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P.S.A.'S · 4th January 2014
The truth always finds its way and in this case the dead are rising. Pipefitters working behind the old residential School in Port Alberni discovered exposed skeletons and mass graves.

The Federal and Provincial Government funded Band Councils and Tribal Councils are doing their best to ensure this discovery is kept as quiet as possible.

The Catholic Church and the fake Catholic Church (the Anglicans, formed by the King of England when the Catholics refused his divorce) are the two Churches directly responsible. The evidence is clear they deliberately starved these children while conducting experiments.

Kevin Annett has been exposing this for decades and has suffered numerous personal attacks by both indigenous and non-indigenous. Both groups would rather bury the truth with their children it seems.

The new Pope has also breached international law by refusing to disclose child abusing Priest - yet again. In fact he is exacerbating the problem by almost encouraging child trafficking.

Watch Annetts most recent video By Clicking Here

Anyone can perform a Google search to find out if any media is even talking about this - here is the almost single result even though the skeletons were discovered in early December.

Our media and governments are complicit in this crime against humanity - it continues with the Band Councils, the abused becoming the abuser, a time worn truth.

From A Previous Writing

For years many groups have been demanding the Provincial and Federal Government of Canada examine the already identified areas of unmarked graves of thousands of native children. Yet the only independent international forensic team ordered into BC was to examine the graves of the sled dogs killed in Whistler.

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Comment by Gary Edwards on 9th January 2014
'Many white people were never taught the truth and have been so indoctrinated into the lies (brainwashed) they actually believe the Indian peoples here in the northwest have been treated too well when the truth is no one has even acknowledged the truth."

Exactly. The government issues a handoutor a MP like Joe Oliver makes a statement. The mainstream media doesn't question it or if they do it's softball questions that don't go to the heart of the matter. And the sheeple (who have been told the lies so many times) tend to believe what they read or hear.
Careful Janice - it is not white people
Comment by MWPR on 8th January 2014
Although many "white people" (including many Indigenous people) are completely clueless about the tragedy, it is those behind the imperialist powers who are at fault completely.

The British Empire has as its foundation the subjugation of peoples across the globe facilitated by the introduction of and forced marketing of tobacco infused drugs. The money made from this highly lucrative industry (drug dealing) funded their navy and warships. The introduction of tobacco (the British East India Company) insured they addicted their victims, hence insuring continued profits.

When it came to the west coast, our peoples, these same industrialists had to depopulate the land to meet the British Crowns legal requirement of only being allowed to take vacant land. Otherwise they would have to negotiate and Dr. Helmcken with Govenor Douglas found the Tsimshian, (who owned the entire Northwest Coast), to tough to negoitiate with or fight. The Tsimshian were too great a Nation. So they did in 1862 what was done back east 150 years earlier, purposefully spread smallpox ensuring the entire population was wiped out. This left scattered destitute people living in desperation.

Then, ten and twenty years later the newcomers found vacant lands and Indians without any means to support themselves. duh! It is like bombing them into oblivion and then walking in feigning shock at finding people living like in the stone age - the British purposefully drove them there, through people like Helmcken and Rev Sheepshanks.

Many white men at the time were shacked up with the indigenous women because they loved them, they were are beautiful caring people. The industrialists hated seeing their hard workers finding life easier living with the indigenous.

The British hated commoners having an easy life, they wanted slaves.

Now the imperialists became the American leadership and now it has moved away from Nationhood to a world "government" control structure, yet still primarily run through the British Crown. Hence Gordon Campbell being delivered the plum "Ambassador" to Britain job.

Many white people were never taught the truth and have been so indoctrinated into the lies (brainwashed) they actually believe the Indian peoples here in the northwest have been treated too well when the truth is no one has even acknowledged the truth.

Even the Res School Society has refused to force an acknowledgement of the past. Shit we still have streets and hospitals named after these mass murderers.

If the truth was widely known we would all be horrified.

But don't blame the "white people" - blame the industrialists , those who demand we all be their slaves - work 40 to 50 years, fighting just to pay bills, always worried about our next paycheque, only to die in poverty.

That is the British way, not the indigenous way, that which Helmcken and Sheepshanks so despised.
Our reality is:
Comment by Janice Robinson on 8th January 2014
Native peoples across North America barely survived a full-on holocaust. The invaders wanted all Indians dead and/or gone from the land they coveted.

White people (still the majority here) do not give a shit, and Indian politicians are too busy wandering around Parliament Hill with open pockets, new hair-dos, a belly full of sushi, and shiny black shoes, believing "they" are truly care. (If they did care, they'd quickly be demoted to "Just-Another-Indian" status).

White people only want to talk about one holocaust, and the one they perpetrated against North American Indians is not it.
Kevin Annett
Comment by Beatnuck on 6th January 2014
Kevin Annett for Pope!
Comment by Gary Edwards on 5th January 2014
I have always found it unsettling that some whites stereotype natives.
But when it comes to government, the mainstream media and even some natives themselves, covering up the discovery of 30 childrens' bodies behind a residential school, I'm outraged. Sickened, actually.
These are bodies of human beings. They once had life in them. Furthermore they were only CHILDREN. For christ sake what is wrong with our society? The mainstream media is reporting cold weather in the prairies and Toronto. Nothing on this mass murder and cover-up.
It's time we got off our fat asses and started flooding the MSM and government with protests on these matters.