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REPORTING · 6th March 2014
In a bizarre but entirely predictable turn of events it was revealed by a leaked recording of a phone call between the European Unions Foreign Policy Chief, Catherine Ashton and Estonia’s Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, the snipers who did all the killing in Kiev were working for the newly appointed government.

Doctors on the scene stated the bullets they pulled from both protesters and police were the same bullets. Estonia’s Foreign Minister was blunt and clear as he expressed concern but Catherine Ashton took it as just another minor point that required very little attention. There was no shock or outrage.

Video of the flags flying during the protests, as can be seen in the picture attached, show Canadian flags as being the most dominant besides the Ukrainian flags.

As the European Union has now been informed of this as a certain possibility they cannot, nor should any government, Canada included, support the newly appointed government until these allegations are thoroughly and completely investigated.

Listen to the audio yourself here -

The conversation begins in earnest at the two minute mark. The first part of the audio is of the various secretaries and operators establishing the phone connection.

The revelation of the snipers shooting down both sides is at the eight minute twenty second mark.

Listen closely as the European Unions Foreign Policy Chief almost admits she knew, or at a minimum was expecting to hear as much. Without so much as an expression of shock or emotion she states;

“Well that’s . . . yeah . . . that’s”

Estonia’s Foreign Minister then states the obvious, even provides indications of clear evidence how the killers are the new government, which is now supported by the EU and other western nations. After he relays his concern how the new government does not want these claims investigated Catherine Ashton mildly acknowledged, without conviction or offering Urmas Paet anything to indicate she would follow up on his assertions, stated;

“I think we do want to investigate . . . I mean . . . ah . . . I think that was interesting . . . gosh.”

GOSH !??!

The European Unions Foreign Policy Chief, Catherine Ashton, then turned the conversation towards how the EU and the IMF was going to arrange funding as well as discussing Canada’s Minister John Baird arrival to support this new coalition government.

Truth is strange indeed. All historical evidence demonstrates how people have slaughtered their own and burned down or destroyed things of their own just to implicate those they wish to overthrow.

The situation in Ukraine appears to be no different. The questions Canadians must ask themselves is this. Did the Stephen Harper Conservative government of Canada assist these murderers? And why, now that this is clearly public knowledge, are they still supporting it?
I agree amirlach
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 17th March 2014
Before jumping on the bandwagon that democracy rules in Russia or the Crimea or the Ukraine prior to putting Yanuchovich on the run one should read about who is really leading Russia here:
Death Toll.
Comment by amirlach on 10th March 2014
The writer of this article tries to make it sound like the Ukraine joining the west is a bad thing.

Considering the mass genocide and starvation of millions of Ukraine's peoples by the Russians. I find this argument completely without merit.

Besides, the EU is hardly a bastion of right wing ideas. It is however orders of magnitude better than the stagnation and corruption of Russia.
there you are
Comment by martin on 8th March 2014
Ever since Feb 21 I have been wondering when you would raise your head again. (Feb 21 was when the fascist militia refused to accept the agreement signed by France, Poland, Russia, and the Ukrainian govt.) Since then Empire has been unable to fit reality with events on the ground. Some call it hypocrisy, but maybe, as AJAMU BARAKA suggests, it is a cognitive deficiency (being unable to process the contradiction) that is rooted in the pathology generated by the disease of white supremacy.