in Argentina he is also known as the Black Jesuit Pope.

The Jesuits have as their primary directive, a decree ordering them to befriend every one and every culture they meet. They are instructed to be ‘best friends’ to all they encounter. They are instructed to hide their true intentions and to make all those they encounter believe the Jesuit is a honest and caring, “compassionate” person.

No species or entity on the Planet cares less about others, yet portrays themselves as the most caring individual, as a Jesuit. And the Black Jesuit, one who is indoctrinated to the highest order, is the very worst, the most malicious and insidious human one could ever encounter. Sauron of Mordor is a mere protégé compared to the Catholics new Pope and the order of the Black Jesuits.

Simply to illustrate? If the man was truly interested in helping the poor, then with likely less than 10 percent of the wealth of the Catholic Church the problem could be largely resolved.

No one really knows how deep the Catholic wealth is, or how deep their records on human history go, they refuse to open up anything to true honest examination. One can be sure however thy are the wealthiest organization on the planet. They could resolve this tragedy of death by poverty forthwith.

The only thing humanity knows for certain is that the Catholics and the Jesuits have been behind the greatest suffering ever known. They were behind the destruction of the Indigenous peoples of the Sacred Circle and have been behind the destruction of all Knowledge, Indigenous and otherwise, all across the globe. Does "Crusades" mean anything or have we all forgotten and now believe these Jesuits have changed?

Today the new “Pope” has held firm on the ‘Papal Law’ that no Catholic is allowed to expose crimes to the authority of democratic law. A child abusing Bishop or Priest can only be reported to the Pope and his authority. The reporting of this to other authorities makes one a “non-Catholic” Those who believe do not want to face Purgatory or excommunication, so they comply. And the Pope gets to send these child abusing Priests to new locations.

Catholics and all those who support them are the most despicable persons humanity has ever encountered.

And the Main Stream Media, the news whose revenue depend upon not revealing the truth, continue to avoid addressing this truth.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All.

Don’t expect the Catholic Church to assist the poor and downtrodden, even though the media portrays the new Pope Asshole as the man for the meek If he was he could solve the problem easily. He hasn’t, won’t and does not care a wit. Tune in the CBC, CTV, Global and the rest for your daily fare of lies. The Pope is a liar.

As everyone knows and many say, "Actions Speak Louder than Words". The wealth of the Catholics and their Church go to bettering themselves, no one else.

I wrote this after I saw another TV ad asking for a few dollars a day to help the starving children. The report stated - one child dies every five seconds due to starvation.

Fucking Catholic Bastards – people send their tithe to the pricks and buy into the belief that their donation to the den of hypocrisy, their donation to the den of Black killing, child abusing Jesuits, was their part in helping. How stupid can people be?

It is and was the Catholics who are at the foundation of all suffering.

Happy New Year everyone.

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Too bad
Comment by Beatnuck on 6th January 2014
"Fucking Catholic Bastards – people send their tithe to the pricks and buy into the belief that their donation to the den of hypocrisy, their donation to the den of Black killing, child abusing Jesuits, was their part in helping. How stupid can people be?"

Too bad you don't apply this language to Kevin Annett, who solicits donations based on lies about native people! Especially the last sentence! This phony native rights guy has insulted scores of residential school victims and respected elders! He's actually worse than the "Catholic Bastards" by a long shot! Or maybe he's just schizophrenic and delusional...
Protestants not Catholics
Comment by Beatnuck on 6th January 2014
Most people from the Sacred Circle attended residential schools run by the Anglican and United Churches. For example, Port Alberni (where all the bodies are supposed to be) was not Catholic but United Church. Kevin Annett was kicked out of the United Church, not the Catholic Church. As far as I know, the only Catholic presence on reserves in our area was confined to the Wet'suwet'en (Carriers), example Father Morice. Haida, Haisla, Tsmishian, Nisga'a and Gitxsan are all protestant.